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Scuba clone trooper

Custom scuba trooper figure inspired by any drawn or cartoon figures


scuba We could watch the Scuba clone troopers at Cartoon Network's Clone Wars cartoon series. Clone SCUBA troopers were aquatic assault clone troopers grown on Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic. They are a service class in the Grand Army of the Republic, but they were trained specially for underwater actions. The raging oceans of Kamino were a perfect location for their simulations, and combat drills, so these clones could practice every kind of battle events under the water surface.


scuba_troopers As the Confederacy of Independent Systems equipped itself with Manta droid subfighters and other aquatic machines in huge quantities, the Republic suspected the CIS wanna attack an oceanic planet. When the Separatists allied themselves with aquatic races such as the Quarren and the Ishi Tib it became clear, the CIS wanted to attack Mon Calamari. Before the war would be taken to the oceans of Mon Calamari the Republic needed aquatic soldiers and weapons to be able to face these new foes, and to protect the Calamaries.




scubatrooper Clone SCUBA troopers wore SCUBA diving gear under their common armor plates, which was pressure-tight, and water repellent. Every single SCUBA clone trooper were fitted with underwater propulsion backpacks and an aquatic versions of the DC-15 blaster rifle, which was operational under water as well.

The aquatic scuba squadSCUBA assault troopers first saw action under the surface of the oceans of Mon Calamari. Jedi kit_fistoGeneral Kit Fisto led a clone SCUBA squadron into battle against the members of the Quarren Isolation League and their Separatist allies. The SCUBA troopers first suffered large losses to the Quarren artillery defenses, but gained the upper-hand when they ambushed sub-carriers and hampered the launch of mini-sub fighters with the help and lead of Master Kit Fisto. The clone SCUBA troopers were the predecessors of the aquatic assault stormtroopers.




Please take a look at my custom SCUBA clone trooper. It was inspired by the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series. They used a giant rifle in the cartoon, so I gave him a large rifle. There are two air-tubes coming out from their helmet, it goes into the backpack, they can inhale through those under water. There are sleeves on their forearms and calves, but their importance is unknown. They have flippers on their feet, they can swim better with those under water, like the divers.


Custom Scuba clone trooper without rifle, and with rifle

custom scuba clone trooper custom scuba clone trooper figure




scuba_trooper_figure Soon Hasbro will release an official figure of the Scuba clone. But I have been having my own custom Scuba clone trooper for years. :-) I know, that is not a perfect custom figure, but anyway, as you can see I have a Scuba clone well before the official release date. The original item will look like this, in this picture on the right, but please keep in mind, this is not available at the moment, that is only a reference photo of the future Hasbro item:


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written by: Norbert Rostas


scuba trooper

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