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Dear Visitors, I have opened Jedi Academy section, too! We introduce you Jaden Korr, hero of PC game Jedi Academy, apprentice of Kyle Katarn, who has captivated the Star Wars fans just by wielding two lightsabers in each hands, and by using Count Dooku's Force lightnings and Yoda's Absorb techniques.


Battlefront 1 was the first team based Lucasarts game, a Star Wars first person shooter, that conquered the world with its new game system, inc. bonuses, instant action, and new services. In Galactic Conquest 4 playable civilizations racing for power, to conquer the Galaxy! I will also display some BF1 custom figures. You can read its article!


Dear Readers! I can highly recommend Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds strategy game for all strategy gamers, and Star Wars fans. It will provide you an excellent amusement, Age of Empire like great experiences, superb game feeling, perfect music, and also you can learn interesting informations in the game's own data bank! Please read my article on this topic, click on Galactic Battlegrounds link above!


Dear Visitors! Rajmond Seregi sent his custom figure, which can be called I, sandtrooper. Please click on Custom figure collections section, and watch his cool sandtrooper figure.









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