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Peppi Bow

Drawn and cartoon figures: Peppi Bow from Clone Wars


Peppi Bow from Clone Wars season 1 episode 17


However Peppi Bow is thought to be a small Clone Wars character yet her acts influence the fate of Naboo, and even the whole Galaxy. She is an everyday woman, an average female gungan who gets involved into the events, but her acts rase her up to the big guys, becoming a hero. I hope if you read this article, you’ll share this opinion.

Peppi is a female Gungan. peppi_bowAlthough Gungans are humanoids, someone may think they are just some kind of Star Wars creatures, who hate the Gungans even declare them like some animals. That is nonsense. We met only malegungans so far, just think about captain Tarpals, Boss Nass, or peppi_schematicsJar Jar Binks. Peppi Bow is the first female who we can meet. But this is not absolutely true, because we met some female gungans in the game Phantom Menace down in the bubble houses of Otoh Gunga, but they were dressed and looked like absolutely the same as the males, only their voice differented them. But Peppi looks unique, she is feminine pink-skinned gungan, wearing a small little skirt like thing around her waistand a top which leave her stomach uncovered – like Britney Spears’ early fashion. Her pants, dyed with pom-berry extract. Bow also carried a lengthy electopole, a fambaa-hide carryall, and donned a large, wide-rimmed conical hat. Peppi Bow presented several challenges to the design team, as they experienced difficulties in making a Gungan appear feminine. To supply her with proper gender identification, the team put Bow's long ears behind her head in a clasp, akin to a ponytail. As the first and never before seen female gungan featured in a Star Wars work she looks great, and authentic. The result can be seen in the Clone Wars 1. season 17. episode, called The blue shadow virus.

Peppi Bow peppibow_shaakwas a shaak herder and wrangler who pastured her animals on the beautiful grassy plains of Naboo. She was there during the final years of the Republic, when this story takes plot. Shortly after the beginning of the Clone Wars, the peppibow_bossnassGungan's herd became skittish when near Naboo's eastern swamps, in much the same way they nabooi katonakhad during the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo eleven years prior. She was deeply concerned, so she rushed home, and contacted the Gungan leader, Boss Nass, and informed him of her worries. Nass took Peppi Bow before the Naboo Royal Advisory swoop_bike_tactical_droidCouncil so she could explain her concerns directly the Queen of Naboo herself. Queen Neeyutnee listens to the gungans, then sends a squad of troops back to the esstern swamps to investigate. swoop_bike_tacticaldroidThey lie on a rise when a CIS droid scout team appears on swoop bikes and staps. The naboos destroyed some battle droids with rocket launchers and hand weapons, and captured a tactical droid. The incident confirmed Bow's suspicions and alerted the Naboo to the possibility of a Confederate invasion. This is what we see first, this is how we connect into the story.

The amidala_jarjar_c3poqueen send a message to Amidala and representative Jar Jar Binks, letting them know that the CIS is prepairing for something bad again on Naboo. The pair travels home immediately companied with C-3PO társaságában. The naboos tell them peppi_shaakonly three battle droids have been found so far, and they had intercepted and destroyed two B1 battle droids and captured an intact T-series tactical droid. However they will need more proof before they could alarm the Jedi or the Senate believing Naboo is threatened again because the CIS is up to something nasty again. So they find out a plan, they want to make the blinded tactical droid believe that he is on a CIS ship in safety. But they need C-3PO, to play the role as a CIS droid commander, who needs report what has been managed on Naboo. They manage to get the c3po_droid commanderdroid to reporting its mission, and the tactical droid mentions a “virus but the clumsy C-3PO misses the role game, and the droid won’t say anything more. Captain Typho tactical droidthreatens to shoot the droid if it doesn’t tell the truth, he’ll shoot it. The droid mentions a secret la bon Naboo, but they cannot find out where it is, because Jar Jar notices a blue butterflycrawling blue_butterflyout of one of the destroyed battle droids, and starts chasing it. The bug hides in the head of an astromech droid part, and Jar Jar’s head gets stucked in it. The blinded gungan bumbles into a shelf full of droid parts, and knocks over a series of shelves, which fall like dominoes on each other finally landing on top of the tactical droid, crushing it. Everybody looks on Jar Jar with queen neeyutneeanger, because they think the gungan ruined their matter, now they never find out where the secret lab could be. Only Amidala is so wise that she is listening and taking attention. After their long friendship she realized that Jar Jar often gives signs, even he does not want to do so, the thing is just to pay attention, put the mosiacs together instead of the easy opprobrium. So Amidala asks what is that blue butterfly. Jar Jar tells it is very rare and very delicious, found only in the mud under the Perlote tree, in the Eastern Swamps. Wow, here is the oh so wished clue! Padme Amidala was wise, she did not chide Jar Jar, but listened to him, and she now knows where to continue, even more that the droid commander would have told ever. So she travels to the Eastern swamps alone, just acompanied with Jar Jar.

Peppi Bow has shaak_herdreturned to her herd by this time. Together with her shaaks, the Gungan journeyed to a river on the plains outside of Theed. shaakHer animals proceeded to drink from the river, but began to honk and snort in alarm. Just as Bow herself was about to drink some of the water, her animals began to fall to the ground, dead. An alarmed Bow realized that the water was somehow contaminated and attempted to push the shaaks away from the peppi_attackriver with her electropole, but was too late. Many died. Suddenly she hears the sound o fan approaching vessel, which lands near the river. peppi_vs_jarjarPeppi hides, because she thinks those come back who poisoned the water. But only Amidala and Jar Jar arrives with that mini shuttle. Peppi attacked them with her peppibow_jarjar_blueshadow_viruselectropole, forcing Amidala to the ground, then striking Jar Jar down, forcing him to a rock almost making him surrender, then removing his air-tight helmet to be able to see who can be responsable peppi_vs_amidalafor all of this. As Binks panicked, Amidala pulled a blaster pistol on Bow, stating she does not want to harm her, but give the helmet back to Jar Jar, so he won’t be infected with the virus. At the senator's request, meesa_peppibowBow returned the helmet to Binks, who swiftly placed it back over his head. But Peppi tells them the poison is in the water, not the air as she experienced. Padmé pulls her helmet down, so to indicate to the Gungan that Padme trusts her, and takes her weapon away showing that she and Jar Jar aren’t hostile. Then she asks who is she. She introduces herself as Peppi Bow.

Peppi perlote_treesoffered to take them there, but Amidala insisted that Bow remain on the river bank and wait for Naboo Security Officers to escort her back to her home in Theed. The shaak wrangler agreed and waited while Amidala and Binks ventured naboo_headinto the swamps. But Jar Jar is clumsy again, or let’s say gives the next clue, because he slips on something and falls down. He can be criticized again, why don’t you look under your legs, but Amidala is more clever than that. bunker hatchThe question is evident for her: whatmade Jar Jar fall down? And that’s wright, Jar Jar gave big help, there is a hatch in the ground, which was covered, but obviously that can be the underground base’s hatch. Amidala naboo_geoscanrequires geo scan with her comm talk, and it proves the fact there is a large undergroung complex under their feet. But a periscope comes out from the ground, and it droidsdiscovers the intruders, so Padme and Jar Jar are bound and brought into the implausibly elaborate underground lab, by some droids. Dr. Nuvo Vindi is the main vilain down there, a crazy doctor, who is „creating life” from the Blue Shadow Virus, in its natural form, which is“thrives not only in water” but he’s made an airborne strain from it. It is an abnormal goal, to infect the whole Galaxy. As he says it is enough a single dose of the virus on a planet to infect everything and everybody who lives there. Vindi places the virus in a bomb, which after detonated multiples the effect of it. And since there is easy to travel between planets, with lightspeed it is quick and easy, it is easy to see, it will spread very fast form planet to planet. Vindit would also die, but he does not care with it, only with the nice summ that the CIS offered for him. He is mad.

Meanwhile peppi_naboohangarPeppi was transported back to theed, just when, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan master and Ahsoka Padawan show up to investigate the case. Anakin ordered Tano padawan to go with Peppi Bow into the eastern swamps to begin the search for the senator and representative, while he and Kenobi stayed in Theed to discuss the situation with Typho. Peppi Bow and Tano departed, riding one of the Gungan's few surviving shaaks to the swamps. Dismounting their shaak, Peppi Bow and Ahsoka Tano attempted to investigate the area, but were interrupted when Peppi was suddenly raised off the ground by a photoreceptor periscope that suddenly extended upward under her feet. While Peppi balanced on one foot atop the periscope, Tano maneuvered around it to avoid detection, and telling Peppi to try to stay on top o fit, do not fall down. (This moment is what I tried to reproduce with my custom figure.) When she had an opportunity to hide herself and Bow from the scope, Tano jumped up and tackled the Gungan off the scope and threw her behind the base of a large tree, finding at last a good cover. The periscópe is checking around for a little, then descends under ground. Ahsoka Tano contacted Skywalker and informed him of the situation in the swamp. The Padawan was ordered to detonate a bunker bomb at one of the laboratory's entrance hatches as a distraction for the forces within, when the Maters start the attack at an other point. And it starts soon, because Kenobi and Skywalker jump in Gunships and fly to the area. Anakin jumps into the base while the clones come down with ropes after him. Ahsoka starts the distraction, and uses the Force to place a thermal detonator over one of the lab's hatches. The syrens start crying, alarming the whole base, almost all droid run to the false area. So Anakin and his clone troopers burst into dr Vindi’s main lab destroying trhe remaining droids who stayed there, but nuvovindi_tortureVindi has his hazmat suit on already and he electrocutes Padme and Jar Jar to force Anakin and his clone troopers drop their weapons. Dr Vindi knows he cannot hold back a Jedi for long, so he force Anakin to choose between capturing him and saving his friends, then he activates the electrocution again and runs out of the room. The droids open fire on Anakin, but he Force Pulls back his lightsaber back into his hand and he starts cutting them down the droids quickly, as he knows while he is doing that padme is suffering. clone fight bare handedThe clones help him bare handed, tackle the rest of the droids to the ground and start tearing their heads down or punching them with hands or elbows. Anakin grabs 2 SBDs with the Force, and pushed them to the switch, which finally swithes off finishing the torture of Jar Jar and Amidala senators. Anakin rushes to Padme to makes sure his loved lady is all right, and hopefully neither Amidala nor Jar Jar had suffered serious injuries, so he races after Vindi.

Ahsoka ahsoka_bunker fightand some clones enter the battle on the distraction point and they fight a squad of droids. It goes well first, but when droidekas arrive, it becomes hopeless. Many clones die there. Ahsoka is also pinned down by heavy destroyer droid obiwankenobifire, and things are looking bad for her too, she cannot harm ther droid because of their shields, and the droidekas also cannot hit her, as Ahsoka perfectly deflect all of their shots. Hopefully in the most critical moment the ceiling bomb depocollapses on the droids, and when the dust clears it reveals Obi-Wan standing on the rubble like a big boss with a pretty theatrical stance. Then they split up, Ahsoka taking on more droids while Obi-wan and his bomb squad head to bomb store. rabbit droidHis orange squad has several experts, who will be really needed, as Vindi presses a button on his wrist arming all the bombs on the shelves which activated one by one dozens or hundreds of them light red. It will be a jarjar_amidalalong work to deactivate all of them. But one is missing! It was taken by a little rabbit droid who runs away with it into an empty room, and hides away under a table. Amidala and Jar Jar are running down right beside that hallway when Jar Jar notices something padme_vs_rabbitdroidthat smells good so he leads Amidala into a room full of blue plants, who follows him with deep insticts that this time it would be also a clue. And really it is Padme notices the rabbit droid hiding under one of the jarjar_vs_rabbitdroidlab tables, and tries to be nice to it, asking the bomb to give her. But the rabbit droid hisses at her which makes Amidala backtrace, and the rabbit tries to run out of the room. But Jar Jar jumps on him, and wrestles it for the bomb, and the bomb flies into the air where Padme catches it.

Anakin is pretty much vindi_escape_cis_shuttlefreaking out right now, so when he catches up the running Vindi and his escort, with a brutal charge Anakin races on them destroying all of the droids. As he calls the anakin_vs_vindicrazy doc to surrender Vindi throws a canister of virus into the air to distract Anakin. Anakin rushes to catch it before it would break infecting Naboo, and as he dives out of the room to grab it Vindi seals the door and anakin_catch_virusheads towards his spaceship. Anakin pierce his saber into the thich door, starrting melting it and cutting it through. In the meantime he calls bombsquad_cloneObi-wan to help, as Vindi is escaping. Kenobi leaves the bomb squad there to work, and hurries to Anakin. As Anakin cuts through the door to the landing platform just as Obi-Wan arrives, and they see Vindi’s beautiful CIS transport ship slowly being raised towards the surface. The obiwan_catch_virustdoctor starts shooting at them from above. Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Jumps up to the platform, but Dr. Vindi does the same trick like before, throws three vials into the air, and Obi-Wan has to dive down and catch them all. The things happen under Peppi Bow’s feet again like before with the periscope, as she is standing right on top of that peppibow_hangarhangar which ceiling is splitting right now. Peppi Bow saw Vindi's escape ship but nearly fell into the widening maw, so first she had to jump to safety, not to fall down. Anakin Force Jumps up to the platform, and tries to make Vindi surrender once more. Peppi watched as the landing platform brought Skywalker and Vindi into view. Although the Jedi had Vindi at lightsaber point, the doctor was unwilling to surrender and once again attempted to break a vial of the virus and release a plague upon Naboo. The small female gungan cannot see this – decides to intervene. She runs towards the doctor from the back, so dr Vindi did not blue shadow_virusnoticed her. Just before dr Nuvo Vindi was able to open the vial, the Gungan tackled him, causing him to drop both his case of vials carrying the disease as well as the individual vial he had almost peppi_cis_transportopened. Skywalker jumped after the virus second time, and prevented the individual vial from falling to the ground and breaking, so Peppi stayed alone in the fight. The peppi_vs_vindibrave Peppi Bow continued her assault on Vindi, striking him repeatedly with her electropole so as to prevent him from reclaiming his case filled with the virus. Peppi is not the most clever being but she knows, she is fighting not fo herself, but the whole human mankind. anakin_peppi_nuvo vindiVindi’s scanfander protects him for the most hits, but at least he is being prevented to infect the air. Some hits with the electropole shock him anyway. Peppi fights heroicly. Soon Anakin peppibow_happyendappears, and Peppi handle the situation for the Jedi, does not want to kill him, dispite the mad doctor wanted to kill her and everybody else with his viruses. Vindi finally is taken by a gunship, he will be standing before the court soon, and the bomb squad cloneepisode seems to end with happy end, because the explosives had been deactivated by the clones in the last minute. But it does not end here, a bomb will be detonated, it will infect the bunker, everybody will be ill inside, so Anakin and Obi-wan will go to find the cure on a planete, where the only plant can be found which can be successful against it, but this is the next episode, from Peppi’s story it is enough right now.



Please take a look at my custom Peppi Bow figure!



Custom Peppi Bow figure

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Custom Peppi Bow from the left

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Custom Peppi Bow from the right

peppibow_custom_right peppi_periscope


Custom Peppi Bow sculpture from above and from back



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