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TC-70 was Jabba's protocol droid during the Clone Wars. About 40 years before C-3PO served the Hutt crime lord for a tc70_sysnootlessshort period of time, according to the film. According to their tasks they had to work for Jabba about the same way, they both got mostly ceremonial, protocol, translation tasks. I do not know how long TC-70 worked for Jabba, nor what happened to her. In the Return of the Jedi EV9D9 told C-3PO that his predecessor, i.e. the previous protocol droid had been desintegrated by the anger of Jabba. It is possible that this was TC-70, but this is not certain. But it is certain that being Jabba's protocol droid is not a life insurance. Surely Jabba often filled his wrath on the translator, so when something was told to him that he did not like, he began to insult the droid at best scenario, at worst he hit the droid, and in worst case he ordered it to be desintegrated.

Therefore, the current protocol droids tried to put all words gently enough, but when they obviously had to translate something, which the Hutt did not like, it could be packaged, refined anyhow, there was a high chance to get a punch. We have seen clearly that in his rage he punched C-3PO back-handed in a case in the Jedi, that the droid fell from him down from the throne, and when he climbed back to his side, there was a green gunk on the droid’s chest, which stuck to it from Jabba's froggy hands. But he scold them too, billing the droids for all kinds of stupid, idiot. but he scolded Bib Fortuna too, when he was temporary Force Mind tricked by Luke. Let's just say it is easy to talk about the stupid Fortuna, because as you know the Hutts can not go be mind tricked, but the Twi'lek Bib Fortuna was defenseless against it. He received some bad words for it, but fortunately he did not hurt physicly. So in addition to the carefully put words the robots and also Bib Fortuna often used a type of glorifying, too servile, boot licking language, which kept fanning the Hutt's vain self-image, and raised tc70_dooku_fordithim up all the time. For example, the invocation and titling Jabba (almost) always got something exaggerated, exalted flag nefoore his name, like Exalted, All Mighty, Powerful, Infinitely wise, Gracious, or some other. Often the guests used this language, too. Of course, it could not save anyone at Jabba's wrath, but it may deaden the edge of communication.

TC-70 also operated as a gateway between Jabba and the arrivals, meaning she introduced them to Jabba, and the lower status strangers often could not directly speak to the Hutt, only through the droid, who gave the message to Jabba as the protocol dictates, then translated Jabba's growl to the guest. It is tc70_protokolsometimes concerned even members of the court, and, well, let's face it, there was a lot of villany and scum, who had to follow these protocolls too. Here a Nikto guard whispers into TC-70's ears, the droid will tell Jabba the message as the protocoll orders.

When Jabba sent out three bounty hunters, TC-70 announced their return, saying that the bounty hunters returned. Obviously, this was a careful disclosure of information, which defended the droid herself, because she did not dare to tell Jabba that the bounty hunters were killed, their mission failed. All of this only got clear for Jabba when the bounty hunters were brought in, although in pieces, their heads cut off. Jabba shouted furiously, but this time TC-70 was lucky and had not been hurt by the Hutt.

TC-70 was also responsible for filtering the potential hazards, although Jabba has undertook a multi-level filtering and security system. Oobviously the most important source of danger was the tc70_elkeri_anakin_fegyveretweapon problem, so TC-70 usually has asked the visitor's gun to be given at her at the entrance, and just after that let the visitor in. (Here you can see as she ask Anakin to handle his lightsaber.) Of course, there still was/or could be a body search inside, and there was Wol Cabasshite, a giant mollusk that is stuck to the wall of the chamber of the Hutt, and explored and scanned the new people with its sensitive tongue, sniffed, quasi searched them. Of course, weapons can stillgot through the checks. Once a bomb was set against Jabba, which was eaten by Bubo, a loyal man of him, to rescue the Hutt from an assassination attempt. Bubo swallowed the bomb, that tore off his lower body, but he survived, and for that Jabba received him in his court in gratitude of his survive.But, for example Leia somehow brought in a termal detonator, which she used to blackmail Jabba to pay more for Chewbacca. And of course his guards, his bountyhuunters, and the average denizen around Jabba may have weapons, so Jabba had to constantly keep an eye open for those many dubious figure among him. So te often led down his frustration on those that were around him, especially the weak. Such as the droids.

TC-70 first appeared in the tc70_fogad_kenobiStar Wars: The Clone Wars pilot episode. This whole evening episode was introduced and launched the Clone Wars animated series to its successful march, which has given us six great seasons, and many interesting characters, and story. One of these was TC-70 as well.The droid received a feminine programming and female voice. It is characterized by a kind of unnatural emphasis, and sometimes monotonous, unemotional voice. Her painting is diametrically different from the "normal" protocol droids, whose paintings are usually more consolidated, only with one color. We know the TC series such as TC-14, who is known from The Phantom Menace, she welcomed Qui Gon in the movie, she was silver color for example. The series 3PO have more representatives, they are mostly gold, white, red or blue. In contrast, TC-70 shines bronze, brown, and metallic silver all over the whole body.

After the pilot tc70_cadbaneepisode TC-70 shows up even 3 more Clone Wars episodes, translates for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker, Cad Bane, tc70_papanoidaBaron Papanoida, then mentioned in comic, appeared in books, novels, could be seen in games animations, then finally she can be collected from Build A Droid pieces. It is a standard product tying method, you have to buy six figures, each figure has a part in the box, you need two hands, two legs, a head and torso, from which you can build a TC-70. I rather custom made it myself.

5D6-RA7 is an all-new figure that can be only built if you buy many of the following figures. The packages come with one extra pieces included in the bottom of the bubble. You can find pieces packed with the following figures:
• Clone Trooper (Coruscant Landing Platform) (includes 5D6-RA7 body)
• Jodo Kast (includes 5D6-RA7 head)
• Yaddle & Even Piell (includes 5D6-RA7 right leg)
• Saleucami Trooper (includes 5D6-RA7 left leg)
• Count Dooku (Holographic Transmission) (includes 5D6-RA7 right arm)
• Imperial Engineer (includes 5D6-RA7 left arm)

In addition, parts can also be found with the following GREATEST HITS figures:
• Darth Vader BD-08 (includes 5D6-RA7 Right Leg)
• Commander Gree (includes 5D6-RA7 Left Leg)
• Kashyyyk Trooper GH-02 (includes 5D6-RA7 Right Arm)
• Imperial EVO Trooper GH-04 (includes 5D6-RA7 Left Arm)

So this figure is not easy to collect and build. A lot of money, and a bunch of time if you choose to collect all the figures listed above, and gain the droid parts from them. However, you'll can check out eBay for other options, but buying the complete figure costs you some extra. But it may worth. And even we got two versions of 5D6-RA7, the black and the silver versions, and they are pretty cool figures. It's not quite super articulated because of the bizarre elbow joints which result in some pretty funky movement. But we used to it since C-3PO, who had the same arm positure. It's more droid-like in that stance, of course. The only real ball joint is in the torso so we can set the droid in many positures. The sculpt is excellent, anyway. The detail on the helmet is pretty good comparing it with the ancestor, but it has not got too much details in the mouth grill. The black paint deco looks a little weathered, but not too much, giving the figure a quasi-metal finish. And while it isn't the first Death Star Droid action figure we have ever received, it is however the first one that has had an acceptable amount of movable joints. 5D6-RA7 is a "right on time" update for a very popular droid that has a quite unintentional confusing and convoluted history. These droids are definitely the enemy and have been used in all forms of espionage in addition to direct combat. A very adversarial protocol droid, its antagonistic behavior has leaked into its action figure form quite well. He is very faithful to his character in the film, he was very well done!  The body is colored beautifully and nearly identical to what was seen in the film. If we were to pick one thing, it would be the photoreceptors, they are great. The action figure's eyes were painted in a bronze color. It is unknown at this point if Hasbro will reuse this Build A Droid sculpt to revisit other Death Star Droids, especially 3B6-RA-7 (the infamous Sandcrawler droid) from which the original vintage Death Star Droid was inspired. (Interestingly, Hasbro decided to pay homage to the actual vintage figure and release it a MB-RA-7 in wave 4 of The Legacy Collection.) Besides these, there are many other Death Star Droids Hasbro could produce as well, but it would be especially great to get the gold 3B6 next, so all three color versions could be available.

mbra7_5d6ra7The Build A Droid pack-in premium has been very well received by both kids and collectors. They are rare, and expensive, but many people are hunting them. I could not managed to get all part from 5D6-RA7, so I decided to get the missing, but compatible parts from the silver version, painting them black. 5D6-RA7 is a brilliant addition to your Build A Droid collection. And if you're into Death Star dioramas, this one is absolutely required, also can be nice in an imperial scene.

Take a look at my custom 5D6-RA7 figure!



Custom 5D6-RA7 droid figure front

tc70_custom front

Custom 5D6-RA7 B-A-D figure

tc70 jabba udvarában


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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2017. 12. 15



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