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The Attack of the Clones with KotF dioramas

Intro of Episode 2 with the Jedi Academy mod


Dear Readers! We continue our new project! Please welcome The Attack of the Clones with KotF software dioramas!


Assassination attempts against Padme Amidala

ep2_jango_assigned_zam_wesellThe Republic contemplates creating an army to assist the Jedi against the Separatist threat, prompting Senator Padme Amidala arrived to Coruscant to vote on the matter. Upon her arrival, someone made an assassination attempt against her, and blew up her Naboo transport ship. The former Queen of Naboo, narrowly escaped the assassination, but assassins wanted to end up the unfinished business. Jango Fett assigned Zam Wesell to kill the senator during the night with two kouhuns...



Jango Fett kills Zam Wesell

That night ep2_obi wan_zam_wesell_coruscant_barZam released the dangerous animals in the bedroom of Padme while she was sleeping, but the Senator's life was saved, because Obi-Wan and Anakin foiled the plot and after a Coruscant speeder chase in the crowded skylines they subdued the ep2_jango_kills_zamassassin, who ran into a bar. After she tried to kill Obi-wan, Kenobi cut off her hand, and they dragged the injured women out to the street, to further investigation, but Zam Wesell was cruelly silenced by her mysterious employer when the Jedi forced her to reveal the information.



Taun We guided Obi-wan Kenobi around the cloning facility

ep2_kenobi_search_kaminoReturning to the Jedi Temple, Anakin was assigned to escort Senator Amidala to her homeplanet of Naboo and to protect her, while ep2_clone factoryObi-Wan was assigned to investigate the identity of the assassin's killer. Obi-Wan's investigation led him to Kamino, where he discovered that an army of clones was ep2_cloning_vatsbeing secretly produced for the Republic. The Kamino cloners gladly told him the facts, and Taun We (in our screenshot Lama Su) guided him around the cloning facility, showing the cloning vats, the younglings, and the who clone factory feeling and speaking out with great pride of the Kaminoan clones.



The first thousand of clones were ready to deploy

ep2_clone_armoryThe first The first thousand of clones were ready to deploythousand of clones were ready to deploy. It was revealed that Sifo Dyas Jedi master had set the order, but he had been long killed. So who could be behind the weird facts?




Anakin got closer to Padme Amidala

Meanwhile Anakin got closer to Padme AmidalaAnakin got closer to Padme Amidala, and he enjoys the opportunity to spend time with her, trying everything to gain Amidala's love. But Padme resisted her feelings toward him, as that would go against the moral codes of the Jedi, and her senator career would be also in danger. However this part is often said to be too romantic for the fans, I still think almost all of Anakin's motivations and acts could be originated in the deep feelings and the love of the two beloved women in his life - Padme, and his mother, Shmi Skywalker. However this in not a battle picture, I suppose these two scenes are maybe the most important scenes in Anakin's life.


Anakin immediately races away on a swoopbike, and soon found the tusken camp

The sweet times quickly passed by in Naboo, as Anakin had recurring nightmares about the other mentioned and truly loved woman - his mother. He left behind Anakin immediatelly races away on a swoopbike, and soon found the tusken campShmi Skywalker on Tatooine when he went away with Qui Gon Jinn to become a Jedi. Anakin felt his mother was in grave danger. So Anakin and Padme Amidala traveled to Tatooine to save his mother. He was surprised that Shmi was not a slave, and married with a local farmer called Lars. But Shmi was kidnapped by the sandpeople, or "Tusken raiders". Anakin immediately races away on a swoopbike, and soon found the tusken camp.


After his mother died, Anakin succumbed to his grief and rage, and slaughtered the entire Tusken community!

After his mother died, Anakin succumbed to his grief and rage, and slaughtered the entire Tusken community!There he finds her mother abducted and beaten by the Tusken Raiders in a tent. Anakin's fate changed then once for all. He had to live that noone could bare and want to live through, her mother died in his arms. After his mother died, Anakin succumbed to his grief and rage, and slaughtered the entire Tusken community!



Obi-Wan saw many Separatist leaders setting a contract against the Republic

In the other plot Obi-Wan followed Jango Fett to the planet Geonosis.  Obi-Wan felmászik egy sztalagmit hegyreKenobi climbed up on a stalagmite hill, where he found a secret chamber, where ep2_kenobi_geonosis_chamberObi-Wan saw many Separatist leaders setting a contract against the Republic, and he learned the Seps are in development of a new droid army. Obi-Wan sent this information via a hologram message to Anakin, who transmitted it towards the Jedi Council. But Obi-Wan Kenobi was captured during this transmission!



They couple were both captured and sentenced to death along with Obi-Wan

ep2_jango_captures_anakinAnakin and Amidala headed to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan, but they soon walked into a trap of Geonosian warriors, and were separated. While Padme were struggling for her life on the conveyor belt of the droid factory, Anakin had to fight against elite geonosians. But when his lightsaber was damaged, he had not chance against the droidekas and against Jango Fett, who made them surrender. They were both captured and sentenced to death along with Obi-Wan.


In an unexpected moment Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived with a team of Jedi to assist the captives

mace windu arrives and says_this_party_is_overPreparing for their final moments, Padme finally reveals her true feelings for Anakin. Amidala soon got a droid blaster and fought in the Geonosis arenaThe three were pitted against three arena beasts, a Nexu, an Acklay, and a Reek. Though they manage to hold their own, they could last for long. But in an unexpected moment Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived with a team of Jedi to assist them. The smart Amidala soon got a droid blaster, and she protected herself, while the boys were also busy with chopping the droids.



Jango killed Coleman Trebor

Jango killed Coleman TreborA Jedi master, called Coleman Trebor jumped in the box, where the Geonosian king, Count Dooku, some Separatist leaders, and Jango Fett was watching the events, and tried to capture the big cheese. Jango killed Coleman Trebor easily with his pistols, who felt in the arena.



C-3PO fought against the Jedi, till master Kit Fisto Force pushed him

C-3PO fought against the Jedi, till master Kit Fisto Force pushed himTrade Federation droids were just kept pouring in the arena, one of them was C-3PO, whose head was assembled on top of a battledroid torso in the droid factory. C-3PO fought against the Jedi, till master Kit Fisto Force pushed him, felt on the ground, and a superbattledroid felt on him, making him unable to move. The smart R2-D2 is just arriving to remove his head, and he rebuilt it on his original body after the battle.




Jango Fett vs. Mace Windu

Jango Fett attacked Mace WinduAfter Jango ep2_windu_vs_jangoFett saw the reek attacking Jedi Master Mace Windu, he felt it was the right time to attack the Jedi. He quickly flew down with his jetpack, but he wasn't able neither to get his lost lightsaber, nor to kill him, ep2_jango_headas the Reek severely damaged his backpack. In the meantime, Mace Windu Force-pulls back his lightsaber, and faces with his assassin, starting to run towards him. He kept firing at the Jedi, who deflected all the bolts, rushed down the bounty hunter, decapitating Jango Fett in the battle, who collapses into the sand, while his helmet rolls away.


Yoda arrives from Kamino

A desperate close combat began between Jedi and thousands of droids. They were fighting heroically, but there was no chance to win. But fortunately ep2_geonosis_yoda_reinforcementMaster ep2_geonosis_clone_reinforcementYoda had arrived just in time from Kamino. They were coming with Republic Gunships, and the brave clone pilots flew in the arena, and rescued the survival Jedi, transporting them out from the arena to the plains of Naboo. Master Yoda then had him transported to the main command base, he wanted to control the battle from there.


Battle of Geonosis

Qui Gon and Obi-wan had to encounter Darth MaulIt ep2_geonosis_aaylawas the premiere of the later frequently used combat model, namely each clone trooper armies were led by Jedi generals. After disembarking the Republic Gunships almost all Jedi Masters went to a different clone squad leaders to form a battle plan and to discuss the most like successful formation. Then they led the clones into battle, finally winning the battle of Geonosis.


Expensive victory in Geonosis

geonosis cost a lot of Jedi and clone livesHowever the victory cost them a lot. Many Jedi died there, masters, knights, and padawans, also they lost hundreds of clones, too. Also, as Master Yoda later told it, that was not a victory, that whole thing was masterminded by the Sith, and the shroud of the Dark Side clouded the Jedi and the Republic.



The Jedi engaged Dooku in the hangar

Dooku is at retreat! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker cornered him in a hangar and engage him in a lightsaber duel, but ep2_dooku_forcelightning_yodaDooku defeated both of them together, cutting off Anakin's arm, and wounding Obi-wan's leg, too. Before he could coldly finish them off, ep2_geonosis_yoda_vs_dookuYoda arrived and engaged Dooku in a duel, saving the injured Jedi. However Dooku used his mastery of the Dark Side, Yoda outmatched him and even absorbed his Force Lightnings. So Dooku had to escape, taking the plans of the Death Star to his Sith master on Coruscant. The Clone Wars have begun. Meanwhile Anakin, secretly married Padme Amidala on Naboo.

Darth Stryker (alias Roland) our faithful reader sent these awesome screenshots from KotF, and we planned this brand new section together, thanks for all!


Thanks for reading CustomStarWars articles.


written and translated by: Norbert Rostas


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