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Dear Readers! Read the story of the Knights of the Old Republic 1 game hero Zaalbar here at Customstarwars! Learn the story of his exile from his Kashyyyk home village Rwookrrorro, how he befriended with Mission at Taris, how he was captured by gamorrean slavers, how he was freed by Revan, and for those he offered his life dept. You can understand some wookie traditions of their culture, and the wookie civil war. You can meet some other wookies, like Chuundar, Freyyr, Jaraak, Rorworr, Worrroznor, Gorwooken, Bacca, which are all famous wookie individuals. Click Kotor1 main section, then select Zaalbar from its menu!


We introduce you the cultists, badguys of the PC game Jedi Academy, who are force user reborns from the Sect of Marka Ragnos, called Disciples of Ragnos which was founded by Tavion Axmis. There are Grip Cultists, Drain Cultists, Lightning Cultists, and Saber Cultists. We made some screenshots for you with the brand new Jedi Academy mod, called Knights of the Force. The Grip Cultists like to Force Grip you, beware of them. I display a Custom Grip Cultist figure, too. Please press the Jedi Academy main section's button, and select the Cultist from the left menu!


Dear Visitors, we continue the articles about the Force Powers of the Star Wars Universe. This time we publish the last episode of the Dark Side Force Powers. I will mention Force Lightning, Crush Opposition, Forse Repulse, Crush Oppositon, Force Scream, and Fury, illustrated with several screenshots from the games, pictures from the Star Wars movies, and a few pics from the Clone Wars cartoon, and the 3D animated film. You can find the article clicking in the Jedi Holocron main section, and selecting Dark Side Forces 2 from the left menu bar.


Dear Visitors, I introduce you the pilot droids. Pilot battledroids are standard battle droids with blue shoulders and chests, usually without a backpack. Trade Federation and CIS used pilot droids to operate machinery, starships and other vehicles. In space battles they man turrets, carry ammunition, and monitor the decks and hangars for breaches and boarding parties. You can find the article and a custom pilot battledroid figure clicking in the Film main section, and selecting pilot droid from the left menu bar.









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