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Kamino Security Force clone

Drawn and cartoon figures: Kamino Security Force clone


The Prequel Trilogy we can see some_blue_and green clones queuing in a row for helmet and weaponhas given us many wonderful planets, some of them have opened symbolic spaces. One of them is Kamino. Since the oceanic planet has hosted the clone factory, where the clone army was „produced" for the Republic before the war, during it, and even after a bit, jango_obiwanin the early era of the Empire. The genetic model of the clones was stored ont he planet, that was obtained from Jango Fett. In addition, the clones were trained there, from an early childhood they have been taught for the most modern warfare, forming the clone drillcadets with both theoretical and practical elements. In other words Kamino was vital for the Republic to reach a stable and quality supply of clones, while for the separatists it was obviously a key interest to eliminate this continuous supply line. That's formed an opposition front-line, which raised Kamino into a strategic and symbolic space. The large  cis fleet attacks kaminoCIS forces attacked Kamino many times. Sometimes intrigued, unexpected, other times with huge fleet frontally. Although they caused damages continually, they could never take the planet. These attacks haven’t been shown in the movies, they were mostly mentioned or pictured in books, comics, and of course in the Clone Wars animated series. The latter did it with much quality and detailed way. Because Clone Wars portrayed the fight for Kamino and its elementary importance in several episode and several eras. Just think back to that episode when the Richi base was attacked in the "Rookies". Richi functioned as a kind of clone sentry at richi baseforward base in the early years of the war when the Republic was naively stationed rookies at the base. This is why Rookies is the title of the episode. The Republic gave a kind of alarm button role for Richi, they had to anticipate commando_droida possible offensive towards Kamino. The rookies carried out observations, measurements, and formed a kind of outpost garrison, and actually they were totally unprepared battle of richifor the first real attack, when commando droids, super battle droids, and battle droids invaded the base. The few, inexperienced rookies were helpless against these droids, they had no other choice but to blow up the base, indicating the Republic that they are in trouble. It was detected by Kenobi, who made a quick move with his fleet arriving just in time to make the CIS forces run away.

But later they aquadroids  build under seareturned and attacked Kamino. In addition to the aforementioned type of droids they have taken aqua droids too, in addition the two dominant and powerful representative of the General Staff was present during the attack, Asajj Ventress and General Grievous. aquadroids kamino_platformsThis time they have not run away, and certainly Kenobi and Anakin had to be there to repell the attack. In these times there were shaakti_kamino_control roomnot stationed specially Kamino dedicated, there garrisoned specially Kamino guard corps. In these early days, the defense of Kamino was pretty ad hoc, thesometimes that men of Commander Gree fought for Kamino, other times the fortunately present the Jedi, but it happened, as it was seen in the Clone Wars series, when the children clone cadets were forced to fight to clone cregiments arrive at kamninoprotect their home. In these battles the clones suffered painful sacrifices, sometimes even ARC troopers were killed, sometimes a member of a forming squad had to be replaced after the loss of a clone cadets fightteam member, and it was not easy. Just recall the difficulties of the Domino corps, how hard they were built together into one team, how difficult clonewars_domino squadit was to form harmony between them. It is understandable that the Kaminoans would not let this enormous amount of work and time to go, as training a unified squad of clone troops who know each other's thoughts took long arc_commander diesyears with even accelerated methods, in other words if one member of the team would be killed by the separatists in such a Kamino attack, finding a new member and building him into the team would have been a long and complicated task. It was therefore evident to take care of Kamino's special protection, and setting up a dedicated squad there to protect Kamino. Thus was born the concept of Kamino Security Force.

The grey landing platform clonesdetachment got Phase II armor with gray paint. But do not be confused, they are different than the gray clones of the Coruscant landing platform! nalase_rex_fivesBased on the shoulder painting, signs on the helmet and other small signs you can differ the two squads. The squad was recruited from local clones who knew Kamino as their palm. Born here, studied here and shaak_ti_nala se fives kaminostayed here, they were not taken to the front, they only had one job to protect the home planet at all costs. The gray clones constantly patrolled at Nala Se doctor's medial facilities, as well battle of_kamino comic bookas all of the cloning buildings. In particular, they had to pay attention to Tipoca City most important points, namely the embrio chambers, the children’s training and lodging areas, the landing platforms, the control rooms, and the currently residing Jedi in Kamino. All hazards had to be found within minutes and had to be passed. Fortunately, they have always received assistance from the locals, because of the already half-trained clones were quickly deployed to help them, and of course the Jedi. The latter appeared in a random way, we know from the comics that mainly Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi fought in most cases here to protect Kamino, but Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto, Tsui Choi, or even Oppo Rancicis showed up and fought here. But the person who is may be the most connected to Kamino is Master Shaak Ti, who almost always showed up here, later stationed here, and in a certain level she was the Jedi who was concerning all things in Kamino.

The ksf_clone commandername of the clone commander of Kamino Security Forces is not known. He is said to be emerge out from the squad based on his knowledge and heroism. His armor looks pretty much kamino_fives_runawaylike the basic clone armor, a Phase II clone armor painted gray, but similar to Cody he wears a small camera on his helmet and a visor, where an aurebesh letter ksf_clone_commander_shaaktiC was painted, for unknown reasons. Either his name began with C or it may refer to the CC (Clone Commander) or who knows, it has not been decided or kamino_security_forcedeclared irrelevant thing in Star Wars. However, if you look further down, he is wearing a skirt, it's obviously one of the distinguishing mark of the commanders. The skirt has a dual blaster holder, which stores two commander blasters.

With kamino_tup_fivesmet him, in fact, we met them together with Fives, when Tup was transported to Kamino in Season 6, whose inhibitor chip had a malfunction, and Fives, who was digging down int he mistery of Order 66 endangering azi3_fives_kaminoit, for what Nala Se and Palpatine wanted to silence him. The clone therefore escaped, and only an AZI-3 medical droid azi3_kaminoklonhelped him, everybody else were chasing Fives. The Kamino Security Force also went after him. Also Master Shaak Ti. Once he got out from fives_kaminoklonKamino, the KSF cannot follow him, they had to stay at Kamino, and since he was hiding in Coruscant, Commander Fox and the Coruscant Security Force took over the chase. Anakin Skywalker and Commander Rex also got kamino_security cloneinvolved into the affair, who both watched helplessly as Fox shot the innocent Fives into his heart in a hangar. Although he defended the kamino_security_forceRichi base as it was mentioned above with the rookie clones, he was there on Kamino later as an ARC trooper fighting in many missions to defend his brothers, the clones, and the Republic itself, he also became one of those innocently victims who fallen and died because of that darkness and conspiracies that are always cloud Star Wars.



Kamino Security Force commander reports about the getaway Fives to Master Shaak Ti and dr Nala Se

custom kamino clone_front


Kamino Security Force clone with AZI-3 droid

custom_kamino clone side



Kamino Security Force clone with Nala Se and Shaak Ti

custom_kamino clone back



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