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Dear Visitors! Let me introduce you Forn Dodonna, who was an admiral in the Old Republic Navy during the Jedi Civil War. She had a part in the game Knights of the Old Republic 1, when Dodonna was signaled by Carth Onasi, who informed her of the Star Forge. Admiral Dodonna's fleet saved many survivors of the Sith attack on the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Led by Jedi Master Vandar Tokare, the group joined the fleet in its endeavor to destroy the Star Forge. I won't show you any custom figures this time. This article was only published because I met the Hungarian voice actor, and she has a welcoming sentence in the Hungarian mirror site of this KotOR section, so this is basically good for the Hungarian fans, but I made an article for you too. Click the KotOR1 main section, and select Forn Dodonna from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! This time we focus on Luminara Unduli Jedi Master. Meet the miriali Jedi lady, who was first played by Mary Oyaya in the movie, and who was later was again seen as the master of Barriss Offee in the Ilum scene of the Clone Wars cartoon. Later, she got her part in the first season of the Clone Wars animated film like an experienced, strong Jedi, but Asajj Ventress almost defeated her. Luminara Unduli will return in the Clone Wars second season, too! Finally you can read about the awful kashyyyk tragedy in the article. This will be an informative material about Luminara Master, without a custom figure, so it will be placed in the Jedi Holocron section. Click the Jedi Holocron main section, and select Luminara Unduli from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! As the last article of this month, I refreshed the article what I wrote about Commander Gree previously. Since he was Luminara Unduli's aide-de-camp, he fits perfectly into the tematics of this month. And since I wrote about him well before the first season of the Clone Wars, there are several new things that I can add to the old column. There are some really interesting sentences, which predestinated Commander Gree's attitude and behavior well before the Order 66. And finally you will find the newest Commander Gree figure from the Clone Wars line. Click the Film main section, and select Commander Gree from the left menu bar!








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