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Dear Visitors! We introduce the Light Side Force Powers! Most of the Light Side Forces help you and your allies become stronger and well prepared for combat. However they are mainly defensive powers, you can be more effective with them in the battle. They often act like a pre-battle power up, or a shield, even strengthening your attributes. I wanna give you some examples from several sources, like from the movies, from the Clone Wars cartoon, from the Clone Wars 3D, and from a book. Click the Jedi Holocron main section, (right here on the left of this message) then select the LS force powers from the menu!


Dear Readers! I would like to tell you some details on the Dark Side Powers. Force Grip, Force Lightning, Force Throw, Drain Life, Drain Force, Fear, Fury, Force Scream, Repulse, Crush Opposition, Rage and some more. The listed Dark Side Force Powers are mostly offensive powers, which can attack, damage, injure, and sometimes kill the enemy. I have opened all 3 kind of Force Powers for the respect of our Star Wars Club members, but DS Force Powers, and Neutrals will be continued! You can find the articles in the Jedi Holocron main section!


Dear Readers! We continue with the second part of the Neutral Universal Force Powers article. This time Energy resistance, Force deflect, breath control, Force jump, throw lightsaber, Force sense, Force sight, Force camouflage, telekinesis, Force precognition will be highlighted. You can find the new article in the Jedi Holocron section again. Please read the information, and check out the film photos, and game screenshots!


Dear Visitors, I have managed to get all 8 Star Wars items that were available in the Hungarian Mc Donald's restaurants, so you can watch them, and you can read the complete article in the Cartoon and Comix main section. I highlighted and took a closer look on the Padme Amidala items, which are special for me, as the booklet were dedicated by actress Tamara Zsigmond (Hungarian voice of Queen Amidala). For an extra surprise, if you click the homepage of CustomStarWars you can hear the greetings of the actress, which makes the site more personal, friendly, and listening to the funny sentence, it is very positive. The actualities will possibly delay the further articles and custom figures a bit. The first half of the month were dedicated to our club, presenting the Force Power article series, and the last episode of the Dark Side Powers will be published next month. Next time I have an other surprise with an other nice voice, which will open an other section, and a brand new article of the character, so stay with us!


Dear Readers! I was glad to meet Ilona Molnar, the Hungarian voice of Ahsoka Tano in the animated Clone Wars cartoon, and the nice actress was kindly gave me a voice sample, that I can use for upgrading the Cartoon and Comix main section. Since one of the section's main topic is the Clone Wars, and since Ahsoka is the symbolic character of Clone Wars, her voice is at the right place. So Cartoon'n'comix section of CustomStarWars is reporting in with Ahsoka Tano's Hungarian voice from now. For the respect of Ilona, and to bring the popular Ahsoka character closer to you I wrote a brand new Ahsoka article, which you can find in the Cartoon'n'comix section. We all know who is Ahsoka Tano, so I rather give some additional information for you; what is the origin of the name Ahsoka, (or Ashoka) who developed her, and brought her to the Jedi Order, and what is her function in the film series, and some other interesting things, read it!







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