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Clone Wars animated cartoon bonus figures in the Mc Donalds


Dear Readers! Hungarian Mc Donald's restaurants give bonus items after each bought Happy Meal menu. This action is because of the premiere of the Star Wars. The Clone Wars 3D episode.  (However the gifts are not from the Clone Wars except two pens.) There are 8 different gift items. Till the end of October we can choose from 2 items weekly. However the stocks seems very limited, or there are too much fans, but anyway, there are some restaurants, that are out of these figures! But that may worth to search an other restaurant, and buy the figures, because they are cute. In this menu I would like to display you the available Hungarian Mc Donald's Clone Wars gift items.


pluss ewok Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


pluss ewok hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftThis one is a pluss ewok. He is Wicket, the Ewok. He was the ewok who met princess Leia in the Endor Forrest Moon. They became friend, and Wicket led Leia to the ewok village, and help her to fight the imperial scout troopers. This item is pretty cute, so the younger ones, and the Star Wars fans may be interested about it. Wicket has a hood on his head, and you can hang the figure with a small loop from the hood. 



Quartz game Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


quartz game hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftFirst I thought this was is some silly thing, but I had to realize, that is one of the most valuable piece. This is a small quartz game. Not a difficult one, it is a single screen game. You have to control the turrets of the fleeing Millennium Falcon, defending your ship from the chasing Tie fighters, like Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo did. You can rotate the gun turret to the left and to the right with two buttons, and you can activate the turrets with the bigger black button. The Tie fighters are keep coming from 6 directions. The more you hit, the faster they come. You have to collect 5 smiley faces, to win the game, each smiley is awarded after each won level of the game. If you "die" because one of the kamikaze Tie fighter, you get an X, an after you have 3 misses, you lost the game. This game is really rare, and valuable!


R2-D2 holoprojector Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


r2d2 holoprojector hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftThe next one is really cute. This is an R2-D2 holoprojector. You could see a similar one in the hands of Qui Gon Jinn, when he showed the holographic Nubian starship for Watto. Well, this time there is R2-D2 on the top. However you can not make it light, like the earlier holoprojectors lighted up a holo Darth Maul, and a Holo Emperor. But this one has a button, which you can press, and R2-D2 starts beeping. This one can play 3 or 4 astrodroid sounds.  



R2-D2 container Hungarian McDonalds star wars item

r2d2 container hungarian mcdonalds starwars itemThis is an R2-D2 container. You can remove the head of R2, and there is empty inside. The younger children can store their pens, their change, or other stuff in it. The other Star Wars fans will get a pretty good Clone Wars 3D like R2-D2 for their money, which is really cool. There are wheels in the legs of R2-D2, so he can roll away. This one comes with some bonus stickers, with Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and some other stars, and planets.  




Padme Amidala pen Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


padme amidala pen hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftThe first item of the third week was a Padme Amidala pen, and a booklet, which cover depicts Amidala herself. I had the opportunity to have it dedicated by the actress Tamara Zsigmond, who is the Hungarian voice of Padme Amidala in the prequel trilogy, in the Clone Wars cartoon, and in the Clone Wars 3D animated film. As I like the voice of the actress, I asked her to give us a voice sample. When we personally met Ms. Zsigmond was helpful, and friendly, so she gave a funny sentence which can be heard when opening the home page of CustomStarWars. Tamara told: I am Padme Amidala, nine senators out of ten votes for CustomStarWars. This means she, as Padme Amidala, ex-Naboo queen, then Naboo senator recommends us, and she is going to talk to that only senator, who hasn't voted for us yet, to convince him. :-) However it is possible that he hasn't been here so far, that is his reason not to vote for us, so I work hard to satisfy the Galactic Senate and the Star Wars fans, so everybody would visit and recommend CSW happily... :-) Anyway, Tamara's voice is again, majestic. She talked as she would have been a real queen. I can't believe how easily she changes her tones from the silly blondie Kelly Bundy, (Tamara was her voice, too), to the requirements of the role Padme Amidala - but that is not a wonder, that is why she is a so popular actress. I wanna say a big thank you for her kindness, and wish her many more success in all of her roles! 




Anakin Skywalker pen Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


anakin pen hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftThe second item of the third week was an Anakin Skywalker pen, and a same booklet as before, but this time its cover depicts Anakin himself. Fortunately I had a chance to have it dedicated by the actor Karoly Moser, who is Anakin Skywalker's Hungarian voice in the prequel trilogy in the Clone Wars cartoon, and in the Clone Wars 3D animated film. I managed to meet him personally, and chat with him, also, he gave me a voice sample, as his "wife" did so. I plan to upgrade the Hungarian Battlefront 2 section with Anakin's voice here at CustomStarWars, in the English version the game music will remain constant! (BTW: He says: I am Anakin Skywalker. I led the Five-oh-first clone legion in the movie. Let me lead you too! Come with me to CustomStarWars!)


Darth Vader lightsaber Hungarian McDonalds star wars gift


darth vader lightsaber hungarian mcdonalds starwars giftThis is a small lightsaber hilt. You can pull out an extremely short red plastic "lightsaber" from the Darth Vader hilt, which can light. You have to ignite the saber with a switch on the hilt, switching it from position 0 to position 1. The saber has a red round hook - children can use to hang the saber on their belt. Anyway, I don't like this item, this is useless, I only bought it to make the full row complete.  



Yoda lightsaber Hungarian McDonalds star wars item


yoda lightsaber hungarian mcdonalds starwars itemThis is a Yoda lightsaber. You can pull out a green "light" out of Master Yoda's hilt this time, which can emit green light. Also comes with a hook up, this time a grey one. These saber ore a piece of junk comparing them to any telescope toy lightsaber, or nevertheless those Force Unleashed lightsabers. (not to mentioned the FX lightsabers.) Anyway, the row is complete with them, these 8 items were available in the Hungarian Mc Donald's restaurants for the honor of the premiere of Clone Wars here.





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 written by: Norbert Rostas


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