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Orange astromech droid from the Clone Wars

Drawn and cartoon figures: Orange astromech droid from Clone Wars


Orange astromech droid from Clone Wars season 1 and season 3


The perceptive onlookers can always see some special orange_astromech_droidR-series astromech droids in the movies, and in the Clone Wars series. And since Star Wars fans are perceptive, they often watch the backgrounds, because there can be often found very special, and never else seen droids, creatures, and pedestrians, moving, working, or just standing behind the protagonists. After watching all episodes for the tenth time, knowing the plot and the lines, many fans narancs_astrodroid_piacon a háttérbenturn towards the sidemen, and supporting cast, searching some unique characters in the back. And since they are no name character, and since they have never been released as a figure, the task is set, they are perfect object for a custom figure. we often see astromech droids rolling by in the background, this time I selected an orange one, who can be seen in Clone Wars season 2, and in Clone Wars, season 3. This is a special tribute figure, celebrating the start of the 3rd season in Hungary, dedicating to my friend in the Hungarian Clone Wars crew.

During the Clone Wars, members of this R-series droids were used by the Republic for a variety of roles, including use aboard starfighters like the ARC-170 and capital ships like the Acclamator-class assault ship. astromechanikai_droidok a pilóták mögöttWe could see a similar orange astromech droid unit in the first season of the Clone Wars animated film. He was standing in the background behind Anakin's pilots in that hangar, from where the Shadow squadron took off to attack the Malevolence, General Grievous' flagship, which was armed with the dangerous ion weapon.

We could see a green R5 unit in the Clone Wars beside him, too. I have already introduced that green R5 in this site. Also, the third, blue-red droid was introduced on in CustomStarWars! We do not know their type, or identifiers. We do not even know, if they are R2 or R3 units. R3 units usually transparent head dome, but that is not always that way. So we do not know too much of this little guy, he is so new, that he orange_astromech_cw3do not have a name, and do not have a type, so I called him an "orange astromech". We even do not know, who is his pilot, who the droid aids in the space battles, but he is so unique, he worth custom making. Later in the third season of Clone Wars a similar orange astromech can be seen in the Coruscant streets, when R2-D2 and C-3PO go to the market to buy some fruits.

He is not totally orange, though. Most of his torso is orange, but the bottom side, and three legs, called threads are white. The spacecraft linkage, and the repair arms plate is also white, together with the shoulder part of the leg. Also, around the system ventilation r4_schematicsand loudspeaker exhausts the square is white. The dome is grey, but the equipments and the auditory sensors are orange. The system indicators glow yellow. The radar eye is black, while the lower eye is blue. R2 and R3 units were commonly used by clone pilots in their fighters, since they were clever, and dutiful. They were sitting behind the pilot cockpit, which made them an easy target in a fighter or a bomber droid socket. While in capital ships and aboard Republic warships, they were allowed to move freely around the board, making the needed maintenances, calculating hyperspace routes, and helping in every thinkable works, giving a helping hand or a helping "droid arm" for the crew, including medical activities, monitoring vital equipment such as life support capsules.


The figure is a very special one. It was made from different color Build a droid (BAD) parts, and for that it is a quite special custom figure, which was never before seen, and never was released by any. I traded, bought, or just got the parts from fellow Hungarian Star Wars fans, readers of CustomStarWars, whose names are listed in the Hungarian "Csere bere" section site, where I say a special thank you for all those guy, look, what those parts became, how can birth a brand new droid from different colored rubbish.



Please take a look at my custom orange astrodroid unit figure!


Custom orange astrodroid unit figure front

custom orange astrodroid unit figure front


Custom orange astromech unit figure from the left

custom orange astrodroid unit figure 


Custom green orange robot figure from the back

custom orange robot figure back


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