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501 clone commander

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The figure which is 501anakinbeing introduced in this article, is a fictionary, not a real character. We dreamt him alive, however that is absolutely possible, that was a real 501st clone legion commander well 501_organabefore Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and got the 501 clone legion. The Hasbro company realized that, too, and they have created commander Appo, to lead the five oh first. The man cannot be seen in the movie, but many people think nowadays that he was there when senator Bail Organa zett jukassa levág pár 501es klont de lelövikwas forced to identify himself, Appo was one of that soldeirs. Many of them was killed by Jett Jucassa, a young Jedi padawan, who ran out from the burning Jedi Temple, cut down some 501 clones, but finally the remaining troopers shot him down. This fiction has not too much truth in it, since Appo was never mentioned, or depicted, just after the figure has been released. Yet, a 501st clone commander was needed, and his conception was believable. There had to be a higher ranked clone trooper, who led the legion before a Jedi General klon_tisztwas delegated to the first row. The man, who was named Appo by Hasbro, has been born in a new form here in CustomStarWars. With one of my fellow fan buddy, we dreamt and created him. The new figure was made from a basic red clone officer, and gave his body to help the birth of this impressive new 501 clone commander. He has no name, because the film also did not mentioned any clone officers when it was in the cinemas. We tried to follow the 501st designs, traditions, and colors, painting the authentic designations on the armor, the helmet, and the commander accessories. He has no story, since he is not a real character, just a figure who fills an empty space in the evergreen story. Take a look at him!



Custom 501 clone commander figure front

501 clone_commander_custom front

Custom 501 clone officer figure back

501 clone commander back


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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2012.01.29.


501 clone commander

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