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Unfortunately there is no chance that Hasbro issues Jaden Korr in Jedi Academy Kel Dor species game introJaden Korr or any other characters of Jedi Academy. Because this state was "unbearable" for me I decided to create him, the leading character for myself. As I mentioned earlier somewhere else, I also chose the Kel Dor species myself, seduced by the power of the game intro,  in which Jaden appears and greets us in a Kel Dor body and in the garment deemed official/recommended as the most suitable. Blue upper part with gray stripes, silver chest plate - like on a Pharaoh - looking like a real great Jedi "ruler". Garment is optional by the way, so you can choose any type and color of garment you like and as you wish it to be! Besides jaden_korr_garmentrespecting the original upper part I chose the yellow trousers that had brown pouch-like things on the side with blue edges. That's why he has yellow armor plates on his boots. The software designers used a bit too colourful dresses with unusual colours for a Jedi Padawan's tunic actually against the Jedi traditions and starting something new at the New Jedi Academy. In a figure it brings a brand new feeling! So I needed a Kel Dor figure body. There was no better Kel Dor created both in film and figure than Kel Dor Master Plo Koon, so with great enthusiasm I bought one Episode III release with the proper body and began to work. The Jedi tunic in front of the thighs must have been carved off, because on most characters there is no such hanging piece of clothing; they either tuck it into their trousers or lead it to the front of their loin held together by their belts, like the Indians do with their loin-cloth. Jaden had partly kept the wings of his tunic in front of his loin and buttocks in a trimmed form. This had to be reproduced on the figure. His chest plate has a silvery shine, it is fastened above the upper clothing with two leather belts and a brace. I created this for him using a two-component modeling plasticine. His shoulder plates resemble of the shoulder ranks of the soldiers. His garment is decorated with gray areas and dark blue stripes running down in the game, I put these on its (his) surface using a model paint. The color of his trousers highlights him from his environment, Jaden attracts the looks. The color of the Jedi Sentinels is yellow. Respecting this, jaden_korr_customJaden Korr chose a yellow saber crystal and yellow trousers. Later on, when a pile of debris buries him and Kyle what is made to collapse by Tavion following a duel, his first lightsaber is destroyed. At this point of the game we are free to choose whether to use 2 one-handed sabers or one two-handed saber. I gave Jaden his yellow lightsaber back and added another lightsaber with the traditional green blade color of the Jedi Consulars, so ha has a yellow-green pair of lightsabers as seen on the picture. Of course I am not a modeller, but compared to the fact that it is a customized (hand-made) figure, it is not so bad! As Hasbro does not give us many gamer figures, we must make them for ourselves! It's having by doing!



Our faithful reader, Roland sent us some pictures with the available Jaden Korr species! You can select their species at the beginning of the game, chosing your sex, your species, your garment, and even your lightsaber hilt. We male gamers very probably all did the same mistake ignoring the female Jaden Korr characters, since we could have enjoyed Ms. Jennifer Hale's voice while playing the game! (A male Jaden was voiced by Phil Tanzini.)

Jaden Korr human male characters



Jaden Korr human female characters



Jaden Korr kel'dor male characters



Jaden Korr twi'lek female characters



Jaden Korr zabrak female characters



Jaden Korr rodian male characters


Please take a look at my Custom Jaden Korr figure!

Custom Jaden Korr figure front



Custom Jaden Korr figure back


Special thanks to Darth Stryker (alias Roland), our faithful reader, who send these pictures, which he made with the KotF to illustrate the available Jaden Korr species, thanks!


Thanks for reading CustomStarWars articles.


written and translated by: Attila Fabian and Norbert Rostas


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