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Dear Readers! Read about a two-legged walker called All Terrain Personal Transport from the game Force Commander, and take a look at a custom AT-PT driver figure at Customstarwars! This short, but very fast vehicle was a great imperial anti-infantry walker with a dangerous twin blaster cannon, and a concussion grenade launcher. AT-PT-s were first deployed in bigger fleet under the command of Brenn Tantor. I have added some MP3 sounds of the original AT-PT driver on the 8th of December! Click Force Commander main section, then select the AT-PT driver from its menu!


Dear Visitors! We introduce Akkere, NPC character of PC game Kotor2. The Sullustan creature is a merchant on Dantooine near Khoonda, and becomes suspicious because of his lost hydrospanner. Akkere voluntarily joins the LS Exile to fight against Azkul, while the DS Exile can get the Thorium Charge from the killed Akkere. We introduce other Sullustan characters from the game, Nien Numb from the film, and several Sullustans from the released figures, and there will be a custom Akkere figure. Click the Knights of the Old Republic 2 main section, then select Akkere from its menu!


Dear Readers! Before Christmas of 2008 please let me write about a positive supporting actor this time, whose life may represent a moral lesson for all of us before the coming Christmas days. Please read the story of a small man, who exemplifies that the heroes are not always at the battlefronts, and the life and the acts of a "small man" can make him large! We introduce the benevolent, peaceful, elderly doctor of Kotor1, Zelka Forn. He lived and worked on Taris, and helped everybody out, often free. He first made the antidote against the rakghoul disease, and started to heal every living beings on Taris. Gurney, his medical assistant offered Revan to sell the Rakhgoul serum to Zax... Click the Knights of the Old Republic 1 main section, then select Zelka Forn from its menu!











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