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Dear Visitors! We introduce the anti air clone troopers, the AA troopers of the game Galactic Battlegrounds. These famous Republican AA forces were armed with a homing missile launcher on their back or on their shoulders, from where they were deploying SAM rockets towards the CIS air vehicles. We take a look at the CIS anti air droids for a minute according to a Clone Wars episode, and we go a bit deeper in the anti air warfare, mentioning other AA methods, like the Anti air turrets, and anti air mobiles. Click the Galactic Battlegrounds main section, and select the anti air clone from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! Bela Papp jr has sent us a nice new wide banner, that you can find in the banners section on the left! Check out that great piece of work! And for today's refreshment: let me suggest you to visit again the sandtrooper sergeant article, because I have modified the custom figure with a more sand covered version! Also, I have publish the other sandtrooper class, the black pauldron sandtrooper corporal in the same section, read his story, and importance, also mentioning his game appearances! Click the Film main section, and select the sandtrooper sergeant and the sandtrooper corporal articles from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! I introduce Mission Vao, playable twi'lek hero of the game Knights of the Old Republic , little sister of Griff Vao, who soon found herself alone in the dangerous Lower Taris sections, but survived by maneuvering between the Black Vulkar gang and the Hidden Beks. She befriended with Zaalbar, Zayne Carrick, and with Revan, who took the girl with him in search of the Star Map, and the young Mission helped him out many times with her exceptional stealth, demolition, and slicing skills! Learn her story, read the article, and take a look at the custom Mission Vao figure! Click the KotOR1 main section, and select Mission Vao from the left menu bar!








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