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R7-T1 was an R7-series astromech droid that was produced by Industrial Automaton some time after the Battle of Endor.

R7-T1 had a shorter name, or rather designation number, often called just as RT, nicknamed Artee. Such an R7 served as Luke Skywalker's in-flight astromech droid when the Jedi borrowed an E-wing escort starfighter from the New Republic Defense Force for a brief time during the Black Fleet Crisis. (The Black Fleet Crisis Novel "Before The Storm" written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, which deals with the events after The Return Of The Jedi, I do not know too much from this era.) However, Skywalker never became comfortable with either the E-wing or the R7 astromech droid, and as soon as possible he abandoned them in favor of his usual X-wing starfighter and his old pal and trustworthy astromech droid, R2-D2.

However, this is a very peripherical information, even big Star Wars fans don’t know these stories. So when R7-T1 was first released, many fans just stared at the robot, wandering who this droid is, created by Hasbro in their "Droid Factory" or better known as Build a droid series. But since the promotion was strong, and many fans liked the droid, many of them bought is, or put it together from the BAD parts. There was one part of the droid in each of the following items, packaged with several action figures in 2008. Saesee Tiin (right leg), Padme Amidala (left leg), Mon Calamari Warrior (torso), and Quarren Soldier (head and middle leg).

R7-T1 is visually very r7_t1colorful, and seems new, but f you take a closer look it similar to R2, with only paint differences (the pattern of panels on the droid's torso). The only big REAL difference is the triangular "eye". The inner utilities and arms remained hidden behind the chest panel somewhere. The droid has a nice electronic on its neck area, some wires and some sorts of techs stuff. Its legs have rocket boosters, which the droid uses when flies. Each leg includes a removable rocket attachment from some sort of fire (?) comes out. The leg panel is painted blue, which flips open to deploy the rocket when the droid starts flying. The third leg is just a plug-in, so if you want your R7-T1 bipedal it's just a matter of removing it. Then the droid stands straight. If you attach the middle leg, the droid leans a bit backwards, pushing its stomach ahead, forming the basic and usual stance of the astromechs. All three legs have little rolls in them, so you can move the figure by pushing it, it will start rolling. R7-T1 has the typical 5 astromech joints (dome, 2 legs, 2 ankles) and a very cleanly applied paint application with no dirty or battle damage markings.

The e-wing tervrajzR7-series was developed under a corporate secret during the Thrawn Crisis, to act as a dedicated counterpart to FreiTek's new E-wing starfighter. Although the R7 is considered to be the most advanced series of astromech droids in the galaxy, boasting a navicomputer equivalent to r6-r7 összehasonlító tervrajzsome small starships, and protection against power surges and low-level ion blasts because of their heavy shield against electrical discharges, and a typical R7 unit could hold up to fifteen hyperspace jump coordinates in its astrogation buffer, yet the droid was not too popular since its incompatibility with anything but the E-wing. Only one known R7 unit (known only as "Fiver") was made compatible with an XJ-series X-wing by Anakin Solo, although it took extensive modifications to both the droid and the starfighter.

This is quite a good astromech droid, which will most likely appeal to astromech droid fans, or lovers of the Expanded Universe, or fans of The Black Fleet Crisis novels. I’m myself rather a astromech lover, so I made this one as a member of my astrodroid collection. Built from BAD pieces, on leg was only missing, but I replaced it with a similar leg. Guess which one?

Take a look at my custom R7-T1 robot!


Custom R7-T1 droid figure front

r7-t1_custom front

Custom R7-T1 B-A-D figure, and a leg that I used



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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2013.08.21.



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