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During the first year of the Clone Wars, Fives, along with Droidbait, Hevy, Echo, and Cutup were clone cadets in Domino Squad. The other clones in Domino Squad called Fives by his number, CT-27-5555, although Fives would rather be called by his nickname. Domino Squad was reckless, and they rarely got along as a team. Their training was overseen by bounty hunters Bric and El-Les, and Jedi Master Shaak Ti. The cadets were given a test and to pass it, all cadets must successfully work as a team without any injuries. During one of Domino Squad's combat simulation tests, Droidbait broke away from the group and was shot. El-Les and Commander Colt ended their test and failed the team for their inability to function as a cooperative unit.

Fives and fellow cadet Echo went to Shaak Ti and asked for a transfer to a new squad. Ti declined their request, and she revealed she had faith within domino osztag a pályánDomino Squad and allowed the team to try the challenge one more time. During the test, Fives, along with his squadmates, noticed that they did not have their ascension cables due to tampering in their equipment by a still skeptical Bric. The clones decided to assist one another in free-climbing the turrets along the sides of the Citadel to complete their task. It proved a success and Domino Squad celebrated their victory, finally coming to know one another as brothers and a team. Ti and El-Les commended Domino Squad's efforts, and all five cadets were given medals as a symbol of their graduation from clone cadet to full fledged members of the Grand Army of the Republic.

After graduating their basic Kamino training, CT-5555 and his fellow rookies, Hevy, Cutup, Droidbait, and Echo, were given their first assignment. Assigned to the richi_sentry_postRishi moon, the clones were charged with protecting and operating a Republic listening post. Led by a clone trooper sergeant, the rookies were the only form of defense during an attempted Separatist takeover of the listening post. Following the initial assault from Separatist commando droids, Fives, Echo, Cutup and Hevy managed to escape the base onto the moon's surface. Unfortunately, they were attacked by a Rishi eel which killed Cutup. After the arrival of Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex, who were visiting the base for a routine inspection, Fives and his comrades warned the officers with a signal flare that the base was occupied by droids. Fives met Captain Rex and Commander Cody for the first time after they rappelled from the platform. The clone troopers then decided to retake the base.

Following the successful recapture, Fives assisted the clone officers in securing the base and working to fix the signal. After noticing a Separatist invasion fleet approaching the moon, Fives, Commander Cody, and Hevy located the armory and secured weaponry for the entire clone group. After fighting back a second wave of battle droids, Fives and the clone group escaped through a maintenance hatch to the moon's surface. Clone trooper Hevy stayed behind and destroyed the station, effectively alerting the Republic of the invasion and sacrificing himself. After being rescued by the Republic, Fives and Echo, the only survivors of Domino Squad, were invited to join the 501st clone battalion by Captain Rex.

Later in the war, Fives, Echo and the rest of the 501st returned to Kamino to defend it an oncoming Separatist invasion. Being back on their homeworld after months away proved surreal to the two surviving members of Domino Squad. In preparation for the defense of the planet's cloning facilities, they were reunited with 99, a deformed maintenance clone who had been kind to the Domino's during their training, and informed him of Hevy's death. Saddened by the news, 99 revealed Hevy's graduation medal, which had been a gift between the two clones, to Fives and Echo. After a moment of sadness between the three clones, 99 volunteered to help prepare for the invasion. When Ventress's Trident-class assault ships attacked, Fives and Echo were assigned as snipers to hold off the oncoming droid forces. With 99's help, the duo was able to stall the advancement of Separatist forces. In the midst of the chaos, the three clones happened upon a team of klonkadetok_harcolnaklost cadets and escorted them to safety. As Grievous and Ventress advanced further into the heart of Kamino in the search of genetic samples of the Republic's clone army, the group was found by Captain Rex and Commander Cody at the cadet barracks. After 99 helped them gather weapons from a nearby armory, the group staged a trap for the incoming droids. Together, the troopers, the cadets, and arc_parancsnok_kilenceske99 were able to defeat a squad of Grievous's battle droids. However, the battle ended in grief; 99 died trying to retrieve grenades and ammo for his brothers. After the battle was over, Fives and Echo were promoted by Captain Rex to ARC trooper for the role they played in the defense of Kamino.

Following their promotion to ARC trooper, Fives and Echo were assigned to Kenobi's and Skywalker's mission to rescue Master Even Piell from the Citadel. After being frozen in carbon to sneak past Separatist life-form detecting scanners, the rescue team was successful in infiltrating the Citadel. They were able to get inside the Citadel and free Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, and some captive clone officers from Commander Sobeck's prison. Pursued by Separatist security, the rescue team was forced to split up to protect the vital intelligence carried by the Piell and Tarkin. Echo and Fives joined Skywalker's team through the old tunnels beneath the Citadel, along with Tarkin. Pursued by Separatist forces, Skywalker's team was initially delayed in their attempts to rendezvous with Kenobi's. An impromptu plan was developed to meet back at the Citadel's airfields and hopefully use Separatist aircraft to escape. echo_citadel_pajzs_commando_droidWhile the teams reunited, Sobeck's security droids amassed in force. During a fierce firefight, Fives and Echo tried to reach the shuttle. Echo made it to the ship's ramp but was killed when a commando droid blew up the shuttle. Lacking any time to retrieve a body or mourn, Fives and both teams were forced to flee the airfield. 

Fives and the others made their escape from Lola Sayu, fighting Sobeck's battle droids and being tracked by his Anoobas. Piell was killed when the anoobas caught up, but managed to transfer his half of the intel to Ahsoka Tano. The team finally reached the rendezvous point to await Master Koon's extraction team. When a desperate Sobeck himself attacked, Fives was able to shoot him down from his STAP allowing for his eventual death at the hands of Ahsoka. Fives and the others were then rescued and returned to Coruscant.

Fives continued to serve as an active member of the 501st throughout the latter years of the war. In the process, he grew close with his fellow clones and fostered strong friendships with the different members of his battalion. Later, Fives, along with the rest of the 501st, took part in a military campaign to defeat Separatist forces led by Admiral Trench occupying space station surrounding the world of Ringo Vinda. In the process of battle, a fellow clone and close friend of Fives, Tup, fired upon and killed Jedi General Tiplar. In the chaos, the 501st were forced to retreat. While Tup appeared to be unaware of his actions, he continued to display strange behavior and lash out violently towards Jedi. Both Jedi and clone leadership determined that Tup should be sent to Kamino for further evaluation. However, in the process, Tup was temporarily captured by Separatist forces on his departure from the station. Together Fives, Rex, and Anakin Skywalker were able to retrieve a still unconscious Tup before Trench's droids could abscond with him. Concerned for his friend's safety, Fives requested that he accompany the troubled clone to Kamino.

Upon arriving at Kamino, the facilities medical leader, Nala Se, said that Tup's strange behavior may in fact be a kaminoi_medikai_klonokvirus requested that Fives stay behind on the planet to undergo examinations alongside his friend. Fives agreed, primarily to keep an eye on the treatment of his friend. kamino_medicsHe quickly grew suspicious of the care afforded to Tup, and began to suspect the Kaminoans of possessing an ulterior motive. With the assistance of medical droid nalase_kaminoAZI-3, who created a diversion, Fives performed a dangerous level 5 brain scan on Tup. Fearing for Tup's immediate safety, Fives and AZ-3 removed the tumor from his brain. While the operation appeared to be a success, Shaak Ti kamino_tup_fivesand Nala Se discovered his insubordination and reprimanded him for his risky behavior. Despite Fives's efforts, Tup died after whispering kamino_medikai_droidok_mutenekhis final words to his devastated friend. With Tup's passing, Fives was seemingly cleared from his own examinations and ordered to return back to the frontlines with the 501st. However, a fives_azi 3 driodot győzködipassing comment from AZ-3 revealed that the Kaminoans in fact intended to wipe his brain and reassign him to maintenance. fives_nalase a chipért küzdIn a moment of desperation, Fives lashed out against Kaminoan security and fled into the depths of the facility with his droid friend in tow. Now convinced that there was more to his friend's death than previously appeared, he stole the tumor to fives_kaminoklonconduct further tests of his own. Together with AZ-3, Fives was able to determine that the tumor itself was in fact an artificially azi3_fives_kaminodesigned organic chip inserted into Tup's head. Further investigation revealed that the chip itself was installed during the earliest stages of clone embryo development. Fearing for his own safety, Fives kamino_medikai_zold_astroordered AZI-3 to remove the chip from his own brain. Comparing Fives' and Tup's chips, AZI-3 and Fives discovered that Fives's chip appeared to be healthy and functioning properly while Tup's suffered from some form of decay. Shortly after discovering this, he was discovered by Nala Se and the rest of the Kaminoan security forces. While Nala Se insisted that the chip was designed to curb aggression among clones, Fives argued that the chip itself was reason for suspicion. His words convinced Shaak Ti and she requested that Fives be sent to Coruscant to undergo further tests and to plead his case to the Supreme Chancellor.

While en route to Coruscant, Nala Se injected Fives, barely conscious due to the stress of his impromptu surgery, with a form of mind clouding drug. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself met with Fives along with Nala Se and Shaak Ti. Despite his best efforts, Fives's description of his experiences were unable to convince any of the other members of the meeting of his belief of a conspiracy. Despite Nala Se's insistence that Fives was suffering from paranoia and mental degradation, Palpatine requested to speak to the soldier alone to hear his story in further detail. After Shaak Ti and Nala Se had left, the Chancellor lashed out and attacked Fives, who in a moment of self defense was framed as a potential assassin. Now a fugitive from justice, Fives fled into the bowels of Coruscant, looking for potential allies and anyone who might hear him out. Eventually, he arrived at the clone bar, 79's. There he managed to convince his longtime friend, fellow 501st soldier Kix, to contact Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex so that they could speak privately. To Fives' surprise, both Skywalker and Rex appeared at his requested meeting spot. Fearing that neither would listen to his story, he trapped both in a ray shield. Agitated by his experience and by Nala Se's drugging, Five's attempts to explain his actions and his discoveries proved incoherent. When Skywalker accused Fives of trying to assassinate Palpatine, the tension escalated. Midway through his explanation, fives_halalaCommander Fox and a squad of Coruscant guards arrived to arrest him, sent by Palpatine. Desperate not to be captured, a terrified Fives reached for one of Rex's discarded blasters. After a warning, Fox shot Fives in the heart. Fives spent his final moments in Rex's arms, where he spoke his last words, reciting Tup's, having finally found peace.


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Custom Fives figure front

AZI-3 attracts the attention of Shaak Ti's and the commader of the Kamino Security Force, to help Fives to get away

(Fives back)



Nala Se wants the inhibitor chip that was taken out from Fives

(front view)



Shaak Ti helps Fives

(Fives from the right)



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