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5 New Year Article

Dear Readers! Read the learning story of Juhani from the Knights of the Old Republic 1 game! Read the sad story of cathar Jedi Guardian lady who was born at Taris, was a slave child, and learn her dark past with Xor, and her dark secret with her Jedi Master. Read through how she returned from the Dark Side to the Light Side with Revan to help him in the star forge battle! Starting the New Year of 2009 some people makes resolutions. Many of them decide to arrange their thing differently, and to live their life completely an other way then previously. The New Year is always a great opportunity to start your things over with a clean slate. Juhani has made it. She had made a resolution, turned away from the Dark Side, returned amongst the Jedi, won against her anger, and lived truly as a Jedi Guardian, even willing to die for the true cause on the rooftop of the Rakata world. Click KotOR1 main section, then select Juhani from its menu!


Dear Visitors! Read an article about Force Commander game's rebel Y wing bombers, which were slow, but they had a very strong deflector shield and an ion cannon and proton bombs and an R5 astromech droid. Also, you can watch a custom y-wing pilot, and can listen some cool MP3 Y-wing pilot sentences! We mention the two most famous Y-wing squadrons, the Gold squadron, which was led by Dutch Vander (Gold leader) against the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, and the Shadow squadron, which was led by Anakin Skywalker through the Balmorra Run smuggler route. The Y-wing gunner was Ahsoka Tano, the "fighter escort" was master Plo Koon. You can read about the clone Y-wing pilots, for example "Matchstick", they were the ancestors of the rebel Y-wing pilots. Click Force Commander main section, then select Y-wing pilot from its menu!


Dear Readers! The rodian bounty hunters are Expanded Universe bad guys of Jedi knight 2 Jedi outcast Star Wars game who often attack Kyle Katarn with a disruptor gun. We introduce the rodian race, and the most important rodians like Greedo, Reelo Baruk (Nar Shaddaa mafia boss), Hulas (Genoharadan Overseer), Beedo (JK2 multiplayer character), Onaconda Farr (senator), Greeata (dancer), Dar Vac (Chancellor Palpatine's personal secretary), Twitch (tarisian gladiator champion), some cool rodian MP3 sentences, and a rodian custom figure inspired by JK2 PC game! Click Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast main section, then select Rodian from its menu!


Dear Readers! Clone commander Bly was the leader of the 327th Star Corps clone squad under Jedi General Aayla Secura during many missions on Saleucami, on Endor, and finally on Felucia, where supreme chancellor Palpatine ordered him to execute order 66. Bly killed the Jedi lady. While I was making screenshots I noticed a blue beetle, a gelagrub on a picture, so I mention that Felucian native worm, and also will tell you a few sentences about the Acklay attacks. Click Film main section, then select Commander Bly from its menu!


Dear Visitors! An other reader of CustomStarWars has decided to try making a custom figure. He started with an easy custom form, a clone version, called Utapau Shadow Assault Trooper. This was his first work, but surprisingly it is really cool! You can check it. Click Custom Collections main section, then select Zoltan Kiszelak from its menu!







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