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caoc clone attack on coruscant set 2005This Clone trooper attack pack was created especially for Target to celebrate the release of the final episode in the Star Wars SAGA, Revenge of the Sith. In this article we will introduce the set, the clones in it, and the clone commander, which inspired the custom figure that you'll find at the bottom of the article.

Target exclusive set Clone attack on Coruscant was an impressive set that has also proven highly popular. And not just for the figures, but also the packaging. The set is packed like a cool diorama box. However the clone attack on Coruscant does not come with a Republic gunship, it looks like if the clones were standing in a ship. You will really have to think out of the box with this one, even the loose collectors, and the army builders have to decide whether they open the set or not! The exclusive repack from 2005, the Clone Attack On Coruscant set includes 4 Coruscant clone troopers and a clone commander. These are all recolored or from previous figures, as we say "repaints". grey clones welcomed a wookie delegation at the airportThese grey clone troopers appear briefly onscreen in Revenge of the Sith on Coruscant, when they welcomed a wookie delegation at the airport. The basic clone troopers in the set can not be articulated well. They have the same body that was used for the caoc_grey_vs_deluxe_clone_trooperdeluxe carded clone trooper, only this time they have standard weapons instead of that sniper rifle that he had in that set, and he has no firing jet backpack this time. These clone troopers have pre-posed bent elbows, and the whole arm articulation is quite poor. And still, due to the cool packaging they look living, and the scene gives them a moment of life. This package is like a diorama, not only a simple colorful card. The Clone Attack on Coruscant Set has a backdrop. It gives you a view of Coruscant, with the Jedi Temple in the background. It is under attack, as the Jedi Temple is pouring smoke into the sky. corsucant landing platform clones has grey armorThe clones are traveling in a Transport ship (a Republic Gunship), four of them in the bay which is already an open, and the fifth in the doorway. All of the figures have their guns at the ready. All are in battle positions. One of the clones even has one leg up on the raised edge of the transport, and his hand is holding the top of the opening.

We can read the following sentences on the back of the box. "These clone troopers spring into battle as a massive droid army swarms upon Coruscant. As members of the Republic's mighty army corps, these clone troopers exit their gunships and engage the enemy in close-quarter combat, showing no inclinations of fear, hesitation or remorse. clones_attacked_jedi_generalsTheir commander takes charge and orders the troopers to protect their designated areas at all costs. Using their blaster rifles and pistols, these troopers take down droid after droid...until the secret declaration of Order 66. Now, these once loyal members of the Republic Army will change allegiances and serve a new master." However I think they have the same master, who ordered them to attack different targets, the former Jedi generals, brothers-in-arms, and friends...


legacy_battlepacks_clone_attack on coruscant setIf you are fed up with repaints, and you are feeling sick with the re-carded, newly boxed figures and sets, you may don't want to hear that Hasbro is planning to release a new box version of the same Clone Attack on Coruscant set pretty soon. The Legacy battlepack clone attack on Coruscant set this time won't come with a burning Jedi temple backdrop, and the old grey clone trooper haven't been changed to the newer, better articulated ones neither, so the set represents that greedy ideology, which recently makes the fans and collectors to give up collecting the clones, as they cannot be collected all, there will be always a next one, in a new box, on a new card, or with new colors! It will never end, there will always be a new version, a new card, or if there won't be any more, they will put the same figure in a different box, representing a greedy business policy.


That is the reason, why I have handmade this caoc_clone_commanderCaoC clone commander for me some years ago. I didn't wanted to buy 4 pieces of the same poorly articulated grey clone troopers, and didn't want to pay once more for a Bacara clone. So I bought 1 piece of grey clone, and bought a rough clone torso, it was all white, there was no skirt on him, and no chest plate on him, even the bands were missing. So I hade to totally paint him myself, including his helmet, and had to make all of his accessories. Fortunately I managed to buy a white skirt, too, but that was a bit tight-fitting in waist, so the waist of the clone had to be rasped a bit. Even his DC-15 rifle is custom, as we made a strap for it, so the clone could hang it on his shoulder. The strap were made from a gum of a canned fruit bottle. :-) He got a bit dirt and battle damage on his armor and on his skirt. This clone was a pretty good custom figure, I like it. Hopefully you'll be pleased with the end result, too.


The clone commander has a DC-15 Blaster Rifle, a DC-15 Blaster pistol, a shoulder harness, and a kama, while two of his men have DC-15 Blasters and the remaining two have DC-15 Blaster rifles. The Clone Commander did not appear on screen. It's possible he's Cort Davin, who was an ARC Trooper who trained Bacara. The Clone Commander is a repaint of Commander Bacara, painted to resemble an ARC Trooper.



Custom CaoC clone officer figure front

caoc clone_officer_custom front

Custom Clone attack on Coruscant clone commander figure back

clone_attack_on_coruscant clone commander back


Thanks for your attention, come back soon, there are and will be some more other interesting things here, waiting for you!


written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2009. 05. 04.


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