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2009. JUNE


Dear Visitors! We have refreshed the Republic Commando article with some additional data. There are some new Boss voice samples, as he command the Delta Commando, there are two new screenshots from the KotF, as the Delta infiltrates into the catacombs, to capture Sun Fac, and two pictures from Temuera Morrison, as he was dubbing the game in the studio in the role of Delta 38 - Boss. Click the Republic Commando main section, and check out the new things!


SPOILER ALERT! Dear Readers! The Clone Wars is closing to its end in Hungary, and the last (Ryloth) trilogy is coming, and after that the first season will be finished with the hostage crisis episode. But so many and so good episodes has been already broadcasted, so I plan to fresh some articles with some nice Clone Wars pictures, and some new data. First I wanna refresh the AT-RT driver article, because there will be a new AT-RT driver clone in a superb armor, and because this time we will see the best "AT-RT driver" of all time, Mace Windu jedi master himself, who can drive the two-legged clone walker maybe even better than the original members of the Lightning Squad. The extra parts of the article can be interesting for those who find them actual, and like to see the new things. Those who don't want to see the new things before the TV broadcasts them, they can ignore this refreshment. Click the Action figures main section, and check out the new pics and information in the Clone Wars column of the orange AT-RT driver article!


Dear Visitors! We introduce the walrusmen, the Aqualish species from the planet Ando, mention their three subspecies, aquala, ualaq, and quara, some of their most infamous representatives, Ponda Baba from the New Hope, (he teased Luke Skywalker in the cantina,) Margar from the Knights of the Old Republic 1 game, Aqualish senator Po Nudo from the Revenge of the Sith movie, and his figure, and the female gladiator Grunda Dolma from the Clone Wars cartoon, not to mention some noname Aqualish from several sources. Click the KotOR1 main section, and select the Aqualish from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! We introduce the Trandoshan bounty hunters, long time enemies of the wookies, as they were slavers of them. We mention some famous trandoshan bounty hunters, Bossk (Empire Strikes Back - Executor meeting), Vossk (KotOR2 Nar Shaaddaa), Pekt (Galactic Battlegrounds), Gha Nachkt (Clone Wars 3D he was that trandoshan mercenary, who sold R2-D2 for General Grievous) and there will be a trandoshan custom figure here at the site Customstarwars! Click the KotOR2 main section, and select the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter from the left menu bar!








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