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R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo) was an R5-series astromech droid owned by Rebel Alliance Captain r5m2 birodalom visszavágShawn Valdez, an evacuation officer assigned to Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth during the Galactic Civil War. R5-M2, specially programmed r5m2to plot sublight tactical courses for starships, played an extremely valuable role during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY by assisting Valdez in planning evacuation routes from Echo Base.

R5-M2, or r5m2 figuraArfive-Emmtoo, was a member of the R5-series astromech droid line, which proved to be commercially unsuccessful but was nonetheless in high demand during the Galactic Civil War for use in combat starships. By early 3 ABY, R5-M2 was owned by and served alongside Rebel Alliance Captain Shawn Valdez, a popular and charismatic evacuation officer stationed at the Alliance High Command headquarters of Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth.

R5-M2 was r5m2 szerepjáték kártyapresent inside Echo Base's central hangar, chirping melodiously, when Rebel accessory Han Solo returned from conducting a routine scouting mission of the base's exterior with Commander Luke Skywalker, in which Skywalker ultimately went missing after falling prey to an ambush from a native wampa ice creature. The droid passed in front of Solo's path as the latter passed through the congested hangar. During the Battle of Hoth days later, R5-M2 played a small but pivotal role in helping the Rebellion successfully evacuate Echo Base immediately in the face of overwhelming Imperial assault. R5-M2, who was specially programmed to plot sublight tactical courses for space travel, proved extremely valuable by coordinating plans, providing tactical support to Valdez, and planning evacuation routes from the base during the battle. The astromech droid R5-M2 became but another droid who played an invaluable role in the Rebel Alliance's struggle against the Empire when the Rebellion effectively put R5-M2's special sublight course-plotting programming to good use during the hothreconBattle of Hoth. R5-M2 assisted in the Rebel escape from Hoth by planning evacuation routes from Echo Base. A battlepack depicts the Echo base crew and events, which is called Hoth Recon. It contains an old Han Solo, an old K-3PO, a Chewbacca, and this R5 unit. All were seen previously. The probe droid also a previously introduced figure, but this newer version is cooler, its paint is much more authentic, silver, metallic, and the orange disguisting parts were removed. However this new probe is very cool, buying a battlepack for it is worthless. 

R5-M2's exterior plating included a black head and a blue-and-white color scheme. However, one of R5-M2's forward manipulator arms was missing from its body during its service time at Echo Base. R5-M2 first appeared briefly in the 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back as one of the many droid extras populating the Echo Base central hangar during the scene in which Han Solo first enters the base following his patrol of the Hoth wastelands with Luke Skywalker. The droid was later identified by number and given a brief role with the Rebels of Echo Base on the "R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo)" card of the November 1996 Hoth Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. custom_r5m2 hoth mezei jelenetbenR5-M2 was only a droid in the background. It was only a decoration, which was sent there not to let the background empty. I bet it hadn't got a name, an owner, a function, a background story. This was ALL created afterwards, when a figure was released, and when the moneyfactory decided to gain some more from it. It is an interesting and cute R5 unit, who is a good figure for astromech lovers, or those fans who plan to build a Hoth diorama. But nothing more, then a white torso, and a black headed R5 unit in the background. I wouldn't spent a dime on it, I wouldn't buy it, rather built it from BAD parts. Customizing it was a good task, which gave good goal for me, when I was wondering what to make from the Build-A-Droid parts.


Take a look at my custom R5-M2 figure!


Custom R5-M2 droid figure front

r5m2__custom front

Custom R5-M2 B-A-D figure back

custom_r5m2 back

Custom R5-M2 B-A-D figure in a Hoth diorama

custom_r5m2 hoth diorama


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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2013.09.16.


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