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Drawn and cartoon figures: TC-326 geonosian translater droid



TC-326 was a protocol and translater droid, working for the Republic, who was one of the few droids who was able to translate from the Geonosian language. There are very difficult languages that we do not really hear being translated in Star Wars, the geonosian is like that, but also such difficult is the hk47tusken translateTusken language. However, HK-47 knew the language, as we learned in Kotor, he was capable of translating it, and he was even being able to release the tune like a donkey. But HK had the other rare language, the hk_jawaJawa dialect, and translated it. There are even a few such languages, such as the wookie, which is never translated by anyone. Some people seem to know it and understand it, for example, Han Solo understood it, but interestingly he used the Basic when he communicated with Chewy. This is a strange situation, since Chewy also understands the language of other people when they talk to him, but he answers with wookie grunts. Han also understands the wookie, but he responds in english, which is starwars basic, so both understand the other language, but not willing to speak it, only his own. So in this line fits the extremely rare and hard to speak geonosian language, which language was a built in module in TC-326, so it was extremely valuable droid. TC-326 was first seen walking by a Nu-class attack shuttle on Geonosis. Shortly after the Second Battle of Geonosis, he aided in translation during the debriefing of Poggle the Lesserby Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi. He later witnessed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker physically strike Poggle and Force-choke him until he surrendered and gave the information Skywalker sought.

TC-326 tc326had metallic greenish gray plating with yellow stripes on its head and arms and the symbol of the Open Circle Fleet on its chest. The Open Circle Fleet, or the Open Circle Armada, was a battlefront2 köztársasági klón hangármajor space fleet of the Galactic Republic's navy during the days of the Clone Wars. This armada was under the command of Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The Open Circle Fleet sign can be seen on both Jedi's ETA starfighter.

In Clone Wars, there are several episodes when Anakin's dark future is being predetermined somehow. In such cases, a "Vader music" can be usually heard. They are usually associated with some kind of wickedness. If Anakin is cruel, force chokes, or kills someone. This TC-326 scene is like that. When Luminara Unduli fails a cultured interview, which I would not really call an interrogation, she still tries the mind trick, but she does not succeed either. The King of Geonosis resists the mind trick. Anakin gets angry, and goes into the room where tc326_anakin_pogglePoggle and TC-326 waits. Alone to have no witness. He speaks to Poggle in a voice that we feel it is not advisable to protest or resist him. But Poggle thinks Anakin is only another good cop to ask him some stupid questions what he would easily resist. He tells in geonosian language that he is going to resist the mind trick, as he did with the previous Jedi. He does not suspect that Anakin is a bad cop. He punches Poggle, then lift him with the Force and squeezes him against the wall. Meanwhile, he is Force choking the king. Then the sinister Vader music can be heard. The little tc326_anakin_poggleTC-326 droid is astonished and unreservedly observes the non-standardized method, rarely, or never before seen by any Jedi. We do not see the rest, just the legs of Poggle the Lesser in the air, as his feet are shaking, then there is a cut, and Anakin tells Unduli outside what he had learned. She asks Anakin with round eyes that how all of these Anakin got to know? Of course he would not tell it. Hopefully, TC-326 would also hold his vocabulator, as he was the only witness how Anakin delt with the geonosian.

sun facAnyway, I really like the geonosian race and the related scenes. Sensationally crafted creatures. Their screaming, squeamish, buzzing speech is simply colossal. In the sun fac and pogglesounds, however, the Starwars universe is superb, there is a serious list of what sound Lucas found accidentaly, or how they were artificially made, amost all sounds and voices are great, and the geonosian speech is pretty the same great like the many other excellent sounds.

They all have a lot of reference with their looks and their stuff! Remember the scene when Anakin and Padme enter the geonosis factory! Do you remember that they pass through a dark, seemingly empty passage that suddenly starts crawling, and geonosian creatures from the cavities and gaps attacked Anakin and Padme from all around? Who is the one who does not recall the Aliens about these? When Hicks and the squad went into the alien hive that was under the LV-426 atmospheric processor, the same thing happened to them! I think this is a sensational reference to the Alien story!

Or let's just look at the episode where Poggle the Lesser was captured, not long before geonosisi resident_evilthe interrogation scene where TC-326 was. What do we see? There is a queen laying their eggs! Well, we could meet Queen Karina, the "mother". In this episode geonosian queenwe can see many zombi geonosians, who like in Resident Evil or in Walking Dead, in their zombie state attack the clones and the Jedi who have penetrated into their territory. Obviously, with this scene the CW wanted to please the zombie fans.

clonewars_stargateThe brainworm episodes also have a clear reference. There is a smaller egg from which a brainworm hatches and takes over the host body. After the second obiwan_larvaBattle of Geonosis, after capturing Poggle, a clone was infected for the first time, followed by additional clones, and eventually Barriss Offee. Remember? Even the Jedi was barriss_brainwormnot able to withstand the larva, and it took over the control over Barriss. What if this is not a good reference to the Goa'uld larvae, the similar symbiotic parasites of the Stargate Universe?

And it could still be listed. Later on, the Rebels will also have a very important geonosian plot, when the last little geonosian referes (in my opinion) to the Death Star when drawing two circles into the sand, but the team misunderstood the drawing as eggs. Obviously, it is also true, as the little geonosian conceals a queen egg, which is the cause of survival of his race. Saw Guerrera is sadistic with the small geonosian, but Ezra and the squad help the geonosian and eventually release him, with the hope of returning the eggs to the geonosian his race can somehow survive the terrible genocide of the Empire, and may one day re-populate the deserted Geonosis or seek a new world for them. This reminds me of Ender's game film where mankind overwhelms and virtually eradicates the buggers, burning their planet, but Ender regrets being actively assisted in the matter and going to the last bugger queen and help them resume, their race survive.

So there are many scenes, and I think they are all very important, and somehow the dooku_bf2 geonosisthings that are connected to the geonosians are always beyond the dimensions of a simple scene. Star Wars became richer with them. There are a few games that salute the geonosians Bf2 geonosissome way, I think the Battlefront series are at the first place in this, where Geonosis can be selected as a location, their machines (dwarf spider, homing spider, geonosian startfighter) can be used to navigate around the Mars-like surface and their cultic chambers.

geonosian armyIn Empire at War, we can get some elite geonosians, who can help our case, and they are controllable allies on a level. But in the Galactic Battlegrounds ALL can be controlled, developed, usable, the full tech-tree, and geonosian civilization!

In Republic Commando we can feel on our own skin how is it when a geonosian attacks us. Indeed, an elite geonosian with sonic weapon is not an easy enemy, but it also a difficult fight if you control 4 great elite Delta Squad members!


Please take a look at my custom TC-326 figure!


Custom TC-326 figure front

custom tc326 and poggle the lesser figure


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 written by: Norbert Rostas 2018.08.16. the figure was made many years before


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