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This MB-RA7 "Death Star Droid" was released in wave 3 in 2008's Legacy Collection (which was a series of repacks and repaints) as a build-a-droid (BAD) figure. This figure is mistakenly called Death Star droid, since it has never been a DS droid. We all know the real Death Star droid, wo were black, and called an other name. Previously there were released 2 DS droids, a newer one called 5D-RA7, who were a remake of 1998's Power of the Force Freeze frame Death Star Droid. (The Kenner figure came with a mouse droid and was a very faithful reproduction to the movie costume.) I have already introduced 5D-RA7 here on CustomStarWars. The same torso was used to make MB-RA7 in silver. Hasbro often does this method to their madness when releasing a "new" figure, let it be a clone, an astromech, or even a Build A Droid figure. If you've paid close attention, there is a pattern on the chest area. It is on the both droids, and also their limbs are the same. They seem have a process in place that utilizes each mold twice, so each Build A Droid figure (with very few exceptions) has a repaint of 'itself' somewhere else in another wave in the basic figure line. 5D6-RA7 is actually the "first" version of the Death Star Droid Build A Droid figure we received, with MB-RA-7 being the second (in wave 4 of The Legacy Collection). The sculpt was surprisingly excellent and exceeded my expectations and I hope it becomes the template for all future protocol Death Star droids. vintage_starwars_deathstar_droidMB-RA7 was never seen in any official Star Wars materials. MB-RA-7 was an RA-7 protocol droid that served as an art instructor during the final years of the Old Republic. There is no other information about this droid, we know nothing about him, just that it has silver plating. 

This droid was made as the vintage "Death Star Droid" action figure in the '70s. It is a poor quality figure, and because of its color, it can not considered authentic. This droid was first identified by Hasbro, for its new 2008 action figure resculpt, which was used for the "Build-a-Droid" figure. The designation of MB can be traced back to Star Wars illustrator Matt Busch who had drawn "You Can Draw Star Wars" features in Star Wars Kids, where he labeled his artist RA-7 with his initials to give it an identity. So even its name, like all the figure, fictive. Despite all of these, Lego Star Wars made a minifigure of it in the Death Star set released in 2008.

The figure has a total of 10 joints, missing articulated wrists and ankles. (swivel head, 2 swivel shoulders, 2 ball-jointed elbows, ball-jointed torso, 2 swivel hips, 2 ball-jointed knees.) The shoulders contain only swivel joints and limit the poses you can put the arms in. But this is evident, since the arm is a BAD part, which can be only attached to the torso, so the arm could move front and back. The Protocol Droid's left leg is a bit shorter than the right, and because of it the figure has balancing problems and will often fall over if you don't use a stand. The paint application looks pretty simple. The paint application is a dull silver without any scratches, dirt or battle markings and it really does look a bit plain. This 5D6-RA7 figure is a nice addition to the collection if you are a fan of figures from the Expanded Star Wars Universe, and the Old Republic. Of course there were no weapons or accessories included with the figure, but that is absolutely OK, since this droid never had a gun, and had an emplty hand in all refference photos, too. Also, he came in pieces, not in a package, so he was our gift in its simple form.

MB-RA7 is an all-new figure that can be only built if you buy many of the following figures. The packages come with one extra pieces included in the bottom of the bubble. You can find pieces packed with the following figures:
• Stass Allie (includes MB-RA7 left arm)
• Commander Faie (includes MB-RA7 body)
• General Grievous (includes MB-RA7 head)
• Bail Organa (includes MB-RA7 right arm)
• Breha Organa (includes MB-RA7 left leg)
• FX-6 (includes MB-RA7 right leg)
• Clone Trooper (327th Star Corps) (includes MB-RA7 body)

In addition, parts can also be found with the following figures:
• Darth Vader (includes MB-RA7 head)
• Clone Trooper (Coruscant Landing Platform) (includes MB-RA7 right arm)
• Jodo Kast (includes MB-RA7 left leg)
• Saleucami Trooper (includes MB-RA7 right leg)
• Kashyyyk Trooper (includes MB-RA7 left arm)

So this mbra7 bad piecesfigure is not easy to collect and build. I didnot managed to collect all pieces, neither. Only these parts was available for me, which you can see on the picture. I traded a head from one of my friends, which was an old POTF DS droid head. Its neck was missing, so a small hole was made into its head, and a matchstick was placed into it, so to the head could move all around. A lot of money, and a bunch of time if you choose to collect all the figures listed above, and gain the droid parts from them. However, you'll can check out eBay for other options, but buying the complete figure costs you some extra. But it may worth. And even we got two versions of MB-RA7, the black and the silver versions, and they are pretty cool figures. It's not quite super articulated because of the bizarre elbow joints which result in some pretty funky movement. But we used to it since C-3PO, who had the same arm positure. It's more droid-like in that stance, of course. The only real ball joint is in the torso so we can set the droid in many positures. The sculpt is excellent, anyway. The detail on the helmet is pretty good comparing it with the ancestor, but it has not got too much details in the mouth grill.

It is unknown at this point if Hasbro will reuse this Build A Droid sculpt to revisit other Death Star Droids, especially 3B6-RA-7 (the infamous Sandcrawler droid) from which the original vintage Death Star Droid was inspired. (Interestingly, Hasbro decided to pay homage to the actual vintage figure and release it a MB-RA-7 in wave 4 of The Legacy Collection.) Besides these, there are many other Death Star Droids Hasbro could produce as well, but it would be especially great to get the gold 3B6 next, so all three color versions could be available.

The mbra7_5d6ra7Build A Droid pack-in premium has been very well received by both kids and collectors. They are rare, and expensive, but many people are hunting them. I could not managed to get all part from MB-RA7, so I decided to get the missing, but compatible parts from the  black version, painting them silver. MB-RA7 is a brilliant addition to your Build A Droid collection. And if you're into droids, this one is absolutely required, also can be nice in any kind of droid collection. Especially with its brother, they look pretty cool together, chating about important droid business.

Take a look at my custom MB-RA7 figure!



Custom MB-RA7 droid figure front

mbra7 custom front

Custom MB-RA7 B-A-D figure right



Custom MB-RA7 droid figure left

mbra7 custom left

Custom MB-RA7 B-A-D figure back



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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2012.11.20.



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