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jet_trooper_bf1_menuThe Jet trooper service made its debut in the game Battlefront 1. These clones were the special units of the Republic. Later, we met again the Jet troopers but as blue armored 501. jet clones in the game Battlefront 2 as an old friend, they were using the same EMP grenade launchers again, but you couldn't play with them default, you had to buy this service to be able to select them in the unit menu. All civilizations have a special unit in these games. They have some extra ability, or a special feature. The most spectacular is the ability to fly. The clone Jet trooper has a jet pack, similar that Jango Fett had. jet_trooper_rhen_var_hoveringThey can fly with it, till the jetpack depletes. The Jet trooper can hover in the sky, which the Dark troopers can't do. (The Jet troopers have lighter armor, then the Dark troopers have, that is why the Jet trooper can hover even with a smaller and weaker jetpack. Both trooper's jetpack deplete pretty soon, but the Jet trooper's working for a longer period of time then the Dark trooper's. Both of these jetpacks can reload themselves after a while, but that might be important to use it again soon, so the less time you have to spend with waiting for your jetpack, the sooner you can continue your battle! The Jet trooper can use it sooner, and they can fly further and higher, so they are better then the heavy Dark troopers both in tactical and in technical aspects.

jet_trooper_kamino_gonkAlso, your jet trooper will have a great EMP grenade launcher, which is quite a destructive and deadly weapon. And also looks great, but unfortunately has a few grenades. You'll see this service standing next to a Gonk droid in multi games, so the shot grenades will be reloaded by the small Gonk, so in fact you can shot infinite with this method even with this superb weapon. It may worth to stand a bit further from the front line, let the common clones fight in the first row, while you can bomb the enemy with your powerful grenades. A single shot from your weapon will instantly kill your all your enemies, except the destroyer droids, which are protected with a shield. So you gotta use 2 grenades to disable their shields, an a third one to finish off the droideka. So you may find it a bit costly, it takes 3 EMP grenades to destroyer a droideka, but keep in mind, other services cannot even destroy the shield of a droideka even with several emptied magazines which were shot into it!

I have two favorite services in BF1: I like the engineers the best and of course these green clone Jet troopers. They look awesome, so many gamers like to select them from the menu of the game, however not everybody can use them wisely. Or let's say that is difficult to play with them perfectly, I can't use them perfectly neither - in many times. Anyway, that is very cool to halt them in the air, you can float ,or hover with them, and you can snipe your enemies from above in silence. The Republic equips the Jet troopers with a lightweight armor, which is made from thin armor plates, therefore they are a bit more vulnerable then the strong and heavy imperial Darktroopers, who can hardly move in their thick armors, but the ground is shaking under them as an earthquake when they plummet down after a two seconds of "flight" from the air. jetpackBut anyway, the clones prefer this kind of warfare, they have lost the thick armors to won speed, and more time in the air. They could fight better against the droid this way. They use a powerful jetpack which often shots or launches the clone in the air, causing often a vertical movement. It provides a pretty good length of time in the air for the clones, giving several advantages for them, a great vantage point, many superb strategically important possibilities. They can shoot the enemy droids from above, and till the time they look up to find out who destroyed 5-6 fellow droids from the skies, the clone Jet trooper has long gone.

jettroop_emp grenade launcherBattlefront 1's Jet trooper is half way between a basic clone and a heavy trooper. His EMP grenade launcher is better then a DC-15 clone rifle, but worse then a heavy trooper rocket launcher. The EMP grenade launcher is based on the ElectroMagnetic Pulse effect. The heavy looking winding barrel charges up the grenade, which makes the grenade highly effective against machines, destructive against droids. It is very useful against a shielded destroyer droid, the Jet troopers can disable its shield, putting off its shield generator, leaving the droideka "naked", and vulnerable without its deflecting shield after 2 EMP shots. So you can switch to the pistol with your Jet trooper, and finish off that droideka with it.


Tactical usage of the Jet troopers:

Capturing strategically vital positions

jet_trooper_rhen_var_tacticsAt Rhen Vhar both the clones and the droids are only having a single command post when the battle begins. A huge rush starts, when everybody start running towards the unoccupied CPs, to capture them. They run pretty slow, so you'd better do it yourself. Select a Jet trooper from the menu at the beginning of the game and start running towards the stonewall, NOT towards the stairs. As you are getting close to it, jump in the air, and ignite your jetpack, and fly above the wall, and continue your flight till the jetpack depletes. Then run to THIS point, (1. point on the tactical map) this is what I wanted to hurry for. Fortunately, we are the first here, now we only have to wait in silence. This is the main strategic point of the level, whoever controls it, will possibly win the match. If you look forward as my clone does, you'll see the soon approaching first waves of droid platoons. As strategic map indicates, they are coming, those many red dots in the map are all droids, who want to clear you down from this VIP (here means Very Important Point). It won't be so easy for them, don't let it happen with your Jet trooper! When you hear their footsteps from the stairs below throw 1-2 hand grenades towards them. If you are lucky, you can kill them all, but if you aren't so lucky, you can still kill many from them, and with it you can halt, or slow their offense. However the destroyer droids will soon arrive, welcome them with two EMP shots. You won't have enough time to reload your EMP, so IMMEDIATELY change to your pistol, and finish them off, till your pistol overheats. Then throw your remaining hand grenades towards the droid, and strafe left, in the great cover of that stone wall. You can reload your EMP there, them bomb them again, starting the whole process again from the very beginning. Meanwhile you'll hear the other fellow clones arriving from your back, let them finish what remained from the droid army. Turn left, and fly to the next command post in the square, and capture it! (That is point number 2. on the tactical map.) Then hurry back to point number 1, and help out fellow clones, till the second wave of clones arrive from your base. Then fly to the right, and capture command post number 3. The middle territory is now secured, the fellow clones have captured command post number 4. and 5. while the enemy has only CP #6, and their initial CP. So we have 5 command posts, they have 2, game over, now enjoy the game, shoot as many droid as you can, you have beaten the Rhen Vhar level.


Steal an AAT tank

At Tatooine ONLY the droid army has a vehicle, the clones don't have any. Spawn in the bottom right corner with a Jet trooper of course. Run up the stairs, on the rooftop. You'll need this height, spare the power of your jetpack! If you are on the roof, ignite your jetpack, and fly to the top of the cantina! Travel on your foot, run through the roof to let your jetpack gain back some power. If your hear the cantina music from below you are at the right place. :-) When you can run any further, raise in the air again, and fly through a long distance till you reach the round shape hangar, where a skiff is parking inside. Land on the roof, and run to the other side of it, till you see an jet_trooper_tatooine_tankAAT (hopefully an empty one) parking down near the hangar, that is your goal! Run till the edge of the roof, and jump down, letting your clone fall. This helps your jetpack charge back some power again, and when you are almost on the ground, ignite is again, and target the AAT! If you spared enough power in your jetpack, you can reach the AAT, you can take it even from the air. Push button "E", (or the one which is calibrated for your "use" and you have a tank! This is a huge advantage, you can rule the battlefield with it! Kill the surprised droids with your armored vehicle's guns, if they had mimics, you could see some surprised droid faces, as they realized that their OWN AAT was killing them. It can be very similar to that case, what happened with the surprised AT-ST drivers at the Battle of Endor Moon. They were ambushed, and shot from the back by Chewbacca, who stole an AT-ST, and destroyed some two-legged imperial walkers in the forest. Imagine the situation, if the ewoks would have attacked Chewbacca's AT-ST with those tree-trunks, thinking that was a hostile AT-ST. They could easily dash his AT-ST AND his brain out of his hairy head with those trunks, which could have been HIS surprise. J

"Rush for the water-polo ball at Kamino"

You may know that the ball is in the center of the pool at the beginning of a water-polo match. The teams are rushing for that, the two best swimmers are racing towards it after the referee started the match. Well, something pretty similar is happening all the time at the level Kamino in the game Star Wars: Battlefront 1. There are narrow bridges between the platforms, so who gets the middle platform will prevent the enemy to reach the platforms behind it. Actually they can reach in, but only if they fight them through our locations, OR with a big roundabout tour. Well, the "water-polo match" has begun! After the "whistle" run out from the cloning center. Use the MIDDLE corridor, that is the shortest way but also the most dangerous! You are the fastest "swimmer", a Jet trooper. The fastest enemy swimmer will be a droideka, which will roll swiftly on the route, which I marked with black on the tactical map for you. He is aiming the same "ball" what you are also racing for - the platform which I marked with point 1. Keep in mind, not the command post is your goal, but the platform itself! If you leave the cloning center you have to run down a ramp to the next platform (which will be empty, but on my tactical map that is crawling with red enemy dots). Then hurry up on the next uphill slope to the platform which I marked point 1. Oh boy, if it would be so easy that I wrote for ya... but I am afraid it won't be so easy. Because when the destroyed droid notices you he will stop rolling, stands up, and fires at you with deadly and fast laser bolts. You GOTTA trick him if you wanna survive, but keep in mind, not your life is the main point, but the team strategy! I often trick him with switching off my jetpack, which makes my jet trooper fall down, and the droideka will miss me. I start running on my foots for a short period, and when he starts firing me down, jet_trooper_kamino_tactics fly up again, to trick him, However that is difficult to make right ahead a dangerous destroyed droid, you can be able to do that quickly. I signed you route with a white line. If you survived, hurry up to the platform number one, but forget the CP for now, turn back, and cover the bridge! As you can see on my illustration, the slope will provide you a great cover, but I suspect the destroyer is just rolling up on it! So give him a warm welcome! J Throw a hand grenade down on the slope, and watch those beautiful metal debris flying in the air which were used to be the body of the droideka, that were chasing you! J Now you can relax a bit, the hardest part is over. For an extra safety you can throw down some additional grenades, then look down on the slope carefully! You can see, the enemy attack have been stuck, they are trapped below, on the bottom platform! They CAN'T go towards the cloning center, because there is stationing the half of our main force, and they don't DARE to come towards to you neither, because of your great vantage point, and because of your previously performed heroic, and tricky achievement. They are doomed! In the meantime our forces has captured Beta platform, which were marked on the map with point 2, and they are flying to your aid! So from now if you die, they can still capture the platform, that you were holding for them, including the command post number 1, then they can easily walk to CP #3, which is blocked from them, THEY CAN'T REACH IT! Their situation is critical, they have 2 command posts, we have 5, their army is trapped in the bottom platform, you can kill them easily from above. It can be a same slaughter, that you could watch at the movie Rock, when the commando arrived from the sewers, and the terrorists killed them all from above. (It is interesting, the leader of the commando heroically died again, it seems getting his habit. He died as corporal Hicks in the Alien series, after protecting Ripley and the others he survived LV-426, but died when impacting planet Fiorina with his escape pod. He died while protecting Sarah Connor at the end of the movie Terminator 1, fighting with Mr. Schwarzenegger-Terminator, and despite of these the silly again take this role, so OF COURSE he heroically died while trying to rescue the hostages from the Alcatraz. J)   


The Jet trooper is a very formidable opponent for all other services if you use them properly. Learn to play them wisely, and the victory will be yours. For all those great game experiences, those gigantic tactical fights, and for the memory of those exciting battles which I played with these superb Jet troopers I wanted to make a custom Jet trooper figure. Please take a look at it!


Custom Jet trooper figure front

custom_jettrooper front


Custom Jet trooper figure back


Custom Jet trooper figure side view

jettrooper_custom side


Thank you for your interest, visit us again, as CustomStarWars is expecting you with many other custom figures, and interesting stories!


written by: Norbert Rostas 2008. 08. 08. (the figure was made years before)


battlefront1 cover

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