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Green Kamino medical astrodroid

Drawn and cartoon figures: Green Kamino medical astrodroid


Today my article's protagonist is a little kamino_medikai_zold_astroastromech droid. I do not know his name, he probably does not have yet. He was an unknown little background character, whom I noticed in Kamino. He is rolling on a corridor in the medical nalase_kaminocomplex of Kamino in the background, in that miniseries of the sixth season when Fives got there. The medical complex has a lot of medical droids working everywhere. You can see differences by type too. A good Kamino diorama should has some medical droids, with their diversity, of different form and color schemes.

However, this little green droid in his kamino_medikai_droidok_mutenekfunction probably differs from the medial droids in the traditional sense, since he does not make surgeries, or does not do any medical intervention, he only works in the background. He is programming things, sets things, deals with data, transport disks, locks down areas, or even opens them.

His color is green and white. He reminded me of the color of pharmacies immediately. zold_patika_emblemaThe green cross, the lights on the wall, but even the color of nylon bags they give in Hungary is such a green color. These two color is often used by hospitals, the white is the color of purity, zold_patikazacskobut the waiting rooms and offices are also white. The role of this is clearly the radiation of purity, the clean. The green color is traditionally a soothing, healing color. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum, so maybe because of this harmony and equilibrium associated with it. In nature, green is the color of life, calming the eye and nerves. Its eye-soothing effect comes from the fact that the eye focuses the green light almost exactly to the retina. The color of balance, it helps to rest both the mind and the emotions. Also, it has a disinfectant effect. Returning to the above hospital example, in Hungary the operating rooms 99 percent are greens. This color has s good effect against fatigue, too.

The green is the color of nature, growth and regeneration. Therefore, the green color curative effect primarily lies in creating harmony and roborating power. So walking in the wood means not only to inhale the fresh air, many people do not know, but the variety of green colors unconsciously cure us in the forest.

So that's why the emblem of pharmacies, the operating rooms are green . And that is why this medical droid is green. I think. But if not, that is for sure, they wanted to make us associate with healthcare somehow, so this association can be well founded.

This astrodroid has not been released officially, yet. He has no name. If he will get, the article will be updated with the new data. In the meantime, this little guy is simply a Kaminoan green medical asztrodroid for me. A cute little background character with whom you can make your Kamino scene richer, or we can diversify our astro collection.



Medical droids, built from my custom figures

(with flashlight)


Green kaminoan astrodroid

(without flash)


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 written by: Norbert Rostas



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