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Mr. Borkus

Drawn and cartoon figures: Mr Borkus


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We met Mr Borkus for the first time in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series’ in the twelfth episode of the fifth season, which was entitled "Missing in Action". This episode was third in a mini trilogy, which was the hundredth episode overall in the series, that was an anniversary, a birthday substance. And finally, one more data, returning to the Clone Wars, it was aired on television January 5, 2013 abroad, in Hungary a bit later.

D-Squad crash-landed borkus úr fogadójaon Abafar after many adventures in the third episode of a mini-trilogy. Wandering in the desert for a long time, they arrive at an oasis, a small town called Pons Ora. General Gascon was exhausted and hungry, so in the company of the Pit Droid WAC-47 he went for some food, while the astromech droids performed reconnaissance around town for hostiles. borkus_gregor_barsegedSoon they found a diner, or a bar, but when they went in, the restaurant's chef and owner, Mr. Borkus rudely expelled them. Outside, WAC-47 notices that a lot of bug is moving in one direction, towards some rubbish. The Pit borkus_kizavarja_gascont_wac47etDroids thought this would be appropriate organic nutrients, it will be good for the Colonel, but he was disgusted at even the thought of eat off the floor the trash. But still being hungry, Gascon saw no other solution, and caught some tomato like thing to eat. But before he could bite it, gascon_szemetdombGregor opened a back door and stepped out of the restaurant to dump a bucket of garbage that accidentally showered rigt into the neck of Gascon. He apologized that it was his fault, and Gregor offered to give him something better food to eat as a compensation. gregor_dehogy_vagyok_klonHowever, Gascon just stared at Gregor and identified him as a clone. But Gregor interestingly has no idea what a clone is, in fact, he also denied that he would be a clone. His voice was incredulous, as if he had been broken, and although markedly rang, because he was a soldier before, but he knew about it at the moment nothing. He stammered a bit, and then he was forced to return to work and left the strange visitors who has already changed his life forever at this moment.

He went back to work. Washing dishes, kitchen work, mop up, and other dirty works. He was working for a Sullustan, Mr Borkus who found him unconscious next to a ship wreck few years ago. Gregor hit his head, and (sort of like Revan) had amnesia - not remembering anything from his life. Borkus took him and until he healed physical from his injuries, he nursed the man. Then, after re-invigorated made him a sort of slave. Expecting grattitude for the "salvation" he enslaved the man who was faithfully started working for him. He lost his life, he was now a simple bar assistant, and he tried to do is best. He worked all day, but he did not get money for his work. He got a dirty hole called as his rooom, and some food for his work, and this made him glad. In the dirty hole that he got from Mr. Borkus were cockroaches, or similar starwars beetles ran all around every time he got home to rest. He existed aimlessly on an outback planet getting his everyday living basics as an alms from Mr Borkus, and he had to be certainly pleased with all of these here on a very inhospitable planet, all alone, without a past, without money, without qualifications so he did not know what other he could do. He was a nonentify, a broken slave. But in this slave’s heart the seeds of scepticism, doubt, and curiosity has been planted.

Gascon and WAC-47 meanwhile, met with dsquad_felderit_abafaronthe astromech droids, who confirmed the presence of separatists on Abafar. The little droids found a heavily guarded landing pad with a beautiful CIS Dreadnaught, but they could never get there alone.Gascon insisted that they have to get that ship, because they had to get back to Coruscant. Since this would be a suicide mission for a few astromech, a Pitdroid, and for a tiny creature, Gascon decided they should take the gregor_rakerdez_multjaraonly possible ally’s, Gregor’s help. But Gregor has been working in the bar at the moment. After his shift is done, Gregor asked Borkus what's a clone. The Sullustan vaguely said clones fight in a galactic war and told Gregor to forget about gregor_borkus_urit, reminding him that it was he who found him. Though Gregor still appreciated his help, he asked how he arrived on Abafar. Borkus avoided the question, and told Gregor to go home and never mention the word, "clone" again. Meanwhile, the D-Squad positioned themselves next to Gregor's room, waiting for the right moment to intervene. Gascon went into the apartment, the robots were left out behind the window. When Gregor stepped in Gascon began to soften him, then R2 projected the hologram of gregor_rex_holoCaptain Rex through the window. Gregor believed he saw himself, because they're all brothers, clones, genetic clones of Jango Fett. They told him the true origin that he was indeed a clone. who was created to fight for the Republic. Gregor hesitated to believe them, saying that he was lucky that Borkus gave him to eat, providing job and housing. Gascon corrected him that he's Borkus' slave. Gascon ordered gregor_cc5576R2-D2 to read Gregor identification code on his wrist, revealing Gregor to be a former clone commando, in addition a clone commander of the Foxtrot platoon who is presumed dead or missing in action (maybe that is why Missing in action is the title of this episode) in the Battle of Sarrish, one of the Republic's most devastating military defeats. Slowly and vaguely remembering the battle, Gregor slowly recovering. Maybe we can say, slowly he becomes really Gregor. But he had been asked something that he is afraid of. There was no weapon in his hand for years. In addition, he is completely alone. This should be thinked about a bit, he needs time. While D Squad are waiting outside the house, memories and thoughts are waving through Gregor’s mind. That is right that he is virtually a slave now, but yet he is alive. If he agrees to help the D-squad, he can die. The odds and the numbers are against him. What can one man do against a squad of droids, including many SBDs and droidekas? Still, his heart dictated him to help. It was genetically encoded into him that he should give his life for the Republic if it is required. But somewhere deep inside he is still a living person, a sentient being who wanted to live. Even as a slave. An interesting analogy comes to my mind: Tom Hanks’ film, Cast Away. He wrecked, like Gregor. He remained an island and slowly established a new life. There was a cave where he lived. He gained water to drink from rain water, foraging, fishing, hunting, and dispite he lived in Stone Age conditions, but he was ALIVE. However, after a few years he felt homesick and did not want to die alone in a desert island.Therefore made a raft from pieces of wood sticks tied together with VHS tapes, and had 2-3 coconut filled with water and some food for a few day in order to leave the island. But it is very interesting to think about how we would have chosen. Those who are usually choosing the sure and comformists or aversing the risk, they might rather have stayed. What are the odds that a boat will come and picks you up while the two coconut bour with water and your food lasts out ont he sea? Almost none. And how much more chance do you have out there on the sea, like here on the island? None. The same chances you will have to be found by a ship out on the open sea like back on your island. But on the island you can wait more, than you can survive out on the open water, not to mention that your raft can be capsized by a wave, a shark, or a whale or after a few days you can die by hunger and thirst, or because of the sunstroke you can get mad, drinking seawater that will make you die. But the other group can say you can stuck there forever if you never decide to leave. Far from civilization, forever condemned to deprivation, in torn rags, all alone, talking with yourself or even to Mr. Wilson, the bloody ball. If you become ill there,you will die there without professional help and medications. Tom Hanks could knock out his sore tooth for himself using a skate, but he wouldn’t have been able to remove his appendix or wouldn’t have been able to call the ambulance if he had a heart attack for example. Both of these options is relevant, but the decision is always yours. Tom Hanks and Gregor also decided to change, to move. They took the risk, even if they could die. So Gregor shaved his gregor_leborotvalvamatted beard, and his hair in order to he can recover his clone identity in outlook, too. But the grim clone appearance is not enough. He need his gear as well. He went out of the house where D Squad borkus_vs_gregorwere waiting, and said them he decided to help them. They set off to the bar in search of Gregor’s equipment. There appears Mr Borkus with a chest, revealing the secret that he had Gregor’s equipment, but he pulled a blaster to keep them at distance. Gregor demanded to know qtkt_lefegyverzi_sullustitwhy he withheld the truth from him. Borkus said he didn't care and reminded Gregor owe him a life debt and now he belongs to him. The clone retorted that he made him a slave, and he was a slave long enough and demanded his gear back. Borkus gets the drop on Gregor but suddenly the clever little QT-KT launched her magnetic droidok_guzsbakotik_borkusttrap into the air, pulling out the gun from Borkus’ hand then the other droids harpooned the sullustan and tied him up. As D-Squad prepares to leave, Borkus pleads Gregor not to leave but he refuses, he has decided already. . He won’t be a slave any longer, even if he dies. He put on his armor, gregor_sisakjahis helmet that was decorated with marks of the victorious battles and grabbed his good old DC-17m blaster. After recovering his armor and weapon from Borkus, the team made their way to a gregor_commandoSeparatist complex where flammable, explosive Rhydonium was being loaded onto a cargo shuttle. Gregor opened fire to cover to the droids and Gascon in order they could reach the CIS transport vehicle. However, the battle droids have noticed the D-squad and Gregor as well and returned fire, slowly overcoming the lonely clone. A stray shot hits a Rhydonium tank, which exploded knocking down BZ and Gascon inside him. The Colonel tells WAC to leave him, an order that the pit droid quickly complies with, but no one wanted to leave Gascon there. However, Gregor came back for him leaving his gregor_feladja_fedezeket_bzertcover and helped BZ to stand up and to continue to the ship. While he was an easy prey without cover, a droid hit Gregor. He was limping into cover, which really can not be called life insurance. he crouched behind a barrel of Rhydonium. Gascon and R2 insisted they wait for him to come, they will not go away without Gregor, but in the meantime the clone was completely surrounded by droids, and had gregor_bekeritveno chance to reach the ship, especially that he was limping, he could not get there, moreover, he would not have wanted to risk the others could escape. So he stayed there, but the pincers closed around him. There was no escape for him now. When the ship lifted without him, and there was no danger of the fugitives Gregor opened fired into a nearby Rhydonium barrel. Clearly he did not wanted to get in the hands of gregor_felaldozza_magatdroids alive, so he rather chose the certain death taking as many droids with him as possible. Colonel Gascon was touched on the ship watching what Gregor has done for them, and they watched with horror the massive explosions below, where Gregor had once fought with the droids, now that was a sea of fire. As the shuttle left Abafar heading to Corsucant, Gascon promised with tearful voice that Gregor's noble sacrifice will never be forgotten and he will be remembered forever. We do not know afterwards, what happened with Mr Borkus.

Mr Borkus is a pretty interesting custom figure to make. First of all,  the sullustan head is very unique. On his cook hat, there are two symbols, like they were a piece of cheese and a hamburger. Interestingly, these symbols later came back. The elderly ressurrected Gregor has the same symbols on his grey top/shirt. Mr. Borkus is slightly obese, on his tummy and pinafore there are greasy and dirty smears, obviously wiping his hand out in the pinafore while working. Although some kind of kitchen towel is hanging in his belt, he also wipes his hands into it, it is also filthy. On his hands, his shirt is rolled up to his elbows so that it would not smeared while cooking. Interesting and unique figure, worths customizing, a rare and great character.



Gregor works in Mr Borkus' diner

custom borkus_amd gregor


Mr Borkus does not welcome D-Squad in his pub



Mr Borkus expells Gascon and WAC-47

custom borkus úr
(Borkus side)


Mr Borkus sends Gascon and WAC-47 away

custom borkus_hátulról
(Borkus back)



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 written by: Norbert Rostas 2019.07.11. the figure was made years before.

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