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Dear Visitors, I have opened Republic Commando section, too! Republic Commando tells the story of the four clone hero, the team of Delta squad. Learn their advantures, use their weaponry against hundreds of droids, SBDs, destroyers, spider droids, geonosians, and trandoshans in several locations of the Universe, from Geonosis to Kashyyyk! As I promised, I have opened all sections. This RepCom article opened the last section, so everything seems ready to start displaying custom figures. I think that was quite a hurry, but hopefully you were satisfied with the intros. Soon I will start publishing the custom figures!


Please read the touching story of Bastila Shan, hero of Knights of the Old Republic 1 PC game here, at Customstarwars! Learn the Jedi Sentinel lady's love story with Revan, and her sad life story! You can find it clicking on Kotor1 section, then selecting Bastila from the menu.


Dear Readers! However this is not Star Wars, but because of George Lucas and Harrison Ford it is related to our favorite film, so you may be interested to know, yesterday evening was the world premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at Cannes. Beside the already two mentioned gentlemen there were Steven Spielberg present, not to mention Karen Allen, Shia Laboeuf, John Hurt, and Cate Blanchett. It was a success, it will be a good movie! Though we have to wait a little bit more, as we'll have our premiere here at the 22.-th of may, but till that, please check out the surprise Indy custom figure by Pete Szilvasy in Custom Figure Collections section, under his name. And if you hadn't read the Custom Bastila article yet, let me suggest it for ya again. Thanks.


Dear Readers! I was lucky to meet personally, shake hands, and could talk a few words with Julian Glover, who played General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back. Also, I could have some valuable relics, a photo with the actor, and a dedicated General Veers action figure. For the respect and the honor of the actor, I have refreshed Force Commander article, adding some extra details on the role of General Veers in the game. You may remember when he was sitting in his imperial walker, and was targeting at the shield generator with maximum firepower. Well, now he also targeted at CustomStarWars, so if you click the renewed Force Commander article, you can hear the message of "General Veers" for the readers of CustomStarWars. Listen to his message, and read the new parts of the article, or the whole article, if you have not read it so far.


Dear Visitors! We introduce you the invisible enemy of the PC game Knights of the Old Republic 2, the Sith Assassins. These faceless cruel Sith units are the perfect silent killers, like a Predator, they were trained at the Trayus Academy to hunt the Jedi! You can find the new article in KotOR2 section, in the Sith Assassin menu!







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