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Dear Visitors! For the honor of Emperor Palpatine's Hungarian voice actor, we will have a Sith month on CustomStarWars during november. As the first article let me publish a brand new article of his film character. I introduce Darth Sidious, apprentice of Darth Plagueis, later Naboo senator, Republican chancellor, and after the sad order 66 the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. He was the Sith master of Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker - who will become Darth Vader later on. Read the new article of the greatest Sith lords, ever! Click the Film main section, and select Emperor Palpatine alias Darth Sidious from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! The second article of the Sith month is available! It is about that Sith master, who lived 4000 years before Darth Sidious, and was responsible for the Sith training at the heart of the Sith Empire, at Korriban. Read the story about Uthar Wynn, hero of the game Knights of the Old Republic 1! Read an article about the Master of the Korriban Sith Academy, who was Jorak Uln's apprentice, and Yuthura Ban's master! Come with us to Dreshdae, and into the Valley of the Dark Lord, and join Revan in the tomb of Ajunta Pall, Tulak Hord, or Naga Sadow! You will see a custom Uthar Wynn figure, too. Click the Knights of the Old Republic 1 main section, and select Uthar Wynn from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! The second article of the Sith month introduces the Sith troopers, the facelace soldiers of the Sith Empire's Sith Army! The silver, white, or crimson armored and helmet troopers were not only front fighters, but were patrolling and guarding the occupied planets. Learn their services, read the article, then click into the Battlefront 2 section, where you'll see a new Battlefront-KotOR mod, where you can choose these awesome troopers to play! There will be a photo on the Sith trooper miniatures, and as usual, a custom Sith trooper figure. Click the Knights of the Old Republic 1 main section, and select the Sith trooper from the left menu bar, then visit the Battlefront 2 main section to see that BF2-KotOR mod, too!








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