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The All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT) was a one-man bipedal walker used for reconnaissance and patrolling by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

atrt_cloneOne of several precursors to the AT-PT walker, the AT-RT was 3.2 meters tall and 2.9 meters long, with a saddle-like seat for a single clone trooper driver. Its open cockpit design made the driver especially vulnerable to sniper fire, a notable flaw, but low costs and good visibility of the battlefield made up for this shortcoming. The recon walker was equipped with a nose-mounted repeating blaster cannon and mortar launcher, both of which made the walker a formidable anti-infantry unit. The AT-RT was fitted with a motion detection scanner and sensor equipment capable of providing radio transmissions and reports from the battlefield. Due to its light construction, AT-RT walkers were especially vulnerable to heavy weapons. This led many commanders to use them in fast scout packs or in the role of civilian (police or military) support. Commonly, these walkers operated as picket and pathfinder units. These walker had a weak point, the driver were an easy target, since he was only sitting on the top of the walker without any cockpit, or protection. The enemy often didn't blew a superbattledorid_captured_an_atrtup the AT-RT, just they targeted the pilot, and after he was shot, his killer could capture the walker just by sitting up on the emptied saddle, so they could use the vehicle against the clones! We can try this in the game Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In this screenshot you can see my superbattledroid, I managed to kill the driver of this AT-RT, I jumped on his still warm place, and I used his walker against his fellow clone troopers!

In the Revenge of the Sith movie AT-RT walkers were used in an attempt to search the lost Jedi Master Obi-wan KenobiIn the Revenge of the Sith movie AT-RT walkers were used in an attempt to search the lost Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi at Utapau, following the execution of Order 66. After Commander Cody failed to kill his ex-general with artillery fire, he sent out several AT-RT to find the body, or any clue, but the whole night search was not successful, and Kenobi escaped.


AT-RTs rushing towards the CIS forcesIn the pilot episode of the Clone Wars 3D animated film we saw three AT-RTs rushing towards the CIS forces, that was closing the Republican defense lines. While the foot soldiers were shooting them from cover, 3 AT-RT rushed the enemy lines, but all three were hit and destroyed within a second. I didn't understand why they started an attack run, and where they were going. There were other AT-RTs in a later Clone Wars episode, too. They were applied in a perfectly tactical situation. The ground clone divisions were advancing in a narrow mountain road towards Wat Tambor's separatist fortress. The droids used an old trick against them, which was often applied throughout the history: they fired and destroyed the first AT-TE walker, which was leading the queue, so to prevent the GAR forces to move ahead, then they took out the last one in the queue, setting the trap, making the clone forces unable to move, so they couldn't turn back neither. Though Mace Windu master Force Pushed down the wreckage of the first destroyed AT-TE into the chasm, but they still couldn't make use of the legendary AT-TEs, since they were out of range, and while they slowly could walk to the CIS cannons, everybody would have been killed. That is a situation what AT-RTs were developed for! Fast moving units can quickly run to the droid artilleries, especially lead by Mace Windu Jedi master personally. An AT-RT driver in a special armor in Clone Wars RylothAT-RT driver in a special armor disembarked his walker, and gave it to Master Windu who immediately jumped up to lead the counter attack. Windu is a great AT-RT driverWindu is a great AT-RT driver, and quickly crisscrossing between the enemy bullets rushed the enemy like a lightning, and got rid of the CIS units. I used the word "lightning" on purpose, since this AT-RT squad in this episode was called "Lightning Squad" maybe not accidentally...


AT-RT drivers, also known as AT-RT scouts, were clone troopers who were specially trained to pilot AT-RT walkers on the battlefieldAT-RT drivers, also known as AT-RT scouts, were clone troopers who were specially trained to pilot AT-RT walkers on the battlefield. AT-RT drivers wore camouflaged armor and carried weapons such as a DC-15A blaster rifle, a DC-15S blaster, and a number of thermal detonators. Some AT-RT drivers were known to carry large weapons slung over their back in addition to their DC-15 rifles. hasbro has released an at-rt walkerHasbro has released an AT-RT walker, and its driver in the ROTS series, that clone has that giant weapon. Their helmet featured a boosted-range comlink for when they were separated from their walkers. Also, to aid in their patrol and scouting duties, they often carried a lifeform scanner, that is the circular equipment attached to their breastplate, which you can see on the figure.


Hasbro has released a special AT-RT driver in the 30th Anniversary Order 66 wave Hasbro has released a special AT-RT driver in the 30th Anniversary Order 66 wave. It was the fourth item in the row (4 of 6), the orange AT-RT driver came with an Obi-wan Kenobi figure. Well before the release I decided to make an orange AT-RT driver from Cody's squad, and so I did. I had a tiny reference photo, that gave a little insight how the driver will look like. That gave me the idea to make a custom orange AT-RT driver for me from a basic and available green AT-RT driver.



Custom AT-RT driver figure front

order 66 orange atrt driver custom front custom orange atrt driver order 66 front

Custom AT-RT driver figure back

custom orange atrt driver order 66 back


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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 02. 27.


orange atrt driver

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