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Dear Visitors! We introduce the shock troopers, the security clones of Coruscant, special guardians of the senate building and Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine. We mention Commander Thire, who was maybe the most famous shock trooper, we could see him escorting master Yoda in the first episode of the Clone Wars 3D (it was the one with king Katuunko), but there were other known shock clone troopers, too, like Jek, Rys, and Fox. Click the Film main section, and select the shocktrooper from the left menu bar!


Dear Readers! Meet Carth Onasi, the always distrustful partner of Revan, who is the first party member, you'll meet with. He is not that strong, that could be expected from an Old Republic soldier, since with blades Zaalbar is much more effective, with blasters or rifles the droids, Mission Vao, and Canderous Ordo are better, and according to Force sensitiveness and usage he can not compete the Jedi, since Carth doesn't master it. Anyway, female gamers love him, and also his voice actor, Raphael Sbarge. Learn his story, about his son, Dustil Onasi, his admiral, Saul Karath, and even his comic book partner, Zayne Carrick from a guest writer, my friend, Orsolya Barta with my translation. Click the KotOR1 main section, and select Carth Onasi from the left menu bar!


Dear Visitors! Read the article on the shielded and very fast Yutrane Tackata T1-B Hover tank vehicle of the game Force Commander, and meet its pilot at the first Hungarian Customstarwars site! This repulsorcraft was developed for anti air missions and ground assaults, and was able to traverse almost all kind of terrains! You can see some screenshots and a custom Hover tank pilot figure! Click the Force Commander main section, and select the Hover tank driver from the left menu bar!








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