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Dear Visitors! Read a new article about the first Star Wars team based Lucasarts First Person Shooter game, Battlefront 1's elite clone unit, the Jet trooper in the Battlefront 1 main section clicking the Jet trooper link. The Jettrooper is armed with a very powerful EMP grenade launcher, and has a jetpack, which makes the Jet clone able to fly and even to hover, so his part in the Grand Army of the Republic was essential. We will introduce some of his strategical and tactical benefits on many planet surfaces, and you will find a BF1 custom Jet trooper figure, too! Come with us to Tatooine, Rhen Var, Kamino, and "help us" to defeat those nasty destroyer droids, battle droids, and superbattledroids with a Jet trooper!


Dear Readers! We introduce Visas Marr, the beautiful blind Miraluka hero of PC game Knight of the Old Republic 2, who had a sad childhood, her home planet, Katarr was Force drained, killing its entire population, except Visas, who was taken as a slave, then became the Sith apprentice of Darth Nihilus, but found her way back to the Light beside the Exile Jedi! You'll find a custom Visas Marr figure, too. You can find the article in the KotOR2 main section, clicking Visas Marr from the left menu bar.


Please read the article of Darth Bandon, Sith apprentice of Darth Malak, who left the Jedi Order, and became a sadistic Sith. He is an antagonist of the PC game KotOR1, who killed many human beings with his red double bladed lightsaber, (including Trask Ulgo,) but Bandon was finally defeated by Revan. You'll find a custom Darth Bandon figure, too. You can find the article in the KotOR1 main section, clicking Darth Bandon from the left menu bar.











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