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2009. JULY


Dear Visitors! As the first article of the month July CustomStarWars brings you the not widely known, but really strong Imperial walker, the All Terrain Anti Aircraft! Although the AT-AA is a low profile anti-air walker, not that typical dreadful imperial walker as usual, but it soon gained so large respect, that if an AT-AA has appeared on the scopes of Alliance speeder and bomber pilots, they were terrified, and bathed in icecold sweat. I introduce the two versions of the AT-AA platforms, the flak pod turret model with plasma charges, and the models that were equipped with rocket-launching tubes. These were capable of blanketing the sky with rockets like the once used Katusas. The AT-AA anti-aircraft vehicle first appeared in Force Commander, then in Galactic Battlegrounds, and nowadays in Empire at War. This is the only Imperial siege heavy weapon that the Expanded Universe gave for the Star Wars fans, and the only one, that appeared in all three of the major Star Wars Real-time strategy games. You'll find a custom AT-AA driver as usual at the end of the article! Click the Force Commander main section, and select the AT-AA driver from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! We continue our brand new Knights of the Force project! I have got many (mostly fight oriented) great KotF screenshots from Roland, one of our faithful readers, I chose from those Utapau, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Coruscant, Invisible Hand, Jedi Council, Jedi Temple scenes, to illustrate the Episode 3 events with those screenshots. Please welcome the new article. Click the Jedy Academy main section, then select Episode 3 by KOTF from its menu!


Dear Visitors! There are fresh, brand new custom figures in the custom figure collection section, and a new fellow customizing friend, Attila Fabian. Check out the new figures! Click the Collection of custom figures main section, then select Attila Fabian, Zoltan Kiszelak, Ray Seregi from its menu!








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