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The New Hope with KotF dioramas

Intro of Episode 4 with the Jedi Academy mod


Dear Readers! We continue our brand new Knights of the Force project! Please welcome The New Hope for the 35th anniversary of the first premiere of the Star Wars saga, created with KotF software dioramas!


The Rebel Alliance stole the plans of the Death Star

The galaxy is in a state of civil war, more and more systems join the Rebel Alliance against the cruel Galactic Empire. Rebel Alliance spies have stolen plans of the Galactic Empire's Death Star, which is a space station capable of annihilating an entire planet. Rebel leader Princess Leia is in possession of the plans, in her ship the ep4_tantive_iv_stormtroopers_vs_rebelsTantive IV is being pursued by an imperial star destroyer, but her ship is being incapacitated, and was tractor beamed into the star destroyer. Soon imperial stromtroopers detonate the door of the ep4_darth_vader_tantive 4 fojtogatja antilles kapitánytTantive 4, and swarms in the rebel ship, eliminating the rebel resistance. The dreadful Sith lord, Darth Vader soon arrives to the ship, and however not correctly this way, as Stryker dreamt this "deleted scene", but he is present on board where they suspect the plans, however they fail to find it.



Capturing princess Leia Organa

The stormtroopers search the whole ship, but they just can't find those stolen data! However they find in one of the rooms ep4_leia_organa_stormtroopersprincess Leia herself, who shot down one of the stormtroopers, for what the troopers must hit the princess with a stun shot. But the plans are not leia_organa_vaderfound at the princess, neither! Little did the stormtroopers know that Leia hid the plans in a droid named R2-D2. After the princess was able to stand up, and walk, they escort her in front of Darth Vader, but even the Sith was not able to convince her to tell the location of the missing data.



R2-D2 and C-3PO escapes Tantive 4 in an escape pod to the surface of the desert planet Tatooine

R2-D2 and C-3PO escapes Tantive 4 in an escape pod to the surface of the desert planet TatooineR2-D2 and C-3PO escapes Tantive 4 in an escape pod to the surface of the desert planet Tatooine. However they split and went separate ways, soon both found themselves in a Jawa sandcrawler. The two droids were quickly sold by the Jawa traders to a moisture farmer Owen Lars. Uncle Owen told his nephew, Luke Skywalker to clean the two droids. While Luke is cleaning R2-D2, he accidentally triggers part of Leia's holographic message, in which she requests help from Obi-Wan Kenobi, but Luke only know ep4_tusken_bantha_lukeBen Kenobi, an old hermit who lives among the nearby dunes seas. During dinner, R2-D2 escapes to seek Obi-Wan Kenobi by himself. Luke and C-3PO go out after him next morning, catch the small robot, but Luke is ambushed by Tusken raiders, and was almost killed, but fortunately Ben Kenobi appeared in the right time, and scared away the tusken_vs_luke width=tuskens. Old Ben regenerates Luke, and took him and the droids back to his hut. He tells Luke of his days as a Jedi Knight and explains to ep4_obiwan_lightsaber_luke_skywalkerLuke about the Force, and mentions Luke's Jedi father, and Obi-wan gives Luke a lightsaber, which was his father's. Then they view Leia's message, in which she begs Kenobi to take R2-D2 and the Death Star plans to her home planet of Alderaan, where the rebels will be able to use them against the Empire.



Luke Skywalker decides to go with Obi-Wan to Alderaan

ep4_sandtrooper_dewbackObi-Wan offers Luke to accompany him to Alderaan and to learn the ways of the Force. After initially refusing, Luke discovers that his home has been destroyed and aunt Beru and uncle Owen were killed by Imperial dewback ep4_sandtrooperek_keresik_a_droidokat_moseisleybansandtroopers in "search of the droids". Luke then agrees to go with Obi-Wan to Alderaan, but they will need a ship for that, so they travel to ep4_mos_eisley_kenobi_sandtrooper_mindtrickMos Eisley, to hire someone, but a squad of sandtroopers stop them to see their ID. This is the first time for Luke to witness Ben's abilities, when Kenobi mindtricked a sandtrooper commander, who let them go. They visited to a local cantina, where they could find an acceptable smuggler, but there were many drunk people too. While Kenobi went to negotiate, Luke had to suffer the pugnacity of ep4_ponda_baba_cantina_kenobiPonda Baba and Dr. Evazan. Ponda Baba'd rather accept the friendly offer of the returning Kenobi, but he rather attacked Luke, so Kenobi had to cut off his hand. After this incident he stayed with Luke, and hired ep4_han_solo_vs_greedoHan Solo, owner of the Millennium Falcon, and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca to transport them to Alderaan. After the contract was set, and the passengers left, captain Solo was approached by Greedo, one of Jabba's fetch men, who demanded Han's debt back. Since he didn't believed him, claiming the recent cargo will cover his debt Greedo shot Solo, so Han had to kill the rodian bounty hunter.




Millennium Falcon en route to Alderaan is caught by the tractor beam of the Death Star

The Millenium Falcon Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi starts training LukeMillennium Falcon escapes Tatooine, and headed to Alderaan with the small group on board. Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi starts training Luke during the journey. Meanwhile, despite of the interrogations, Leia resists giving the location of the secret Rebel base, and the whereabouts of the stolen data, so Grand Moff Tarkin had Leia's home planet, Alderaan destroyed. When the Millennium Falcon arrives at Alderaan's coordinates, they find themselves in a field of rubble, which was earlier called Alderaan. The Falcon follow a TIE fighter towards the deathstar_control_roomDeath Star and the corelian ship was captured by the station's tractor beam and brought into its hangar bay. The small team hides in a secret compartment, then occupies a command room on the station, where they localize the location of the tractor beam generator, and the cell of princess Han és Csubakka nem bírják visszatartani a helyszínre siető birodalmi csapatokatLeia. Obi-Wan goes off by himself to disable the tractor beam, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca plan to rescue and free the princess. While Luke is searching the princess' cell, Han and Chewbacca got company, and cannot hold the advancing imperial troops long, so they backtrack towards the narrow corridors of the detention area.


Rescue Leia - trash compactor adventure

Rushing out from the prison block Leia and Luke almost collapses with the backtracking Solo-Chewy duo on the freeing Leia from her cellcell corridor. They can not leave the block because of the stormies ahead, and they don't want to go back to the prison willingly, if at least the imperials would forced them... Leia notices a grate on the wall, which she shoots, and there will be a slope behind it, what they could use to slip down on. They slip Death Star trash compactordown on it, and with that they trapped themselves in the Death Star's trash compactor, since the imperials soon get it operational, starting the walls moving towards each other, to make pancake from the small team trapped inside. Luckily the smart little R2-D2 terminates the program of the trash compactor, opens the seal door, so the 4 member team got out of this stinking room to the corridors of the Death Star.


After disabling the tractor beam the small group escapes without Kenobi

Soon they again got divided to the so far well known luke_leia_deathstarLuke-Leia, Han-Chewie pairs. While Han and his sidekick chase squadrons of troopers with rage, Luke and Leia is getting into trouble after they ran behind a door, which led to nowhere. The bridge switch isn't working, so they have to swing to the opposite side of the chasm like Tarzan would do, but before that they need to clean it from some stormies. In the meantime the elderly Kenobi megtalálja, és hatástalanítja a vonósugaratKenobi finds, and disables the tractor beam, so practically they could leave, but before they must safely return to the hangar, which seems pretty difficult for all seven team members at the moment. The young ones, and the robots made it back to the hangar, but the ship is well guarded, so they can't get in the Falcon. darth vader_vs_ben kenobiBen Kenobi is challenged by his former Padawan, Darth Vader on his way back! Kenobi fights Vader that way so to get on the side of the hangar bay, in order to attract the attention of ep4_vader_kenobi_halalcsillagthe stormtroopers. He succeed, the troops rushed towards them to help the dark lord. Kenobi is doomed, he decides to sacrifice himself so the younglings could flee, he offers his soul to the Force, and raises his lightsaber, allowing himself to be struck down by Vader. Vader furiously noticed that he was double tricked, Kenobi's body disappears from him, and the others escaped, too!



Siege of the Death Star

The Millennium Falcon journeys to the Rebel base at Yavin IV where the Death Star plans are analyzed by the Rebels and a potential weakness is found, which will require the use of rebel pilots have little time to be prepared on yavinY-wing bombers, and one-man X-wing fighters for a potential success. The rebel pilots have little time to be prepared, because the imperials have placed a homing device on the Falcon, and the Death Star is already approaching to destroy Yavin. The Rebel fighters suffer heavy losses during the siege of the Death Star, but guided by the returned "ghost" Obi-Wan, xwing_luke_deathstarLuke's X-wing fires a successful shot which destroys the Death Star. Princess Leia awards medals to the heroesHan Solo intervenes the battle, his shot hit Vader, sending Vader's tie fighter spinning off into space for Vader's luck, because with this he became the only survivor of the destroyed Death Star. After the successful mission, at a grand ceremony, Princess Leia awards medals to Luke and Han for their heroism in the battle.



Special thanx to Darth Stryker (alias Roland), our faithful reader, who send these pictures, which he made with the KotF, we planned this section together, thanks for all! I hope with these pictures and with my story lines we gave a nice memoir for the evergreen saga, starting its way to the eternity in 1977. may, 35 years ago!


Thanks for reading CustomStarWars articles.


written and translated by: Norbert Rostas


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