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Dear Readers! The Holo messages from February had been moved into Jedi Archives section. I will place them there after every each month, but you can always find older messages there. Here on the main page there will be the fresh news.


We introduce our first volunteer, Peter Szilvasy, who sent in his custom figures. You can watch his photos in Custom Collections section under his name. Thanks!


Dear Readers! I have opened Cartoon'n'comix section. Please visit it.


Dear Visitors, Peter Szilvasy sent an other photo, you can find it in his custom collection section. It is a kind of ARC fighter custom clone pilot without his helmet. Check that out!


Dear Visitor, I have finished Force Commander article. Please read the adventures of Brenn Tantor, ex-imperial officer, who later becomes one of the finest rebel talents! Follow the events of the classical trilogy Star Wars films through the game, and meet those persons, whose life changed the Galaxy! It is one of my favorite games, I did my best to entertain you in that article, also it opens that section, with plenty of cool custom Force Commander figures, pilots, drivers, and protagonist general Brenn Tantor coming soon.


Dear Readers, I proudly present you the Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast article. It will guide you thru the adventures of Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, Desann, Tavion, Admiral Fyyar, and will inform you about some new imperial services. This article was published also at our partner site's, but I translated it for you to English, and gave some additional information, and a few extra pics. You can read it.





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