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It was a joyful moment for us, when Hasbro decided to release some figures from some good Star Wars PC games. In 2008 we could meet the full clone and the full droid row that were playable in the Battlefront 2 PC game. The exclusive set has a commander, a sniper/sharpshooter, a foot soldier, a heavy trooper, an elite unit, and an engineer. You could choose from these services when you tried the game. It may worth to tell a few sentences from all available characters, just to know who are those troopers in the set!

bf2 clone set


Clone commander

clone_commanderThe clone commander is personated by a purple Galactic Marine in BF2. The commander is able to effect the team members, boosting their attributes during the battle, ordering a rally. He has a recon droid. He does not help the fellow troopers only with tactical orders, but with his chaingun, too. Even the Jedi masters can not resist the fire of this helicoptergun, they can't deflect it. Its disadvantage: it has to warm up, and needs some little time before it can start pumping the bullets into the enemy, so you can't fire with this weapon immediately.


Clone heavy trooper

clone_heavytrooperBoth civilizations have heavy troopers. They have highly destructive weapons, which are especially good against vehicles. This is a robust weapon, which launch rockets from shoulder. Its upgraded advanced version has controllable rockets. The player can take control on these rockets after it has been launched, and he/she can navigate it directly into the selected target with the mouse. This feature, though, is not default, you have to award it with many-many game hours. You have to play with the heavy trooper, and have to achieve many critical hits on the enemy vehicles. If you manages to collect some 50-60 critical hits during your career, you'll get the award rocket launcher. But that is not an easy task. In the upper left corner of the screenshot there are my awarded bonuses, I have unlocked them, and they are very valuable in the hardest mode! You will be able to use all of them for ALL missions after awarded, so you'll have elite weapons, strong, fast, veteran soldiers, but we'll have to play much till we can have these bonuses! The clone heavy trooper is a "Baccara repaint" in this BF2 clone figure set.


Clone sniper

Let's examine the snipers now. You'll find the third re-paint version of the old Airborne clone trooper, but this time he has blue markings. clone_sniperThere was a purple one in the Windu Battlepack, the second (orange one) was "Cody's sniper", this blue was the third color, but there was previously an other blue one with Anakin Skywalker in the Order66 set! It was an almost perfect conception, as the 501st legion indeed had blue snipers. However their markings were different, since the original sniper from the game has two symbols on their forehead, like there were two V letters on the helmet.


Clone trooper

clone_soldierLet's see the foot soldiers now. They are the "ants" of all armies, mostly the simple troops carry the weight of the battles on their shoulders in the reality, too. They are fast, quickly advancing units with basic weapons. No name crowd, replaceable mass, and (unfortunately) acceptable loss, however without them no one could win a single battle, just elite units and snipers won't be enough on the battlefield. Republican forces have blue 501st clone troopers in this figure set as their foot soldiers.


Jet trooper

bf2_clone_jettrooper I mentioned Elite units previously. Who are they, and why are they elites? Well, the clone Jet trooper has something, that the others can not do, he can fly. His jetpack helps him to move rapidly between places, he can hover, and shoot the enemy from above, he can fly on the top of the houses, mountains, and can attack the enemy from a vantage point, that they wouldn't expected with his powerful grenade launcher. He won't need a road, or some stairs to advance. He can fly between two platforms on Kamino, and on other planets he can fly upstairs to the higher levels while the others are climbing the stairs.


Clone engineer

clone_engineerAnd finally there are my personal favorites, the engineers, who can repair and heal on the battlefield. The engineer can repair the vehicles. Every other services can pilot them, but only the engineer can repair them. In the first Battlefront game their repair ability was default, which means if they sat in a walker, and it got damaged, they could repair it immediately. But in BF2 they must disembark the vehicle to be able to use their fusion cutter, but if there is a raging battle around him, that can be very dangerous to get out from the safe vehicle. So it might be vital to slice in as many vehicles as you can during your missions. With this method you can capture enemy vehicles, and you can embark them to use them against the enemy. After many sliced vehicles you'll be awarded a "Vehicle regeneration" team bonus, which allows you to stay inside the damaged vehicle, while that is continuously regenerating itself! Also, the saga2_engineerengineers has a "medic mode", and with that feature they can give a pack of ammunition for those fellow clones who are getting out of ammo, and a tank of bacta for the injured troopers. With these features I found them the best service of all! When the SAGA2 series released a clone engineer commemorative_dvd_setI was very happy first, I thought finally I will get an engineer. But when I saw this awful brown figure, I got sad. This is a business for them, I know, but how can that very unique special clone engineer replaced with the commemorative set's light brown clone trooper?! So I didn't buy it, however I would have longed for an engineer, this pathetic one is NOT AN ENGINEER!



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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 02. 20.


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