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Dear Visitors! Let me handle you (especially all Norberts all over the world, who celebrate their name today) the newest article on Calo Nord, the famous bounty hunter of Knights of the Old Republic 1. Read the story of the feared Tarisian Exchange man, who were the right hand man of Davik Kang! You can find it clicking on Kotor1 main section, then selecting Calo Nord from its menu.


Dear Visitors! I happily present you Zoltan (Big Z) Varga's own handmade figures, which are model degree figures. Take a look at his great vehicles (AAT, AT-AT imperial walker with a snowspeeder, AT-RT) and splendid individual characters like Sev, Empatojayos Brand, TK-421) in the Collection of Custom Figures section, click his name in the menu.


Dear Readers! We have a powerful new ally! Let me greet the visitors from the site "Rebelscum". We have made friendship with them, and we will advertise each other from now. This is a honor for us - being a partner and friendly site - we appreciate that much. We hope you'll find many interesting life stories, Star Wars based articles, game screenshots, custom figures, collections, and many more things here now, and in the future! This site was launched in February, so this is its child age. Therefore please be patient, new articles are always loaded up weekly, and soon this site will be great for the customizers, and starwars fans, so keep with us, and check what's new at CustomStarWars! The available articles are marked with a green arrow in the menus. Also, you'll find information on the new articles in the Jedi Archives section, sorted with its date, punctually, day by day, month by month. Stick with us, come back soon!


Dear Visitor! We introduce Atton Rand, hero of PC game Kotor2, who fought in the Mandalorian and the Jedi Civil Wars, became a Sith Assassin, a murderer, a smuggler, but after those crimes he came back to the Light Side by the Exile Jedi, and became a true Jedi Sentinel! Read his adventures, and take a look at his and many other Knight of the Old Republic 2 character's custom figures at the site Customstarwars! (you can find it in KotOR2 main section, then selecting Atton Rand from the left menu bar)


Dear Readers! You can find a brand new Commander Gree article in the Film section! We briefly introduce the commander of the Elite Corps Sarlacc Battalion, as he made preparations of the Battle of Kashyyyk, trying to protect the wookies. When he turned against master Yoda because of the Order 66 his head "came off" like the parrot's in the movie Dumb and Dumber. There are some photos of a few Gree figures, and a custom Gree for you!







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