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Dear Visitors! Read the article on the shielded and fast Hover transport vehicle of the game Force Commander, and meet its pilot at the first Hungarian Customstarwars site! You can also see some screenshots and a custom Hover transport pilot figure! You can find it clicking on Force Commander main section, then selecting Hover transport pilot from its menu.


Dear Readers! I proudly present Sandor Jenei's custom collection on CustomStarWars. His handmade figures are sorted in many color variations, these are very special modifications, and he has a full custom army with many several trooper services. I haven't met a so big custom collection so far, and this is the first huge custom collection on CustomStarWars (not including mine) - so I decided to make an interview with Sandor this time. I do not just write a comment under his photos, I wanted to give you a closer look on his work. You'll see how much previous planning, how much searching, how much money, how much work hours is needed to create a custom collection that he has. Please meet Sandor Jenei, and his great custom collection! You can find it clicking on Custom Collections main section, then selecting Sandor Jenei from its menu.


Dear Visitors! Let me introduce you the silent mercenaries of the Galactic Empire, its invisible executive power, the dark variations of the basic white armored imperial stormtroopers, the Shadow stormtroopers. Named after and by Agent "Blackhole" they were successfully fulfilled their missions, they had several practical benefits and got useful information for the Imperial Intelligence and for Palpatine. We'll say some words on Carnor Jax's Shadow stormtrooper legion because of a comic book. Take a look at the article on our site "CustomStarWars" clicking "Action Figures" main section, then selecting Shadow stormtrooper from its menu.


Dear Readers! Please read the article of the Scuba clone troopers in the Cartoon'n'Comix section! Customstarwars site's Cartoon section contains amateur Custom figures inspired by the success of the Clone Wars series, or other comic books, or drawn characters. The Scuba clone service is an aquatic assault force, which was grown and trained at Kamino, and was sent to Mon Calamari against the Quarren, Ishi Tib, and other separatist forces lead by Jedi Master Kit Fisto!


Dear Readers! We introduce you the protocol droids of KotOR1 and KotOR2. However you may know them from the Star Wars movies, read through this article to get know how many other duties they had! You can meet the ancestors of C-3PO, 1B-8D, B-4D4, C9-T9, S4-C8, C8-42, and many other protocol droids! Imagine that you travel with us to Iziz, Dantooine, Taris, Nar Shaaddaa, Telos, and meet them! You can find the article in the KotOR1 main section, clicking the Protocol droid link from the left menu bar, and you'll find a custom protocol droid figure, too.







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