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Firefighter droid or fire extinguisher droid

Drawn and cartoon figures - firefighter droid



firefigher droids In those situations when a fire broke out on aboard of a CIS ship, fire extinguisher droids were sent into the danger area. These droid were equipped with a fire extinguisher to put out a wide variety of fire types. Their body armor were painted with a grey color, with yellow stripes at some locations on their body, and a red spot on their forehead. This whole design pretty looks like an American fire fighter overall and helmet. firefigher droid rushes to the self detonated naboo cruiserI have first seen these droid in the fourth episode of the Clone Wars 3D animated film, when the hostage Padme Amidala self detonated her silver Naboo ship which blew up in the Malevolence's hangar bay, making a large detonation and a big fire, forcing the CIS droids to put out the fire first, giving Padme and C-3PO a little time to run away.



The background story of the firefighter droid


 malevolanceIn this episode we saw Grievous' smoldering warship the Malevolence crawling away from the pursuing Republic Star Destroyers. Its primary stabilizer and hyper drive were badly damaged, and it could not escape the turbo laser fire of the pursuing Republic vessels, on aboard Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Anakin Skywalker. The Malevolence were doomed, and had only minutes before the evident destruction. They gotta find out something. Soon a holographic Count Dooku contacted Grievous. Dooku has arranged a trap that could save Grievous' butt, and could give him an advantage malavolance_tractor_beamover the Jedi. Dooku mentioned an important Senator who was heading towards the Malevolence. Grievous had to take this representative hostage in order to stop the Republic attack. Soon a silver Naboo yacht emerged from hyperspace with Senator Padme Amidala and C-3PO on board. She was on a diplomatic mission. As Amidala was emerging from hyperspace the two ship nearly collided. The Jedi cruisers immediately held their fire, padme amidala demanded that the republican task force to continue their attackas the Naboo ship was very near to the Malevolence, which soon started to tractor beam the Naboo ship into its hold. Padme demanded that the Republican task force to continue their attack, but Anakin could not bring himself to order fire with his beloved trapped in the Malevolence. Anakin decided to mount an infiltration mission to rescue Padme, and Obi-Wan accompanied him.



Firefighter droids work in the Malevolence


grievous spotted the explosive trapBut that took some time, and Padme Amidala had little of that at the moment. General Grievous was already on his way on the ship's rail system in order to arrive at the main hangar, and to capture Amidala personally. So Padme had to overload her yacht's power systems to initiate self detonation, which could help her to flee the ship with C-3PO. very 
  strong water pressure pushed the droid up in the airArriving at the scene Grievous spotted the explosive trap before it was too late, and rushed out from the yacht before it erupted in flames. That was the moment when firefighter droids ran in, trying to douse the flames while Grievous ordered an alert to capture the stowaways, while the firefighters worked in the hangar. But the droid were very clumsy, one of them selected a the fire extinguisher droid fall back on his back with his legs 
  upvery strong water pressure, therefore the water pushed him up in the air, while he was desperately trying to hold on like grim death into the hose. While the other had a short hose, he was running in the hangar, but the hose pulled him back, making the fire extinguisher droid fall back on his back, with his legs up. The droids was not so clumsy in the first episode, but recently they are functioning as a source of humor.




firespeederYou can find firefighters within the Republican forces, too.  But of course they have firefighter clones, not firefighter droids. They were ex-clones, old veterans, who got genetically old, or had injured in the front, got back to Coruscant, but after the recovery they remained at home and were applied as a quick reaction unit, firefighter_cloneor some kind of other armed service. Firefighters, policemen, and other official services were crowded with ex-clones. They were often employed on the large firefighter ships, which protected the skylines above Coruscant, these firespeeders put out the fire on the burning wreckage of the Invisible Hand, which was successfully entered the atmosphere and landed by Anakin Skywalker after the space battle over Coruscant against general Grievous' forces. Most of the firefighter clones worked on foot however, not in those large firefighter ships. They have fire extinguisher on their back, and a hose in their hand, like this Hasbro firefighter figure shows. But firefighter droid hasn't been released, and even the conception hasn't been born, (before the Clone Wars series) so for the respect of the Hungarian premiere and for the readers of the CustomStarWars site I made a special handmade custom firefighter droid.


Please take a look at my custom firefighter droid figure!


Custom firefighter droid figure back

custom firefighter droid figure


Custom firefighter droid figure right

custom firefighter droid figure 2


Custom firefighter droid figure left

custom firefighter droid figure 3


Custom firefighter droid figure with fire extinguisher left

custom firefighter droid figure with 
  fire extinguisher


Custom firefighter droid figure with fire extinguisher right

custom firefighter droid figure with 
  fire extinguisher 2

Custom firefighter droid figure with fire extinguisher front

custom firefighter droid figure with 
  fire extinguisher 3



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 written by: Norbert Rostas



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