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Heavy gunner clone commander

Drawn and cartoon figures: heavy gunner clone commander from Clone Wars


Heavy gunner clone commander from Clone Wars


We could often see some clones, who were using some kind of a clone_heavy_gunnerheavy gun in the cartoon Clone Wars. In one of the episodes, when a couple of Jedi were surrounded, a Republic Gunship came to rescue them. General Grievous and his droid army were formidable opponents, so some ARC troopers and elite clones arrived, many of them had some heavy weaponry. One of them was this trooper, who had a helicopter gun like weapon in his hands. This gun spins up, then burst heavy fire towards the enemy, pouring out hundreds of bullets on them, heavily devastating their lines. In a trained hand, this weapon is deadly. The clone soldier sends long burst towards General Grievous, but misses, because the separatist leader runs swiftly, sometimes in cover, sometimes on the wall, or even on the ceiling, using his robotic claws. This helicopter gun appears in several films, hvy_gunner_cloneone of the most memorable for me was in Terminator 2, when Schwarzenegger goes up to a higher level, and fires the policemen and commando men with such a helicopter gun. But since John Connor forbade him to kill people, he does not aim to bodies, but only cars and equipments. Then he proudly states, that the human casualty is 0.0, as he says zero point zero. :-) Our clone gunner surely did not got such order neither from John Connor, nor from the heavy clone commander, so the two 0.0 casualty is absolutely not the same...

An other machine heavy_gun_clonegunner clone can be seen in the same scene. He is firing at Grievous, however his heavy gun looks completely different than his fellow gunner. Although their success is the same, zero point zero. His gun is a machine gun with four barrel. Its mechanism is very similar to the turbo laser turrets of the Death Star. The heavy gun operates the two pair of barrels successively. For example when the upper pair works, its fires the ammo out, which pulls back the lower pair, because of the pressure of the gas. The lower two get ammo, and when the upper two gets empty, returns backwards, pulling the lower two ahead. heavy_gunnerWith this method it can provide a constant fire, literally till its overheating, or till it gets out of ammo. (Ideally, if the machine gun works properly, does not get stuck, or any other malfunction does not happens.) This weapon is at least the same brutal then the helicopter gun, mentioned above. This clone was released by Hasbro, with this very special AT-RT helmet on his head, and the gun, which can be attached to his soldier shoulder's, making it movable up and down. This is a very impressive figure, indeed.

In heavy_gunner_clone_coruscantthe cartoon we could follow, as the Separatist fleet attacked Coruscant, so to attract the attention of defenders, while General Grievous and his magna guards infiltrated into the residency of the supreme chancellor, so to kidnap Palpatine. The battles rage over the whole planet, even on the surface, in the streets of Coruscant. A desperate chase started between the fleeing shaakti_roron corobb_foul mudama protecting palpatineShaak Ti and her fellow Jedi companions, who tried to protect the chancellor, chased by the Magna guards. Meanwhile, master Yoda and Windu lead and supported personally the Coruscant defence forces, trying to stop the invading droid army, landing in mass quantities on the planet side. Commander Thire also participated the battles in the capital city, ordering similar heavy gunner clones to some locations, to repel the droids, which turned out successful defeating the CIS forces. However, the chancellor was kidnapped by Grievous and his men, taking him on aboard the Invisible Hand. The storyline can be followed properly after these events in the movie Episode 3.

These heavy gunners heavy_gunner_clone_coruscantsurely had an officer. This must be some kind of a heagy gunner commander, so I dreamt one, because in the movies, we never saw any. This commander gave fire orders to them, and pointed the target, and in my mind, he was probably responsible also for the following things:
what effects are required, for example, neutralization or suppression.
the proximity of and risks to own troops or non-combatants
what types of munitions, including their fuzing, are to be used and in what quantities
when the targets should be attacked and possibly for how long
how many fire units are needed
ordering the gunners to fire together, either by executive order or by fire at will alone
You can see a commander pointing towards a target, ordering a gunner with a helicopter gun to fire at will.



Please take a look at my custom heavy gunner commander figure!


Custom heavy gunner commander figure front

custom heavy gunner commander figure front


Custom heavy gunner commander back

custom heavy_gunner_commander back



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