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R4-M6 was an clone wars rajzfilmR4-series astromech droid socketed into Mace Windu's Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor. He was seen in the Clone Wars cartoon series. So this little droid was given us by the Tartakowski Clone Wars project, just like Asajj Ventress, Durge, Grunda Dolma, L8-L9, beside many other characters who we have seen for the first time in this little series, however, compared to the subsequent Clone Wars animated series it is in graphically highly underdeveloped form, yet in very likable serving. The Hungarian's Star Wars "brother nation" the nelvaanians were also seen in this series, who interestingly spoke Hungarian, their shaman called "Orvos" (which means doctor in Hungarian), and they were many ways reminiscent of the ancient Hungarians.

Otherwise windu_eta_r4m6as the small R4 showed up in the series almost immediately he was destroyed during the Battle of windu_starfighterCoruscant, when Mace Windu collided with a fleet of vulture droids and droid tri-fighters and was forced to jump out of the damaged vehicle's cockpit leaving it before it felt down with windu_eta2_actis_interceptorR4-M6 crash landing somewhere down on Coruscant. Ejecting from the canopy, windu_vultureWindu lands on one of the droid fighters, which he cuts open with his lightsaber and hot-wires to ride it through the sky. Three clone pilots in an ARC-170 watch in amazement as Windu destroys the trio of droid fighters on their tail.

R4-M6, as well as R4-P17 (and few other astromech droids owned by Jedi), was modified with the head of an R2-series astromech droid. Instead of the trapezoidal R4 head he got a R2 series astromech droid semi-circular dome. Apparently, the Jedi did not like the R4's head.

The small-R4 M6 astrodroid was ../bf2/force_jump_windupurple, matching both Windu's starfighter and lightsaber blade colors, as well as his clone units who served under Windu. So Windu's image has become homogeneous, almost everything was purple that can be attached to him. He differed it when instead of the crashed and destroyed R4 he took a new astromech with totally different colors. I had previously prepared and presented his second droid, R8-B7, who did not fit into the purple brand identity with its gray, blue and yellow colors. (See the bottom picture with a fictitious scene of the two astromechs that are good together even though, in reality they would not ever meet, because R4 destroyed during the Battle of Coruscant, then after it R8 became Windu's droid).

Hasbro saga2_r4m6made an action figure of R4-M6 in 2006. releasing the figure in a beautiful card project as a member of the SAGA 2 series, which was known to have a backdrop in the background, so the figure in the box was virtually in a scene. Interestingly, although the background is a Republican hangar, presumably the Jedi Temple hangar, yet R4-M6 ended up in front of a Republic Gunship instead of Windu's starfighter, which is not the best background for him, but adequate. Since R4-M6 has an officially released original action figure, so the newly made custom R4-M6 figure will be placed in the action figure main section.


Take a look at my custom R4-M6 figure!



Custom R4-M6 droid figure front view


R4-M6 custom figure back



R4-M6 and R8-B7 together in a fictive scene



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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2016.12.11.


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