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2009. MARCH


Dear Visitors! I have added two newly bought Star Wars miniatures figures into two already published articles. If you open again the KotOR1 section, and select Zelka Forn, you'll find a new Rakghoul miniatures in the bottom of the article. And in the KotOR2 section you'll find a new Sith Assassin miniatures with a vibrosword in the Sith Asssassin article. Click the KotOR1 and the KotOR2 main sections, then select Zelka Forn and the Sith Asssassin from its menu!


Dear Readers! We introduce Brianna Yusanis, the Last Handmaiden, daughter of the Echani general Yusanis and Jedi master Arren Kae. After the death of her parents she became the handmaiden of Atris in the secret telos academy, till she met a male Exile Jedi in the game. The great close combat specialist Echani girl admired the Exile Jedi, felt love for him, and accompanied him in his quest to find and gather the remaining Jedi masters at Dantooine, and during the journey the Exile trained her to be a great Jedi Guardian. If your Exile chose Visas, Brianna takes the role of Atris, and will be a Jedi teacher, and historian. I was permitted to use the beautiful Grey deLisle's photo in my article to illustrate who gave that nice voice for Brianna, and also she had made a perfect work in the Clone Wars cartoon while giving her voice for Asajj Ventress, Padme Amidala, and Shaak Ti in the animated film! Click the KotOR2 main section, then select Handmaiden from its menu!


Dear Visitors! You can read about planet Manaan, which does not want to involve the politics, they held tightly to their neutrality between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic, their capital Ahto City was a tremendous, shell-shaped structure that floated on top of the water's surface, a modern mega complex, and read about the kolto, (a bacta like liquid that contained unique healing properties) and their saint progenitor, the firaxa shark! We'll mention the now-young Shasa, who later will be one of the most famous Selkath Jedi, and found the Order of Shasa. Also, you'll find one piece of the Star map in the sea bed near the Hrakert rift! Click the KotOR1 main section, then select the Selkath from its menu!


Dear Readers! We introduce Knights of the Force (KotF), which was an expansion pack and recreated Jedi Academy levels, characters, environments, weapons and vehicles and combined them with the 6 movies, games, and cartoons. KotF is a turkish developed mod, highlighted by Osman Gunyaz. Click the Jedi Academy main section, then select Knights of the Force from its menu!








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