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Dear Readers! You wished to read the story of Kreia from the Knights of the Old Republic 2 game! She was one of the main protagonists (besides the Exile Jedi) in the game, and her acts and goals have the most significant effect on the plot and on the story. We introduce Kreia alias Darth Traya, master of betrayal, manipulating, and influencing, the last member of the Sith Triumvirate, hero of PC game Kotor2, and her customfigure here at the site Customstarwars. Click KotOR2 main section, then select Kreia from its menu!


Dear Readers! Please read an article on the fire extinguisher droids. They were seen in the fourth episode of the Clone Wars series, when Padme Amidala's silver Naboo ship was tractor beamed into the hangar of the Malevolence by General Grievous, we could see these firefigher droids working around the self detonated naboo cruiser. Click Cartoon and Comix main section, then select the fire extinguisher droid from its menu!


Dear Readers! Let me introduce the exclusive Battlefront 2 clone set! It has a commander who is a Baccara repaint, a sniper/sharpshooter who is an airborne trooper repaint, a foot soldier who is a basic clone trooper, a heavy trooper, an elite unit who is a jet trooper, and an engineer. You could choose from these services when you tried the game. It may worth to tell a few sentences from all available characters, just to know who are those troopers in the set! Click Battlefront 2 main section, then select the clone set from its menu!


Dear Visitors! We introduce the AT-RT and its driver! The AT-RT was a clone walker for a single clone trooper driver, which was often used as picket and pathfinder unit. The Grand Army of the Republic used these fast anti-infantry units to patrol and scouting duties. Take a look at the custom orange AT-RT driver figure which I made from a basic green Revenge of the Sith AT-RT driver figure, and read the story. Click the Action Figures main section, then select the orange AT-RT driver from its menu!








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