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2009. AUGUST


Dear Visitors! Since the Clone Wars Season 1 was aired everybody focus on the second season. The first season gave us a closer look on Ahsoka Tano, so we planned to write a more detailed article on the young togruta padawan, so till we can watch the Season 2 of the Clone Wars, and till we can meet Ahsoka, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku, Master Yoda, Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi, Luminara Unduli, and of course Cad Bane, you can read a twice as long article on Ahsoka Tano as before here on CustomStarWars! Click the Cartoon n comix main section, and select the Ahsoka Tano from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! The Star Wars society is celebrating a memorable date: in 1979 april was the premiere of the "Star Wars", at least it was the title in that times, when the cinemas started to show the film. We were young guys, school boys, when it came to Hungary, but our generation was lucky to see the birth of the evergreen legend LIVE, in the first matinee! There came newer generations growing up on Star Wars, and this saga keeps attracting newer younger "padawans" among the elder SW fans up to this very day! We know now, that was not the first episode, but the fourth, and its official title was The New Hope. For this 30th anniversary we surprised you with the story of Episode IV, illustrated with KotF screenshots, celebrating the beginning of the SAGA. We warmly offer you the new article! Click the Jedi Academy main section, then select Episode 4 by KOTF from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! If you heard the news on CNN recently, you heard the word "shuttle" pretty often, and saw footage on the launch preparations. This week's new article is about a shuttle too, but that is from the games, which is often called dropship, lander, or ferry shuttle too. These vehicles were usually referred to as "troop shuttles" or "troop transports", since these spacecrafts are able to carry people from a planet's orbit to its surface, or were used for the collection or delivery of troops, imperial stormtroopers, dewback troopers, speeder bikes, and mobil artilleries to the destination. The space shuttle was protected by a powerful deflector shield, and was a very fast transport, (many shuttles were fitted with their own hyperdrives), so it was a popular way of the transportation of high-ranking individuals, imperial dignitaries, an even used by Darth Vader and the Emperor himself. I introduce some of the most important shuttle classes and types, including the Lambda, the Kappa, the Sentinel, and the Theta class, there will be examples from the films, and from the games, for example from Force Commander, from Galactic Battlegrounds, and from Battlefront 2. There will be again a custom figure, a female shuttle pilot. Click the Force Commander main section, and select the shuttle pilot from the left menu bar!








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