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As You Wish! Many of you searched for him, and wanted him! Here you go! Dear Visitors! Read a new article about one of the most important character of KotOR2 Darth Sion. The evil Sith Lord is a big boss, an antagonist from the Sith Triumvirate besides Darth Nihilus, and Darth Traya. Learn to know how he became the apprentice of Traya,  how he became a Sith Assassin, then a Sith Marauder, and finally a powerful Sith Master. Learn how he killed many Jedi, follow his adventures from the Harbinger to Peragus, from Korriban to Malachor V, where he met Exile and his destiny. You will find a custom Darth Sion figure, too! Click the Knight of the Old Republic main section, then select Darth Sion from the menu!


Dear Readers! We introduce you Sev, the hero of the game Republic Commando. Republic Commando tells the story of the four clone hero, the team of Delta squad. Sev is the close combat specialist of the team, and the sniper. His Delta identifier is Oh Seven, but he is well known for his menacing and his grim sense of humor. A real wag, a great warrior. He was trained by the mandalorian Walon Wau. Some clone troopers fight because they have to, but Sev fights because he likes it. His fellow squad members suspect that somebody has spiked his cloning vat. Please check out his custom figure too! You can find the article in the Republic Commando main section, selecting Sev from the left menu bar.


Dear Readers! Read an article about Galactic Battlegrounds game's grenadier clone on the site Customstarwars, in the section Galactic Battlegrounds, selecting grenadier clone trooper from the menu! It is a special unit of the Grand Army of the Republic, who bombs the enemy forces with ballistic grenades launched from a grenade launcher. These upgradeable, highly explosive, very destructive charges can deal a huge damage, so these grenadier clones became the nightmare of the armored vehicles! This is the first time when you can find MP3 voices and sounds from the grenadier clones, so you can listen or download them!


Dear Readers! Hungarian Mc Donald's restaurants give bonus items after each bought Happy Meal menu. This action is because of the premiere of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3D episode. (However the gifts are not from the Clone Wars except two pens.) There are 8 different gift items. Till the end of October we can choose from 2 items weekly. However the stocks seems to be very limited, or there are too much fans, but anyway, there are some restaurants, that are out of these figures! But that may worth to search an other restaurant, and buy the figures, because they are cute. In this menu I would like to display you the available Hungarian Mc Donald's Clone Wars gift items. Click Cartoon and comix main section, then select Hungarian Mc Donalds items from its menu!


Dear Readers, this time we will introduce the Universal Force powers including both the defensive and offensive powers. They can be used by the Sith and by the Jedi, too. In the Holocron section you can read many of them, but not all. I would like to introduce them, explaining what are they good for, what is their effect, and I wanna give you some examples from several sources, like from the movies, from the Clone Wars cartoon, from the Clone Wars 3D, and from a book.







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