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This series of takarito_droid.jpgcleaner droids was designed to clean up hazardous materials from spaceports and hangar areas. The scrubber, which resembled a small wheeled squat box, moved about in localize of fuel spills and rolled in other areas where potentially dangerous chemicals pooled. They usually ran off of a central computer, being too small to move, decide, and act independently. However the cleaning droid was equipped with a radar and two sensors called "sniffers" to detect any dangerous fuel leaks. It sniffed the fuel inside its box shape torso, then cleaned the area with its fuel scrubbers making it shine again.

The tisztito_droid.jpgscrubber droid was effective at its work, collecting as much of the hazardous material as possible, solid materials and liquids, too. It was especially good that the droid was so small, that it could enter small service tunnels, maintenance vents, and other small places. The droid went in those places without any sort of fear, where human crew would not volunteered because of the dangerous situation. In those situations where a fire broke out before the scrubber could clean up a spill, the droid was equipped with a fire extinguisher to put out a variety of fire types. Then the droid left the floors and surfaces clean. So the cleaning droids were usually tasked with cleaning the floors, they were also used for many other roles.

For clonewars_takaritodroidexample we could see them in a totally different role in the third season of Clone Wars. When the young clones were practicing attack patterns in the training field, they destroyed several types of battle droid, leaving their parts all over the floor. Similar cleaner droids were used to clean up the mess, collecting the droid parts, and cleaning up the floor.

baljos árnyak_takaritodroidThey can be seen in the world of games, too. In the game Phantom Menace two cleaner droids were shining the floor of the Theed hangar. They don't even bothered when those nasty human stepped all over their work while shaking their weird shiny sticks, leaving their foot prints on the wet floor. They communicated with the Theed Royal Palace computer system, while working there.

They appear in the watto_takaritodroidfilms, too but their role is short, and really is not significant. A scrubber droid model was used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Yet two other scrubber droids were found in Watto's shop. They can be hardly seen, they are in the background, can be spotted when Jar Jar went to play with a stand by pit droid, two jawa_takaritodroid.jpgcleaner droids were there besides it. A droid of another model was acquired by Jawas on Tatooine and stored in their sandcrawler in the Episode IV, The New Hope. It is also hard to see, lying on a pile of garbage, almost only its yellow box-shape can be seen.

Well, it is hard to tell more about these droids. Only if it was released in a Tatooine accessory set, with many other things, weapons, clothes, and other stuff. I got that droid from somebody, with its antennae broken down, so I replaced it, and this is how it became a custom figure.


Please take a look at my custom cleaner droid figure!


Custom cleaner droid figure as in Clone Wars

custom cleaner droid clone wars


Custom cleaner droid figure in the Jawa sandcrawler

cleaner droid in the jawa sandcrawler



Custom cleaner droid figure in Watto shop with Jar Jar

cleaner droid watto shop jar jar


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 written by: Norbert Rostas


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