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The New Reborns are a Sith service in the game Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The story of the Reborns started long before, in the era of the Jedi Outcast, when Desann planned to use an army of Reborn Jedi to invade the Academy and restore the Galactic Empire. Kyle Katarn was able to stop the invasion and killed Desann, but his apprentice, Tavion Axmis managed to escape along side with some of the remnants of the attacking Reborns. Years later, Tavion returned with a Sith Cult named the Disciples of Ragnos. The left over Reborns from Desann's army joined Tavion's cult as the "New Reborn". Also, Tavion made her own troops using the power from the Scepter. Members of the cult had been empowered with the Force by Tavion's Scepter of Ragnos and wore different color suits depending on their abilities. Some of Tavion's Sith cultists were Force-users, carrying no weapons and instead specialized in using offensive Dark Side Powers such as Force Grip, Force drain, and Force Lightning as well as in acrobatics, but a few were armed with a blaster rifle and some with a lightsaber. So the cultists (no matter if they had weapons) preferred to use the Force. The real fencers, the close combat specialists were the New Reborns. They became the „muscles”, while the cultist were the „brains” or the Force Users. But this was not so strictly separated, the cultist were also able to wield the lightsaber, and the Reborns were also able to use the Force. We can only suspect if we meet any member of the two services, what we will be confronted, a fierce lightsaber duel can be suspected from a New Reborn, and Force Powers are very likely from a Cultist.

But keep in mind, that the old Reborns could also use the Force. They were also made artificially Force sensitive, after Desann and Tavion found the Valley of the Jedi. They wanted to use the sacred place for bad purposes, they wanted to bath in the power of the ancient souls, to multiply their own Force powers. Later the idea of the Reborn project had been born in Desann’s head, so he wanted to bath his men in the Force Nexus, "Reborning" them to Dark Jedi, who will be Force Sensitive, strong, and able to use the Force. This limited Force sensitive Sith army was called Reborns, because the resurrected or Reborn in the Force some kind of Dark Jedis with limited Force abilities, who was not so strong, but in mass quantities they were strong. And they became more stronger after Tavion used the scepter of Marka Ragnos to make them more powerful. The scepter had some magical power in it originally, but Tavion made it more powerful, after Alora, her new Sith apprentice used the Scepter to drain areas of the galaxy strong with the Force, siphoning those energies into the scepter_of_ragnosscepter. With the Scepter, she empowered her new followers, creating the Disciples of Ragnos, who sought to resurrect the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith known as Marka Ragnos. Eventually Tavion made a bold move on Yavin 4, deploying Alora to infiltrate the Jedi Academy to access Luke Skywalker's private record of the locations of Force nexuses, places which were rich in the Force, such as the Massassi Temple, or Darth Vader's Bast Castle on Vjun. The drained Force was stored in the Scepter, which became a very powerful weapon, but is was also perfect to multiply the powers of the Reborns, who slowly grew up for a complete and feared army.

The third function of the Scepter was needed for resurrecting Marka Ragnos. The Scepter's energy has to be transferred into the ancient Sith Lord's remains so he can resurrect from his Korriban tomb. The new body for the soul was presented by Tavion Axmis, after Ragnos' spirit rose, infusing Axmis' body with his strength for some minutes. In the last level of the game Tavion places her New Reborns in some strategic places of the tomb of Marka Ragnos, so to hold up Jaden Korr, and gain some time for her to finish the resurrecting ceremony. Jaden Korr fight his/her way through those many New Reborns, and chase Tavion into the tomb. He/she finds tavionTavion, who angrily attack the young Jedi, with her lightsaber in one hand, and the scpeter in the other. She fires large beams of dark energy from the scepter, so Jaden had to jump all over to avoid them somersaulting up and down continuously, or applying Force Run. But Jaden had to get close to Tavion, to be able to defeat her, what finally could be achieved. But Tavion this time do not beg for mercy. She does not want to be defeated by a Jedi once more, especially by Jaden Korr, who Tavion underestimated so much. She does not want to live, with her last move she pierce the scepter into the statue of Ragnos. tavion resurrects the ghost of the ancient sith lord marka ragnosThe power of the scepter transfers into the dead Sith Lord, whose soul moves into Tavion. Poor Jaden has to confront them again. Korr becomes victorious on the Dark Side and on the Light Side, too. Despite Axmis fighting with Ragnos's enhanced dark side abilities; Jaden Korr was able to destroy the Scepter, forcing Ragnos' spirit to flee back into his tomb. His departure from Axmis' body killed her, and all the energy the New Reborn had stolen was returned to its proper place in the galaxy. Poor Tavion dies, so she cannot see her entire work ruined. The promises of the Dark Side left her nothing, just suffering and death. Her Reborns were defeated, her goals were annihilated, she was just used by the Dark, but hadn’t got nothing.

The cult a purple Reborn in the backgroundDisciples of Ragnos had several kind of New Reborns. Their color differentiates them well. There are red, blue, and purple Reborns. (In this screenshot you can see a purple Reborn in the background, fighting a young human Jedi. Maybe the purple Reborns have the thicker armor of all.) Tavion learned the lesson of Desann's failure, so she tried to protect her Reborns more with a better body armor. The old Reborns were not armored, while these New Reborns look like pretty much armored. Their upper body is protected with a chest armor. But that armor let them move, it was not too heavy. The shoulder was also protected with an armor plate, like the knees as well. The lower limbs were only bandaged. It was not a big protection, but we never knew if there were any armor underneath the bandage. The head was also protected with a helmet, which was much better than the old Reborn's hood. The neck was also protected with heavy armor plates. The concept was clear, Tavion wanted to prevent her Reborns being decapitulated, or any of the limbs cut down. So they could fight till the end, or till they are able to move. But the armor was not everything, unfortunately kyle segít jadennek saber cultistát ölniit could not protect the Reborns being destroyed after one by one by Kyle blue_new_reborn_taspirKatarn, Luke Skywalker, or a talented young New Republic Padawan, Jaden Korr, who all acted with great efficiency against the New Reborns. For example in this screenshot Jaden Korr regulates the New reborn population on Taspir.

The weapons single saber and staff new_reborns_taspirof the New Reborns may vary almost by individually. There is a Reborn who wields a single lightsaber. There are Reborns, who have two lightsabers, using them in both hands simultaneously. And there are Reborns, who choose the staffs. All selected weapons changes the available combos of it, so the fights are very different and spectacular if we meet these different Reborns. Also, Jaden Korr can choose what lightsaber type he/she prefers, and how many he wants, one or two, staff or single saber, so Jaden's combos also can be different. So fighting different style New Reborns may end up in other and other virtuous lightsaber duels.

Sometimes only one New Reborn attacks us, but next time you’ll be confronted by a group of them. A pair, or 3-4 New Reborns may be a big challenge even for an advanced gamer. So it might be a good idea to call the Force to aid us. But the New Reborn interact that pretty well. If you try to choke them, they might Force Push you, which finish the effect of the Choke. They might use Force Saber throw while being choked. So the New Reborn army looks pretty well prepared by Tavion for almost everything. Reborns are also accompanied with cultists!

Generally New Reborns operated in pairs or small groups, typically with one lightsaber-using grip cultist supports a red rebornReborn backed up by a force user cultist to maximize their abilities. That is pretty pesky, they like to attack together, while the saber cultist or the new Reborn rushes you, the Grip Cultists like to stay behind, and support the Reborns by choking you, and lifting you up. While you are being choked, your lightsaber is being deactivated, so you can not use it. You are quite helpless, that is the time when the Reborns like to attack you, throwing their saber in your stomach, or cutting you into tiny little pieces, so quickly push away the Grip Cultist, and finish him off. After you took care of him, you can play the game with the Reborn, who is not a big hero without his Grip cultist supporter. But anyway, they are tougher Reborns, no doubt.

Fortunately they are not concentrated to a single area, they are all over the levels, waiting for Jaden. If twenty of them would be in a very area, that would mean the end of the game. But fortunately there is no 20 in 1 area, but 1 in 20 areas, or let’s say 2 in 10 different places. So it is easier to cut them down separately. It is weird, how static they are. They just stand the reborns in the background do not come to help the othersthere, and usually do not move, waiting where the programmers put them down. It can be easily happen that we fight two Reborns like I did in this screenshot, and their fellow Reborns just watching the fight from the bridge, and don’t come to help them. They just wait, until we finish the first two, and until we advance to them, crossing an invisible line, getting so close to them that triggers them, starting their attack. You might be able to trigger their attack from a distance, too, if you shot at them with a sniper rifle. They may run to you in that case, but only if they can run to you in a straight and solid area. That mean if they stand on a separated isle of rock, or a distant ledge on the blue_new_reborn_chandrilawall, they won’t attack, just stand there. For example there is this New Reborn here. He could run to me, because of the stone platform, but if you look at the background, there are stone ledges on the wall, artificial or natural platforms. From there, the Reborn wouldn't attack you. Or if he would tried it, surely he would felt in the depth below, which is pretty funny. If they decide to run to you, and they manage to do that, they often has the worse place, while you possess the better, strategic place, for example near to the wall, inside of a ledge, while they has to stand near reborn_chandrilato the edge. This guy jumped up to my place, balancing on the edge, while I have the better position. If he Force Pushes me, there won't happen anything, but if I Force Push him, he will fall into the deep chasm. And he only can stand here, because I let him to jump up here because of this screenshot. Next time, when I continued the game, and reloaded this situation, as the New Reborn tried to jump up, I piros_uj_reborn_célkeresztbenForce Pushed him in the air, he never reached my platform up there, instead he flew away, and felt down in the depth. So they rather not try to come to you, and stay there, where they are. You can decide to attack them as you advance further, or you can try to shoot them from a distance. No matter, if you try to make a head shot while they are in the crosshair, they somehow manage to lean away from the shots! Or they deflect the laserbolts with their saber. Anyway, no chance to shoot them down.

During első kék_newrebornthe game there will be plenty of red New Reborns, while only a few blue will come into your way. The first blue in the game was this guy in this screenshot, and you have to play half of the game, until you can fight with him, so we have to wait so much for the first blue New Reborn. I don’t know if there would be a difference between them functionally, they seem to be the cultist_lightningsame in knowledge of fencing and in the Force, too. Anyway, I custom handmade the blue many years ago, amongst my first custom figures.  But not all enemies in blue clothes are New Reborns! The Lightning Cultists also wore a blue battle suit, and could apply similar Force Lightning like Dooku or the Emperor himself, but they are cultist. It is easy to make a difference between them, because on their chest you can see a big V shaped form, which symbolizes the horn-like headgear of Marka Ragnos in my opinion. Also, they do not have plates, and armors on them, they only wear battle dress, not armor.

In combat, the New reborn_pityful_jediReborns usually taunted their opponents heavily and arrogantly. They like to say things like is that all, Jedi, I expecting more from you big guy, and things like that. This Blue  New Reborn simply call my female Jaden if you die the reborn will praise himselfKorr a pitiful Jedi. But finally he was pitiful, when tasting the concrete. If you die, the cultists and the Reborns are laughing at you, stand over your body they praise themselves, and abuse you. He will be singing glories for himself for minutes, visioning the final victory of the Disciple of Ragnos.



Please take a look at my Custom New Reborn figure!

Custom New Reborn figure front

custom new_reborn front blue_reborn elölről


Custom New Reborn figure back

custom new_reborn back new_reborn back


Custom New Reborn figure left

custom new_reborn side red new_reborn side


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written and translated by: Norbert Rostas



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