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Medical clone

Drawn and cartoon figures: Medical clone


Medical clones are often utilized in various nalase_kaliida_shoalshospital departments of Kamino, on space health stations, and some times, on the fronts. Medical clones duties can range in scope depending on the area of the health care facility they are employed. For that reason, duties can range from assisting the medical droids from some combative patients. fives_nalaseFor example Fives was very upset and offensive in the Kamino scenes, it may have been occured that he attack droids or Kaminoans, so a medical clone would have been a great help for them. Medical clones were assisting droids with the patient records, as they could write, and methodize data of patience. Strange kaminoi_medikai_klonokworld is the Star Wars universe, because it is all turned backwards, the droids are to carry out precision work, they are operating for example, and man can only help them, almost only working under them. kamino_medicsIt is also seen as medical clones delivered to patients transporting up and down the stretchers, as it was seen with Tupp, they went out to the landing platform in kamino_medic_clonethe rain, they took out the injured, tied clone, and they transported him into the complex. Obviously, this is also only a secondary work from the traditional hospital functions, which helpers are carried out in our world, in the Star Wars human do such bottom works.

But the situation is not so clear. They were the orderlies, or adjutants, for example nalase_fehéer_medikai_klon szárnysegédjeDr. Nala Se had also her own orderlies from these white uniformed medial clones. The orderlies permitted the medical droids all forms of interventions, they instructed the delegated droid for the implementation providing direct supervision during the operation. All droids could work only with human permittance, a medical clone or the institution leader had to approve the intervention, even if it was a life-saving surgery.

Obviously, the programming of the droids could of their responsibilities. It is not to be thought that they were kamino_medikai_droidok_mutenekwritten the droid programs, but either they placed the specific modules into the droids that was needed, or they selected from the currently programmed, and now required routine from a menu, they only chose from the previously feed programs, but here we have to think just selecting and pressing some switches or buttons. It is a world where droids are practically perfect, do not forget it.

Finally, the adjutant status may has or were an implication that they were the messengers. So if Nala Se sent some words to a department, she sent one of her men with the order, who went to hand over the command. In such a case, the clone's word was quasi-equivalent to the word of Nala Se, which he commanded was as if the lady had said it. The droids could not have consideration, only to execute the command.



Medical officer instructs medical droids

custom medical officer_front


Medical clone with Nala Se and droids

custom medikai clone side



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