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I dedicate this article to Kitty Mezei, Hungarian voice of Nala Se



Nala Se was a female Kaminoan scientist who served the Galactic Republic throughout the Clone Wars. Se was the chief medical scientist on Kamino, and one of the main engineers of the clone army.

As a leading medical scientist of Kamino, Nala Se played a key role in the development of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and has been working to protect these special military secrets. The most important of these secrets was a built-in inhibitor chip, which bore the infamous Order 66 itself, which made a clone for its fulfilment. This command was probably one of  the most important moments of Episode 3. And not only this episode, but perhaps it was one of the most important things of the entire Star Wars that shook the Galaxy and determined its future for a long, long time. The clones turned against the Jedi because of that, and killed their friends shooting them in the back, despite the fact that many were linked to the Jedi, because the Jedi have several times rescued their clone's lives, they shared the last bites with them if necessary, and as a best friend, or brother in arms they carried with them the hell of war, always on the front lines. Yet, the sad thing was done, with few exceptions, the clones shot down teir Jedi friends in obedience to the command. But still, how could they do this and why? The command is an awfully large-scale thing, as I wrote above, affected the whole world of Star Wars. But it is also a very exciting thing to examineo whether the clones could act differently? Was there a discretionary decision-making opportunity? Or like a robot, whose button was pushed, limp and helpless they had to do these horrors? Strange, but we do not get a clear answer to this question. That was like this, but there were exceptions as well. We know clones who let the Jedi run, or just gave him an escape route, and persecuted them. We know some clones who stood beside and protected the Jedi, and stayed with him as a prey and hunted, running together with him for their lives. We know some clones who had the chip taken out, because he did not wanted to be an idiot monkey because of the chip, or with a finer word in a lame robot. And obviously we know dozens of clones who have made the horrors and became henchmen, soulless killers because of the chip. But why? REALLY because of this reason? Since in the movie there was not even a trace of the chip! Palpatine ordered the clone commanders who dutifully carried out their orders. Occasionally we could see lower ranked clones join this horrible murders, for example, 91es_klonok_saleucaminNeyo's men were involved in the assassination on Saleucamin with a nod, or Gree also got help from one of his a men after a meaningful look. Bacara and a híres Order 66 azaz a Hatvanhatos parancs kikiáltotta Aaylát és az összes Jedit a Köztársaság ellenségének és azonnali hatállyal ki kellett őket végezniBly have been helped by several clones, two or three men. But we did not see clones stopping the fight in large numbers, and turning against the Jedi generals instead of the droids! So in each sectors only one, two, or three or four clones were activated, no more! What did the rest do? Didn't they shocked on what their brothers have done against the Jedi? Was not there a single clone among those who has not been activated, who would have rushed in aid of  the Jedi? Someone who has at least subsequently requested answer on the terrible act of murder from his brother? That is also an interesting question: what activated the chip? A verbal instruction from the palpatine utasítja codytChancellor? Because what we saw like this: "Commander Cody, the time has come, execute palpatine utasítja codytOrder 66 !" Then the others were "called" and directed one by one. But how could someone order a million clones with verbal order? Then, after the film there should have been a  long and time-consuming circuit switching, where Palpatine calls a million of clones from Coruscant  and activates theeir chips one by one. Or he reassigned them to Coruscant, and simultaneously activated them in an outdoor seance? But this is risky, because there may be someone among the clones whose conscience or sense of justice awakens, and rebels (perhaps on the way back, or even on the spot). Perhaps the innocent clones execute the murderers after the murder, because they have not yet been activated. So the vocal activation from the Chancellor  is not logical. Especially because in Tup clone trooper the inhibitor chip was self-activated, because of a malfunction. This malfunction launched a series of failures in the brain with neural synapses, and apparently he tried to fight against that. There were clear moments, and there were almost suggestive moments in him, muttering to himself as a medium, in almost a trance state that I have to kill the Jedi, and so he did, after that apparently did not know where he was, and he was shocked by his acts. We have not seen, we have not experienced such trance, suggestive, unconscious stance on Cody, or on any other clone. So, in my opinion, the thing is immature, between the film and the Clone Wars there is a large contradiction. In addition, we do not get a clear explanation of the moral background of this events, which is I think also very important, whether there would have been a chance to be humane, whether it would have been a chance to do the right thing, whether it was possible to decide or there was nothing to do, I'll be transfixed, and like a robot I do what I was ordered. Anyway, this thing is one of the most important and interesting moments of Star Wars,  and dr. Nala Se  was connected to it deeply, she gave many things to us, and it is very gratifying that in the sixth season of Clone Wars we could enjoy this exciting story.

Another controversial matter is also linked to doctor Nala Se. Namely, the fact that she's a good or a bad character. Early in the war, Dr Nala Se was stationed on the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center, where she tended to injured clone troopers. The station came under attack by Confederacy of Independent Systems General Grievous in his flagship, the Malevolence. Grievous planned to use the ship's ion cannons to disable the station, and destroy it. It was a secret space hospital, where the wounded clones have been cured in order to fight again as soon as possible from the Republic. But Count Dooku learned of the station and ordered General Grievous to destroy the station. His aim was clear:he did not wanted to meet the same clones the same way another time on some other battlefield, so he wanted them to be eliminated once and for all. Dooku claimed that the destruction of Kaliida Shoals would leave the Republic without a treatment facility for injured clone troopers, greatly hindering the Republic's war effort.

While the Malevolence was approaching the station, Anakin Skywalker has prepared an attack on the ywing_shadow squadron és plo koonwarship. First Skywalker ordered Admiral Wullf Yularen to contact Nala Se and warn her of the impending danger, while he and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, with a Y-wing detachment (named Shadow Squadron) tried to cross the Malevonlence’s course on a shorter route, and if possible to destroy the CIS ship. When Admiral Yularen contacted Nala Se via hologram transmission, we knew the kaminoan lady a caring, selfless, positive character. The doctor drew Yularen’s attention to the fact that there are currently more than 60,000 clones in the station, and in that short available time that is impossible to evacuate the station, she can not evacuate all the wounded so quickly. Especially there were many clones who had backbone injuries, or other wounded who can not be moved. In fact, a lot of people floated in Bacta tanks, they could not be moved. Thirdly, for so many wounded clones there should have been a LOT of boats totransport them away, which ships were not at the doctor's disposal. Yularen saw it all. The only thing he could help to tell Kenobi the transport capacity deficit. Obi-Wan Kenobi contacted the friendly planet of Naboo, which was close to the hospital station to send as many ferries, ships, transports, as they can to help the injured clones into safety. Later nalase_feher_medikai_klonNaboo sent many ships, indeed. Kenobi with 3 Venator crusiers set off in another direction against Grievous. Neither Nala Se nor her medical clone helpers believed that the Republic can act in time, and can stop or can overcome the Malevolence before reaching Kaliida. Nala Se quietly but confidently replied that it was their only hope. Kaliida Shoals evacuation started by Nala Se personally supervising the process. But it was slow. It looked like that this is almost impossible. Nala Se ordered that priority should be given to those patients who are in stable condition and can be transported. A morally difficult decision. It's hard and cruel decision.But unfortunately somewhere logical. Who is dying or cannot be helped, they already have little chance to survive, they should be left behind. Those clones should be tried to evacuate, who still has a chance to survive. Nala Se's forehead began to wrinkle. A growing weight was on her shoulder. She decided the critically injured soldiers had to wait, and those who van be saved were given priority. The management of evacuation was ceded her medical clone officers who wore white uniforms, and she personally ran from patient to patient and she considered who can be transported away from the station. Meanwhile, Skywalker attacked the Malevolence but they suffered heavy losses. The CIS ship was steadily approaching the station, slowly he came in fire range as well. A white-uniform medial officer hurried to Nala Se and informed her that ywing_clone bombázóSkywalker’s squad lost almost the half of its pilots, the victory chance is minimal, and said the doctor that the time has come, we have to go, ma'am, now the crew has to escape, game over, the situation is hopeless. Then Nala Se show incredible self-sacrifice as she refused to flee the station and leave her patients behind. If she has to die there, she is ready to die with her patients, but she won’t run away leaving the helpless clone behind. In this point Nala Se looked like a positive character. she seemed a noble and true man, an excellent doctor. We are at the beginning of the first season, we form the impression right now, we classify the characters, so many of us place doctor Nala Se in the box labeled with "GOOD" persons. Otherwise Skywalker finally won, damaging the ion cannon, malevolenceresulting in an overload of the weapon. From the Kaliida Shoals command center, Nala Se watched as an explosion caused by the overload crippled the Confederate cruiser. Shortly thereafter, Master Kenobi arrived with three Venator-class Star Destroyers to chase the nalase_kaliida_shoalsMalevolence as it fled from the medical station. While the winner and tired Skywalker and Tano landed on the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center, and met the self-sacrificing doctor. They both honored the other for what they did, and thanked for their actions.

Nala Se was later transferred off of Kaliida Shoals to serve on a medical station near the Outer Rim world of Ord Cestus. There, Nala Se served under High Jedi General Kit Fisto alongside a number of clone medical officers. The infamous bounty hunter Cad Bane came under the employ of Count Dooku, who wished for the Duros to travel to the Medical Center and infect the troopers there with a virus that would ultimately cripple the entirety of the Grand Army. During the second battle on Geonosis, the Ord Cestus medical station was closed by a carantene, so to prevent the virus spread away. Nala Se trapped there, too. They needed medical supplies, vaccines and medicines to defeat the virus. The much-needed supplies were to be picked up by a Republic frigate that was returning from duty on the embattled Geonosis. Jedi Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee were placed in charge of the supply run and were escorted by the Grand Army's Tango Company. Before departing Geonosis, Tango Company was infected by parasitic, clonewars_stargatemind-controlling worms that were native to the planet. The infected clones betrayed their Jedi commanders and hijacked the vessel, but were defeated by Tano and Offee with the help of General Skywalker. Despite this, Offee was also infected by the worms and during a scuffle between the two Padawans on the frigate's bridge, the vessel's controls were damaged. The out-of-control frigate was heading right into the medstation, so Nala SE could choose from 2 kind of deaths, first by the virus, or second by the ship which was about to hit her station with full speed. But hopefully Ahsoka found out the cold was good against the parasites, freezed the infected clones, defeated her friend, Barriss, and prevented the ship from colliding with the station and killing Nala Se and everyone on board which safely guided in to dock.It was the second appearance of Nala Se, it was still neutral, but rather good impression of her. We do not hear about her for a long time, next time we will meet her int he first episodes of the sixth season.

However, AS EVIL. In new nalase_drclothing that was symbolizing, she is now an another person. Strange contradiction, which I previously called your attention. I do not think it would be a personality development. According to some information the doctor was always the same, the designer of the clone army, and head of the inhibitor chip engineering group. She sought to keep these implants secret from the Jedi at all costs. When the CT-5385 ID clone’s chip (nicknamed "Tup") go wrong, the clone falls in a kind of trance and in the middle of the battle of Ringo Vinda he sneaks behind Tiplar Jedi Master and shoots her in her head. The clones jump on him, restrain and disarm him, and then bind him tightly because he is obviously irresponsible. (This is referring to an earlier argument, the oral command does not count with the reaction of the other clones.) Master Skywalker is on the plot, and he was also puzzled in front of the phenomenon, in fact, Tiplar’s sister Tiplee as well. But the battle must be won, for now Tup remains tied, and later will be questioned. But they do not get ahead of him after the battle, the clone sometimes looks delirious, sometimes he looks scared what he had done in his clean moments, but half minute later he wanna jump snarling on Tiplee or even on Skywalker to kill them as well. The situation looks very serious that the squad can neither understand nor cure, so they have him transported back to Kamino. Of course, the separatists are also informed about this whole story, in fact, they can see the recordings, when Tup kills. Clearly, Order 66 was activated in him, but this has to remains in secret, this is not the time yet.They try to steal Tup to get rid of him, but the clones protect him and get him to nalase_rex_fivesKamino. Nala Se and a pair of white medial clones wait for him, and the "patient" is separated immediately. Rex leaves soon nalase_kaminobecause has jobs to do, but fellow clone friend, Fives stays there. This is not a good news for Nala Se, because kamino_medic_cloneFives starts investigating the case. He tries to find out what that was all about, making it difficult for Nala Se to disemble the matter and to eliminate Tup . In fact, Fives turns a medial droid to his side, AZI-3, who helps him in the investigation. AZI-3 discovers a tumor in Tup’s brain, or at least something that is perceived a foreign formula. Nala Se suggests Jedi Master Shaak Ti to kill the clone, because he is dangerous, and anatomize him, and to study th body on the atomic level, which Shaak Ti does not allowed. So Nala Se encounters two serious opposition, a Jedi, and a clone who were are witnessing the things in person, strangers who complicate the matter for her. He informed the Sith, who order the docot to solve the problem by killing the clone or if is not possible, sent him to nala_se_értesíti tyranus nagyuratPalpatine to Corsuscant where they will "consider". Of course Shaak Ti also informs the Jedi Masters who tells her that the Jedi Order will examine the case, bring him forth, and then they decide. But Fives continued to stir the already tangled wires and has AZI-3 to get Tup’s tumor out his head, who operates the clone. In fact, it turns out that it is not a cell proliferation, but certainly an inhibitor chip. A behavior modifying device fives_azi 3 driodot győzködithat affects the brain. Fives also got his one operated out by the AZI droidd, with the risk that he also might die, but he survived the surgery. It turns out he has the same chip in his brain, but it works.Terrible suspicion goes huge in the clone, he wants to escape from Kamino, nalase_vs_fivesespecially after he realizes that Nala Se wants him dead for all these things. The Kaminoan doctor is becoming more aggressive, she wants to switch down AZI-3 droid, she has Fives chased, she also confronts Shaak Ti to keep the secret, fives_nalase a chipért küzdbut it is a terribly difficult task, since the dark secret is becoming revealed slowly. Palpatine intervenes, and has Fives brought back to the Grand Republic Medical Facility on Coruscant. He sends everyone out to stay with him alone, and do a trick to pretend scuffle, and he pretends that Fives had wanted to kill him. Five was forced to flee, hiding in the dark lower parts of Coruscant, but in the meantime he wants to inform his former squad leader Rex and his Jedi general, Master Skywalker about the things. They all left to go to a meeting where things goes wrong, a security team deems danger in Fives movement and in his behavior, and shot him dead. The Sith narrowly escaped this time, but they managed to keep their dark secret uncovered from the dark. Maybe all have been different, the Jedi have been able to stay alive and they would not have been attacked, they would retain their roles in the Galaxy and thus would not have Empire, despotism and dictatorship.But unfortunately there is no IF, or WOULD HAVE BEEN. It happened what had to happen, and thesr was a Kaminoan scientist and doctor whose name was Nala Se, whose role is fundamentally influenced the further development of history. Many people do not know her, they do not know that she had some role to play in these events. Or if they think she was an epizodist and considered her a "small actor". She was small, yes. Small speck of dust, a small gear. But a gear, which spun in in a machine, that forced the Galaxy into a dire fate for decades. Her example shows how an individual can be part of the large whole, how the people serve the evil with the knowledge or without the knowledge of doing it, and how can we take sides due to technical, conceptual, belief, or material things in a big game, and with that how we become partakers of the things that has effect on eveyone, including finally us, too.



Nala  Se sends medical droids into work

custom medical droid_nala se


Nala Se, Shaak Ti, and the clone commander of the Kamino Security Forces search the runaway Fives

custom kaminoklon_nalase_shaakti figures



Nala Se confronts Shaak Ti because of the inhibitor chip

custom nanalse_shaakti_kaminoklon


Nala Se talks to her medical officer about the injured clones


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