Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy - JA

Developer: Raven Software

Publisher: Lucasarts



Jedi Academy is the forth episode of the Jedi Knight saga, but is called Jedi knight 3 pretty often. But if you reckon in Dark Forces, what hadn't give you Forces and lightsaber, then the SAGA really has four episodes. Well, the old project is very far now from Dark Forces, as playing Academy you'll be able to wield two lightsabers and you can make great combos with them, you can see Matrix-like effects, so this program has reached the top of both the graphical, and game experience. However Lucasarts used the old engine of Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast called Quake III in this game, too - Academy is well revamped. Some believed we got just a simple "next episode" but those had to be disappointed, because JA became a great game, which was beyond its age, and grew above its category.


New game experience

Jedi Academy's first big innovation is the character generating. You can design your character when starting a new game. Just like in many role games you can choose the sex and the race of your hero. There are more available races, not only the traditional humanoids (human race, a man or a woman), but some unique new races, like kel dor, t'wilek, rodian, and zabrak. These are all very unique and spectacular races, but I did not hesitate, and chose a Kel Dor male, species of Plo Koon, this is how my Jaden Korr the protagonist was born. You can choose his skin color, his mask, his clothing. You can customize the other species, too. Even their hair color can be chose from some samples.
But the biggest innovation is also can be set at this early point of the game, you can choose your saber from a list, selecting its hilt, and the blade color! jedi_academy_lightsaber screen First you can have a basic lightsaber in one of your hands, but later, after your first lightsaber perished, you can craft a new one. It can be a staff, a two-bladed saber (Darth Maul), or two pieces of one-handed, one-bladed saber, one in each hand. That was a marvelous idea from the developers. First, they allowed us the interesting and exciting possibility of character generating, well before KotOR1. Second, they forced the fans to play it through twice, with both weapons if they wanted to see the combos of the basic sabers, and the acrobatic moves and kicks when wielding a staff. Also, many gamers blessed the developers, because they don't have to play the half of the game till they find their first saber. We can agree, the lightsaber is "a part of" the Jedi. So this way, that you have your saber from the very beginning, the whole game feeling is different, for the joy of the many great fencer, who liked the saber fights in the Jedi Knight series. That is the reason of the conflict between the two group of game fans. However Jedi Academy is a sequel, it has its own fan groups, who make a big difference between JA and JK2, but this difference is mainly based on the Multiplayer.


The story of Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Jaden Korr is a big talent. The Force is strong with him, but he is a bit old to be a Jedi. This is Luke's biggest problem, that is very hard to find a perfect aged, but talented student in the New Republic. Jaden has a high midichlorian level, a real talent, but a bit contrary. Luke sends transport ships all over the Universe, to transport the found talents to Yavin, where their training can be started at the New Academy. That is how we first see Jaden, travelling in a transport ship among the other students. But he is different and better then anyone else, as he has his own lightsaber! The others has noticed his saber, and they acknowledged it. Usually a Jedi padawan makes his/her lightsaber after the Jedi Exams, or as a part of the Jedi Exam. The lightsaber is a true friend of a Jedi, and a term of his survival in the whole lifetime. So crafting it properly is extremely important, and difficult. It is said to be a life-threatening process, if the saber detonates because of a mistake during the crafting. And a not precisely made saber can break down anytime, and a malfunction during a battle also can take the Jedi's life. Nevertheless Jaden has his own operational, and well-crafted saber, which is pretty nice. Yeah, your saber is a lovely one, that is evident, as you chose its hilt, remember? An apprentice soon discovers that hilt on the board of the transport ship. Rosh Penin quickly dogs Jaden's footsteps, he sticks like a limpet. In addition, he is quite a weak one, but wanna overcome all other student, so he is ready to do immoral things, too, but I will tell it later...


Rosh sits next to Jaden, and wants to be his friend, but suddenly the ship shakes because of a detonation, and has to crash-land near the forest of Yavin IV. The pilot was lucky to land safely with the lot of talented youngsters on board. Jaden and Rosh decides to walk on foot to that location, where they saw Luke's Academy from above, when crash-landed. You'll have a chance to practice your fighting skills, and to use your saber in the woods, as you'll meet some screaming reptiles, whose voice causes a physical pain. (That may gave the idea for the developers of KotOR 2 for the new Force ability, called Force Scream, which is a painful screaming, too) So you'd rather attack those reptiles when they inhale between two screams, or when they "clear their throats", otherwise keep a safe distance from them. Soon we'll reach the Academy, but first you gotta fight some 2-3 stormtroopers, and a reborn, too. But where are they coming from? What are they doing, here, on Yavin? Well, Tavion has started to accomplish her plans. They visit those systems, which have some sort of Force in/on them, to steal Force energy from the Force-rich locations. They use the scepter_of_ragnosscepter of Ragnos to drain and release the flow of the Force, and with that Force they wanna resurrect one of the greatest, and evil Sith lord of the past, Marka Ragnos. So she first sent her best men, Alora, a red t'wilek woman, and 2 elite reborn brothers, to steal some data form Luke's private archives, that contain data of the Force locations of the Galaxy. These intruders are lurking around you in the opening scenes, and they use that scepter, what will be very important later on. Jaden notices them, and tries to find out, what they are up to, watching them from cover. But suddenly that unknown scepter emits a huge and unbelievable force beam, that knocks Jaden down, who collapses, and falls into a swoon.

When he wakes up, there are many people standing around him. Hey, there are Kyle Katarn, and Luke Skywalker amongst them! Kyle reaches out his hand and helps a female Jaden Korr to stagger to her feetKyle even reaches out his hand, and helps Jaden to stagger to his feet. What a honor! He worries about the young Jaden, but he has no pain, except a head-ache. But Luke feels, something has happened. He feels a convergence in the Force, he knows, evil Forces are about to rise. When he tells it to the others, there comes the first joke of the game, as Kyle answers that Luke always has some bad feelings. In the films and games that seems to be haunting from all characters to say at least once the following phrase: I have a baaaad feeling about this. :-) But this time not only Luke is pessimist, because master Katarn feels the dark cloud, too. MASTER Katarn? What? Well, Kyle Katarn Jedi master is a teacher of the Jedi Academy, fight instructor, and Luke's right hand. The padawans respect him, and like him. Rosh and Jaden are also feels very honored, and call him Master Katarn, but Kyle offers to call him simply Kyle. Jaden gets used to it very slowly, but Rosh soon shows exaggerated directness, and puts his elbow on Kyle's shoulder. He says "Kyle" that way, which annoys Kyle, too. There is something abominable in this guy. Anyway, the teachers select students, so Jaden and Rosh will both becomes Kyle Katarn's apprentice. Their first task is the training field. Rosh wanna win, however that is not a competition, his weakness gets publicity when he sends a rosh_penin sent a saberdroid against Jaden korrcombat droid (programmed to kill) against Jaden, to hold up, or kill his rival. The robot almost kills the talented, but at this point not so strong Jaden. But the young Jaden defeats the droid, and a bit lately, but arrives to the end of the training field. He does not tell, what Rosh has done, but Kyle feels and knows what had happened. He scolds rosh_peninRosh Penin, and tries to cut down Rosh's hunger for power, and his need of success, but no use. That was the time, when Rosh put his elbow on Kyle's shoulder, but Kyle pushes the elbow away, and (un)dust his shoulder... These are very important pictures right at this very early point of the game, the situation is telling, and let us gain impressions on the future, and on human relationships.



After we are done with the Jedi training, the Jedi don't waste the time too much, and send Kyle and Jaden to diplomatic journey. So we can immediately start our adventures. The game is not linear. It is totally renewed! Our first journey means to visit 5 planets. There are 3 times 5 planets, after those the game is linear till the very end, till Korriban. In a system, you don't have to visit the planets in a row, you can choose from the five available planets. If four quests are done, you needn't visit the fifth planet, if you don't want to, you can skip it. But I don't suggest it. A Star Wars fan supposedly would like to play all five planets with joy, as they were designed for us, fans. Why should we run through the game, when there is an extra planet, which can give us many new locations, joy, and excitement? After each successfully finished quests we can go back home, awarded a star. You can spend that star on some extra Force Power. This is the way to depict Jaden Korr's dynamical development in the Force. And the developers renewed Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast's pre-decided, scripted method of Kyle's improving in the Force, where we always got the "next" Force in the row. But in JA, you can customize your character, putting your stars on the needed Force Powers, that should mean an ideally trained Jaden, specially customized for your needs. However his basic skills, like Force Jump, Force Speed, Lightsaber defense, and Saber Attack are developing in a decided sequence. You can find these Powers in the "Force window" in the middle of the Force screen, but you can't, and needn't put your stars on these skills. On the left hand side there are the blue, Light Sided Forces, on the right there are the red, the Dark Sided Forces. (Blue is usually the color of the Jedi Lightsaber, while red is traditionally the Sith saber's color, that is why the Forces have these colors.) You can even choose Dark Powers, and we must admit they are the best, and more powerful. You won't be a Sith if you use their Forces, it is allowed for a Jedi in this New Jedi Academy. The traditional Jedi Code forbade using any Dark Power, because that means a temptation for a Jedi. Also, using them effectively they had to go deep in the Dark Side. But that has changed by now. You can use Dark Side techniques with a good aim, but Jedi must control them, not to go deep in them. Also, Luke or Kyle warns you in a telepathic message, if you gone deeper in the Dark Side. But if you haven't seen Kyle Katarn using force lightning, you gotta check it! If Kyle is allowed to use Force Lightning like Count Dooku, we are also allowed to use some DS Powers for a good aim, but be cautious, and keep your distance from the Dark Side, using BOTH Sides' Powers if you wanna remain in the Good Side! But if you wanna play a Dark Side game, don't hesitate, use DS Powers, use Force Grip, Lightning, Rage, kill everybody, and you'll arrive to the Dark Side pretty soon.

The New Academy is different with the lead of Luke, than it was used to be under the Yoda era. Nowadays not only the usage of DS Powers is allowed, but also other old traditions and restrictions were abolished. The traditional Jedi clothing is no more obligatory, so the Jedi wear colorful, unique, designed outfits. This is the other very new element of the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, as these new coveralls and other new clothing are mean a very interesting, new experience.

luke_marajade_benskywalkerAn other new thing - the today Jedi can live the love as a feeling, and as a real part of a human life. The two cock of the walk are ahead, and show the standard, as we know that Luke married the beautiful Mara Jade, who gave him the present, called Ben Skywalker. Kyle is also in love with Jan Ors, however they don't have a child, yet. So that is different to be a Jedi today, it is easier, and unrestrained. Maybe that is a reason why those "overaged" and liberally trained young ones stray from the good path. So the Academy also produce Grey, and Dark Jedi in a quite often proportion! Desann was mentioned before, in the JK2 article, so be careful during you game, don't lead, or let poor Rosh and Jaden to the Dark Side under your control!

The missions are exciting, interesting, and varied. You gotta solve a problem on each planets, but mostly your diplomatic quest turns into fighting, or aggressive diplomacy ala Anakin Skywalker. But you won't have to fight all the time, you can fulfill interesting quests, and run errands, like you gotta place signal lights on the top of a huge building complex to help wedge_antillesWedge Antilles to target with his X-wing. Then you will have to deploy explosives on certain locations of a maze-like city, while Boba Fett always disturbs you. There will be a driveller governor on dosuunDosuun, who captures Jaden then lets him to escape from his cell, because he wanna hunt down the young Jedi. Here you gotta find some weapon first, after escaping your cell, as you won't reach too far with empty hands. I associate Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Running man" on this, when a TV show let some prisoners free to run, then then sent some assassins to hunt down the running men, and this whole show was broadcasted on a TV channel in an evening show. But of course Jaden finally gets back his lightsaber, and teach a lesson for the Jedi-hater governor. jaden_jedi There will be a mission, when you'll have to jump and jump and jump forward till you reach the engine of a running "air-train" in the clouds of Corelia, which makes me remember to the similar mission of Shadows of the Empire. The abandoned Hoth rebel base is occupied by imperials, it is your task to scout the scene, ride jaden_tauntaunthe taun-tauns, and find out what happened. (On the taun-taun you'd better not to use your saber, as you can hurt, or even kill the animal with it! Before a battle climb down from its back, and fight on your foot, or you can "run the snowtroopers over" with your taun-taun)  If you haven't killed enough imperial stormtroopers, just visit Vjun, where acid-rain is pouring from the sky, where the imperials are swarming, and if you are there, don't forget to visit Darth Vader's fortress, and his meditation chamber!
sandwormThere is a sandworm, that looks and acts like the sandworm of the movie Dune. That means if it hears your footsteps it will come out from under the sand, and eat you for breakfast. So be careful when you are collecting spare parts from the other wreckage ships to replace your crash-landed spacecraft's damaged parts on that desert planet. swoop_jaBut you can also try swoopbikes on an other planet,  and you can fight against AT-STs, or even capture them for your purposes. But if there is a tripod cannon, or an E-WEB near, use THEM to fight against the AT-ST, don't throw your lightsaber against them, as the funny illustration shows. jaden_vs_atst Spare your saber against the other enemies, there are weequay, rodian, trandoshan, and gran creatures, and of course stormtroopers, so rather keep you saberthrow against them. :-) There are reborns, but they have a new service, called cultist, who don't focus on the weapon fight, but the Force techniques. There will be undetectable, or let's say invisible imperial snipers, and Hazard troopers, who are flying with jetpacks. You meet several species of Rancors, some huge, acidic, or even invulnerable ones, that you can't detonate, shoot, or saber down. Rancors seem to be the "Jedi-eater monsters" of the Galaxy in every game since Jabba. :-) jaden_vs_rancor Also, you can fight some hot shots, and/or saber fight aces, you can fight against Boba Fett, Alora, Tavion, Marka Ragnos, or if you were "bad", you can duel with even Kyle Katarn! And as an extra joy of killing, DS lovers can decide after the Rosh-Alora conflict to choose the Dark Side, which gives you the possibility to kill you fellow Jedi companions in the last mission, not only those usual reborns.


Play it again -

- because of the lightsabers

Many Star Wars fans would like to grab both ligtsabers, and would like to know both saber style. The felling of them is TOTALLY different! Since with two lightsabers you can use Anakin Skywalker's Jar'Kai style, what he applied in the duel with Dooku in the hangar at Geonosis, while with the staff you can try Darth Maul's Theed fight. With 2 sabers you can do some great combos. That means you can use a few keyboard combinations to make Jaden to jump, spin, crouch, or make some special movements, these called combo. Some of them are really spectacular. One of the bests for me, when you throw away both sabers, then you twirl them around you with the Force multiple times. That can be very effective against multiple enemies, when they are around you, but while the sabers are moving, you won't be able to defend yourself, so you'll be very vulnerable, what professional multiplayers immediately punish. But in the single player it can be very successful, can be deadly if you are surrounded by many, in the middle of a circle, but be careful when you are face to face with a single opponent. Also, in the hand of a Rancor, when everybody else is helpless, throw your sabers in its flesh, then twirl your sabers around, the Rancor almost surely drops you out of its hand. jaden_vs_reborns You can find the combos listed in the menu of the game, where the movements are demonstrated by Jaden. If you manage to defeat an opponent with a combo, your action will be "replayed" or showed by a Matrix-like effect, when the camera moves around you in slow motion, which can be very spectacular. But on the other hand it can be very embarrassing, when you have several opponents, and you would like to quickly turn to the next enemy after defeating one, the Matrix effect can be obstructive, but fortunately you can disable this effect in the menu.

dualkickWith the "Maul saber" you can move very acrobatic, and can make a big butchery. An extra option that you can use your legs, too, which means you can kick enemies, like Darth Maul had done. You can make spinning-kicks, and also jump-kicks, and body-kicks.   you can stab them on the floorIf you manage to kick an enemy to the floor, you can stab him to death with cold blood, with Darth maul's cruelty. You can pin the helpless enemy to the ground like an insect or a butterfly, and this movement is available with both sabers, with the staff and the basic lightsabers, too. You can switch off one of the two laser beams of your staff, which means you can use it like a basic one-handed saber, too. You can have a funny moment because of this. If you switch off one of the staff's blades, Jaden will stand into the posture of the single-blade saber stance, holding the saber right in front of him with both hands, but if you switch back the other blade again Jaden forgets his hands in front of him, so the laser beam that comes out from the hilt dives into his most sensitive body area, which will cause further questions about the sex of Jaden Korr. :-)

I will examine this question later in this article, since many fans question Jaden's manhood (even without this castration), as you can choose a female character in the very beginning of the game, too, with a female voice. This question has even chances, you can create a female, or a male Jaden, but I will try to give you some guidelines later in this article. But anyway, till that try not to flail with your saber around your inguinal. J


- because you wanna play both endings

You can save your game BEFORE the Rosh-Alora conflict, if you don't want to play the whole game again. Just make up your mind which side you wanna choose. If you wanna be on the Light Side, forgive Rosh, defeat Alora, and in the endgame search the tomb for Tavion with the support of the fellow Jedi, teach her a lesson once, and then teach her again after she became "infested" by the soul of Marka Ragnos. If you choose the Dark Side stab Rosh, and claim ALL power for yourself, also declare your need on the Marka Ragnos scepter, and the Sith leadership. Of course you will have to kill Alora for that, but you don't need her after all. This should mean you'll have to face both the Jedi, and the Sith in the endgame. Jedi wanna stop you, as you are a Sith right now, Sith wanna stop you, as you frighten Tavion's rule, and you wanna kill her. After you had killed her, you'll have an arguement with Kyle Katarn, who arrived on the scene in the meantime, so Kyle will have no other option, just to stop the now-Sith Jaden. (like Kenobi must stop the now rather Sith Anakin) jedi_academy_ds_endBut Jaden uses the scepter of Marka Ragnos, and makes the ceiling molder on Kyle, buried under the ruins. Kyle somehow survives, but Jaden escapes, and and takes command over the Sith, and the Imperial fleet. You can see him last in an imperial Star Destroyer, staring at the window, looking into the dark space. This makes me remember the last scenes of EP3, when Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine stares into the spaces, looking at the constructions of the half-built new Death Star.

It worth watching both endings, worth playing both Sides. First, that is amusing, second that gives information on Star Wars. However Lucas(arts) don't declare any endings to be official, they give some guidelines. They released fictive stories that can help to know Jaden's sex, fate, and the end of his story. When Yuuzan Vongs attacked Coruscant, the New Republic withstood. Many Jedi died, many lost, many are fleeing. Kyle Katarn was lost. Chronicles mentioned a pair, a MAN, and a woman, who was desperately searching the lost Kyle. They recognized Jan Ors in the woman, Kyle Katarn's wife. The MAN was said to be Jaden Korr, who helped Jan to search the whereabouts of his respected, and loved MASTER. If we accept these data, that should mean clearly that Jaden remained on the Light Side, and escorted Jan to find his master. And also, we can declare he was a man by accepted Star Wars spheres.


Funny scenes:

Boba Fett:

boba_fettI have already mentioned a funny thing above, when you could castrate poor Jaden with the staff. Now here is an other funny thing. On the planet, where Boba Fett disturbs you all the time shooting you from the air I hated him very much. I had to detonate several weapon crates, but he kept firing at me, and injured me pretty often. I thought that was enough, I kill you. But you CAN'T! I tried to kill him on the upper floor, in the courtyard, on the streets, but no use, as he starts loosing his vital points, he flies up into the clouds, and inhaling the fresh, clear air, or I don't know why he TOTALLY regenerates, and comes back with 100 percent of health to continue bothering me! Hey, you bloody cheater - I thought, now I try all I know to trick you. I stood in front of him, so he started firing large rockets from his launcher towards me. I Force Pushed them back, so he got back his rockets into his stomach. So he came lower a bit, and fired me from his blaster. I started to use Force Grip on him while my Force depleted, then from the last small remain I Force Pulled him to me, and I slashed him about seriously. He wanted to fly away, but I kept pulling him back, and continued chopping him up. He wanted to escape now, but I wanted to slice him into tiny pieces. In a minute, he got so much, that even Marka Ragnos would have been minced meat. But Boba Fett has not died! Once accidentally he slipped out from my hand, and flew into the skies, then soon came back with full health again, with his arrogant style. I tried an other tactics! I had an idea, that I should use the same method in the beginning, hurting him seriously, then I grab him with my Force Grip, and turn the choking Fett under an alcove, into a narrow space. Then I Force Push him into that area, and quickly jump in front of him, covering his escape route, pressing him to the wall so he could not flee now! He pushed me, he ran towards me, he got caught in my body, and ran in his location, without stepping a millimeter. It was funny to see what an idiot he is. When he realized, that he cannot run through my body, he ignited his jetpack to fly away. Then he knocked his head against the bottom of the alcove above him. Bang, bang, he kept hitting his stupid brain into the wall, he banged his head into the wall so hard, that I feared he get concussion of the brain despite of his helmet. But of course, he couldn't fly through the bricks, he was trapped! During that, I kept slicing him, giving him a massive reaping with two sabers. I beat him for long minutes, not giving him mercy, I switched in my Force Seeing, and I noticed he was on the minimum of his life status bar for long, but HE DID NOT DIED! Seems Boba Fett is a hot shot that even can not die, however outmaneuvered, and defeated, he cannot be killed. That is a frustrating mistake of the programmers, why can't be Boba Fett killed? Program him to be smarter next time, or let him die! Maximum they correct the database, that Boba Fett was killed by Jaden Korr. But anyway, I was not so sadistic, I gave mercy, I stepped aside. But the goon keeps banging his stupid head into the wall! He could not notice the escape route is free. As I could not grap him out with holding his ears as he wore a helmet, I had to free him from his trap, so I took him with Force Grip, and threw him out in the air. Happily, relieved he flew away, he was not prepared for this shame by his artificial intelligence...


Make them fly:

As you see, you don't have to use your saber all the time, you can achieve easy victories with you Force abilities, too. You will have the greatest opportunities, if there are chasms, or level differences. Lure you foe to the chasm, (F3) he will laugh at you derisively, as he thinks you are fleeing. Sprint to the far side of the abyss, the reborns don't sprint after you, but they like to jump over the depth, to finish us off. As he jumps towards you just simply press your Force Push button while he is in the air, and there you go, it is your turn to a derisively laughter, as you watch the reborn falling into the chasm, and plops down there, as the coyote from the Roadrunner cartoon.

If you are on an upper floor, just make sure that you are beside the wall, in the inner part of the corridor, and use your Force Push to fly the grouch the soldiers, as you flew the paper airplanes out from the upper floors in your childhood.

If you gotta cross a bridge, which is full of Reborns, just Force Grip them for a short moment, then pull your mouse above the depth, and release the reborns. Then you can examine if the physics teacher told the truth about the gravity. One reborn to the left, one to the right, and here they fly into the abyss.


Temporary alliances:

With Mind trick you can convert troopers! That way they join you for a while, and turn against their companions! You can relax, and sit back, watching them fight each other. If somebody is to loose the fight, you can control the process, mind tricking the other one, too. This way he will also join you, and they stop fighting. But the first one gets back his mind earlier, and as he controls his mind again, he realize, there's an enemy, and starts firing his fellow mind-tricked companion. Then if some of them finally dies, just say them a thank you, and send a bullet into the winner's brain for his help, and leave the plot of this interesting scene. :-)



Multiplayer has some newer forms, and also the older FFA, and Team FFA, of course the usual capture the flag game (CTF). The new Power Duel is an unbalanced fight between for example a single individual and two oppositions. But the alone player has more health in the beginning. I saw one of my buddies playing a PD on the Internet, well, that was a hard one, as two can cause a double damage, they can launch a simultaneous attack, so this one is a real challenge for alone aces!

There is an other new mode, called Siege, where 2 teams has 2 different tasks, they gotta fulfill theirs, while prevent the other team to succeed in theirs. It is not an easy one, there are many players, all know his/hers task, the professionals are making a real teamwork!


Jedi Outcast vs. Jedi Academy:

Comparing with the previous episode the JA game has some real improvements, a bit more in almost everything. The guns from Jedi Outcast is playable here, too, but there are some new ones, there is a new pistol, which is always available in all quests, and there is an other new gun, called Stouker Concussion rifle. The developers corrected the mistake that I mentioned in my Jedi Knight 2 article previously, I told you got to be a strong Arnold Schwarzenegger to be able to carry those tons of guns. He carried that weight in Commando, but a normal man cannot carry 120 kilogram on his shoulders. But I have to say there WILL BE 120 kg again on you! However beginning a campaign you can choose only 2 favorite rifles, a demolition pack, a pistol, and your saber, but you can still collect the dead men's armaments, so you will carry that 120 kg or even more, believe me... You can wield 2 sabers at the same time in Jedi Academy, and there is the new staff, too. The game experience of them is totally different. The combos are very spectacular, especially with that Matrix-effect. There will be again popular "real" heroes, like Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, C-3PO, R2-D2. There are PLENTY OF new planets, which were never seen before, just mentioning a few there are Bakura, Nar Kreeta, Taanab, Zonju V, Chandrila. The missions on them are exciting, interesting. The missions are NOT linear, they are in block of 5, you are free to choose any of them in your wished order. jedj_academy_stoneYou can customize your Force Improvement, making a character of your choice, with the wished and needed Force Abilities, clothing, head, or armament. There are some new opponents, so the game has reached its aim, and the maximum of its possibilities. Jedi Academy has given much to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, it has a name in the software business, and liked by fans, so it engraved its name in stone for the next generations.


written and translated by: Norbert Rostas


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