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Revan, hero of KotOR1

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Many fans voted for a figure on the last Fans' Choice poll. fans choiceVery possibly you too. A Fans' Choice figure is always a bit special. It is a honor to win a noble contest amongst several great figures, and gain the favor and the vote of the fans. Revan, hero of KotOR 1, came before 23 rival figure, "only" Quinlan Vos was ahead of him, but this only figure could have been enough for Revan to loose the Fans' Choice card, because the second place is never enough for the final glory. But who is this Revan, and why was he rewarded by so many votes by many fans? You may found out, if you stick with us, and read this article!

Norbert Rostas and his custom figuresIt was a lucky story for Revan getting in the nice bubble instead of Quinlan Vos. We cannot see master Vos in the movies, but he was mentioned. (When Anakin arrives lately to the tactical meeting, master Kenobi told him about master Vos' army). Despite that we cannot see Vos, fans like him very much, lot of comic books are available with Vos, and he has got a full background story. But Hasbro had an other idea, so finally Vos lost the well deserved Fans' Choice box.

But never mind, we got a character on the same level, but saying this is subjective, everybody has his/her opinion on this. Comparing these two is useless, because one is a "comic book hero", and the other is a PC game character. Vos is closer to the film, as he was mentioned in it, but Revan seems to be closer for many. But why? Maybe because we controlled and directed him, we were Revan for long play hours, we upgraded his abilities, weapons, and we learned the Force with him. We talked to others with Revan, we made friends with Revan during the game play. We got to know the life story of Revan through Revan, we solved many problems, and fulfilled many quests with him, also we fought with Revan, and brought peace for the Republic, or if we played on the Dark Side, we crushed the Republic with HIM.

And that is the main advantage of the games! While we only watch movies as spectators, looking what happen with OTHERS, then during the game play experiences happen with US! WE are part of the events, WE are in the story, WE control things, WE are becoming one with the character while making quests, and WE fight! Wielding a lightsaber, standing out against a tusken raider, a thug, or even Darth Malak, it is up to you to choose your style, your strategy, the Force to use, YOU OR ME determine the end of the battle! All decisions are in our hands! However the conversations are written, but so far-flung that your answers can determine your fate, the storyline, the connection with friends, Light Side points, Dark Side points, almost everything. While playing - the Sun goes 'round the Moon, the Universe goes 'round you! You may be a simple guy, a clumsy person in the real world, you'll be a Jedi, one of the greatest in KotOR1, you'll be REVAN! Wanna have a lightsaber? You'll craft yours, and will use it quite perfectly! Wanna make big things, but nothing ever succeed? 60 game hours, and you'll save the entire Universe! Bastila, a beautiful Jedi girl will be your love of your life, a charming babe with an unbelievable sweet but quite prestigious voice, what is worthy for a Jedi. You can't even get rid of her! If you treat her bad and speak with her rude - you'll be still together but at the Dark Side, and a whole Sith Empire will be before your feet. Many Sith will kneel in front of you, and they will venerate you in "your New Empire"... Got it? Anakin's Empire...?

The game will enchant you to a world, where you'll have the main role, YOU'LL be the star of George Lucas, you'll be the chosen one, of whom the prophecies say. You won't just watch a film, but YOU'LL WRITE AND DIRECT your OWN FILM!

Well, maybe that is why Revan is so popular, and fortunately that is why some PC game characters got in the Fan's Choice wish list finally. It is easy to see that was the first voting, which candidated many favorites of the gamers to the wish list, as (beside Revan) there were Lord Malak, and Bastila Shan, the previously mentioned Jedi lady, and HK-47 assassin droid, "who" is happen to be Revan's assassin droid. All four are KotOR 1 characters. But there were Darth Nihilus, KotOR 2's fearful dark lord, whose great voice satisfy all gamers, and whose appearance is plenty enough to carry weight. Not to mention main character of Jedi Knight 1 and Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy's teacher Kyle Katarn.

These 6 characters are the one fourth of the total 25 available figures. And there were surprisingly quite a lot of other Expanded Universe characters, sort of fictive, and comic book heroes. With them, the Expanded Universe characters finally can compete the basic characters from the films. Before somebody should think I don't like the films, let me tell them I watched them all a couple of hundred times, and enjoyed very much. But it is important to examine what do fans expect to get from a "gamer figure", and why do they need them to be released. Following this logical line, it seems to be evident - they wanna immortalize the game experiences. All votes for Revan were signs from gamers, they became dematerialized during game hours, became a part of the PC living the adventures, and now they wanna materialize these adventures in plastic, in a physical way, to be able to take a figure which symbolize those game feelings. Possessing a custom, or a real gamer figure brings closer the game, helps to be a part of that world, where we got to know foreign planets, talked with NPC, creatures, friends, also driving special vehicles, using cool Star Wars based weapons, and all that kinda stuff. No matter how far is the film, in a Galaxy far-far away, we'll be a part of our Galaxy -playing, or having a gamer figure. And if finally released, or (hand)made by us, it will become a great memory, or will get a proof of being part of those adventures.

Kotor 1 storyline, starring Revan

We first see Revan swooned, weak, in underwear. He is lying in a bed. When he became conscious, he don't remember anything. Who is he, what was he doing, how did he get there, and what happened at all? We are on board in a ship, what is under attack at the moment by the Sith fleet. We are escaping from somewhere, but we don't have a clue where from. Well, typical of Star Wars, we start at the end, to reach the beginning later... J We are here unconscious, half naked, at the end of something, pursued by the Sith, but WHY?? Jump back a bit, to be able to understand. The person, who is lying in the bed is "you", and is/was the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan! But how did you get there?


The game takes place 4,000 years before the events of the film, when Jedi were strong, and were really the keepers of peace, justice, and freedom. The Old Republic is suffering because of the Mandalorian Wars, but is not able the solve the problem alone. Here comes the old story... They need the help of the Jedi, but they are not soldiers, and the Order refuse to take part of that slaughter. The weakened Republic, and the whole mankind is in danger, falling seems to be inescapable. A few Jedi decides to help the Republic, these freedom fighters act against their Jedi code, against the will of the Order, and join the war. The fight was serious, many died, and the Jedi's hands and soul got dirty. They sometimes victimize own troops or even own planets for a bigger strategy, their hearts became cold like a stone, they started to got used to death. They got unconcerned, started to realize their power, and started to enjoy it! It is dangerously close to the Dark Side. They no longer care for the original aim, which was to save the people of the Old Republic. The only kill for the joy of fight, Mandalorians, or any opposition who comes by. Drunk by joy, they don't follow the right path, and don't even care about the Jedi Order's word. The Order expel these Jedi, but who cares, the Sith welcome all of these renegade Jedi, or from now, let's say Sith... Who knows, what are they right now. Anyway, the 2 most popular of these expelled Jedi were Revan, and Malak.

Darth RevanLearning the ways of the Sith at the Trayus Academy Revan became a merciless, strong, cruel, purposeful Sith, however first he only fought for his own life, or otherwise the darkness would have killed him. He could only survived if given himself fully to the Dark Side. But he developed quickly, soon reached the top rank, while finally he directs everyone, he commands all Sith, respected and feared by all!

Revan made his old pal Malak his apprentice. He takes Malak everywhere he travels, as his second man. They raided the Galaxy, even causing more pain, fear, threat for the Republic then those Mandalorians, that was just defeated for the same! The started to plan their "Death Star", a Star Forge, a giant space station, which can feed the Force for the Sith, and will produce Sith fleet, droids, and weaponry. They traveled through the Galaxy, and became more powerful, their path can be followed in the game.

But the Sith never die as a nice, old chap, it is known that many of them were murdered by his OWN strong apprentice, who wanted to take his place. They don't follow that "funny" Jedi system, that Jedi always prepare for their exams, and if ready, and strong enough in the Force, they make their exam BEFORE the Order, and IF really ready awarded to be a master, oh no! They prefer backstabbing their master, or killing in his bed while he sleeps, or HAVE him killed by others, and here we go, lemme have his (former) possessions, his title, his relics! darth_malak attacked his masters cruiser from the backDarth Malak chooses the same way while space traveling, despite darth_revanDarth Revan was his former Jedi ally, Jedi companion and veteran brother in arms during the wars, he orders his gunners to aim and fire Darth Revan's cruiser from the back. The Jedi could not just sit and watch the two former Jedi's acts, and sent an elite squad at the same time to Revan's flagship.

Revan vs Bastila

Leaded by Bastila Shan, who is an expert of battle meditation, but also pretty good at fighting they infiltrate and search Revan's ship to stop, or even kill the Sith Lord, who (just like Anakin) is not a Jedi by now, but a Sith, who is a threat for all, even for the Jedi Order. Bastila and her team finds Revan, and just wanna confront him, when Malak gives his fire order, thinking that was high time to refresh the Sith bloodline...

After the first shot Revan falls, and hit his head into some hard thing, and almost die. Bastila saves his life, and drag the body out from the burning, falling ship into hers. They stabilize Revan's life signs, and manipulates his brain there. They wanna delete the Sith memories, trying to set back Revan's old Jedi identity with the Force. Making this a strange Force bond forms between the two. (Kinda Force Bond is between Kreia and the Exile Jedi in KotOR 2, and kinda memory swipe can be seen when the Masters wanna take away Exile's Force abilities at Dantooine) But they cannot succeed, because Kreia does not let that happen, but that is KotOR 2, an other story.

Carth OnasiWell, that is quite a reason, why don't you remember anything, isn't that? Hitting your head at your ship, and that the "brainwash" by Bastila, you lie there like a dumb. The first few impressions comes from the first person, we meet, the captain of Endar Spire. Malak's fleet still attack the fleeing Spire with Revan aboard. It is just minutes to get a fatal hit, the ship is severely damaged, so Bastila, Revan, and a talented young officer, Carth Onasi use an escape pod to evacuate, and land on the planet Taris.

It is a great campaign down there, however a bit long. But you may need it to get information, weapons, or even cash would be useful. Also you'll need to level up your character a few times, BUT you might want to save your level UPS FOR LATER ON THE GAME, since AFTER DANTOOINE YOU'LL GET FORCEPOINTS, TOO! Continuing your old-new life you can't use the Force but you can feel it. More and more memories come from your past, and your companionship will be developed with Bastila. The girl worries about (Darth) Revan first, but his noble acts, the moral things, the positive experiences slowly helps her to get rid of her concerns, and starts to trust in Reval, later feels love with him.

While Malak have Taris blockaded by his fleet and send his Dark Jedi Zaalbar and Mission in Tatooineto locate Revan, and/or Bastila. Their men fail to do that, so Malak has the whole planet planetary bombarded, doing a huge scaled, cruel destruction. Revan made friends in lower Taris by this time, a helping hand, and a true partner - a beautiful blue skinned t'wilek girl. The young Mission Vao (sometimes pronounced WOW- maybe not accidentally, looking at the beauty of Mission) is also a very pretty girl, but quite a saucy baggage. She has a wookie friend, Zaalbar, who follow her everywhere since Mission saved his life. It is a traditional wookie tradition, they serve their savior for a lifetime.

Canderous OrdoLater on Revan buys an astrodroid, T3-M4 at Taris, "who" will serves truly, and they will develop a sort of friendship, similar that between Anakin and R2-D2. Funny, but Revan will also get a mandalorian companion, too, who'll help him to get a ship to escape the blockaded Taris, IF Revan lets him to join the flight. He's Canderous Ordo, the rough, notorious, and professional bounty hunter.

They manage to get a local kingpin's (Davik Kang) ship (Ebon Hawk). They mop-up his gang, and also get rid of Kang, who was killed by his own man, Calo Nord, whose thermal detonator accidentally kills his boss. The super ship Ebon Hawk is a base scene of both games, she is the transport of the team flying between the interesting and beautiful planets.


Revan's path


So escaping Taris they together fly to Dantooine, where a part of the Jedi council hides after the Jedi Civil War. Bastila wants a permission from the Order to recover Revan's connection with the Force, trying to explain them Revan has changed. It is very risky, but the war situation is serious, so the Jedi risk it. It is their luck, if you save the Republic for them, or that is bad, if you kick their asses finally. It is not defined, as I told earlier you'll decide everything, your fate is your hand in this game, there are more alternative endings, you'll get what you deserve. You can be a hero, if you made good things, or an evildoer, a cruel Sith if you were baddie. Your buddies will also react for your behavior, with words or acts.


So Revan gets his Jedi training at Dantooine, and studies (again) the Jedi Code. He practices his fencing skills, and learns several lightsaber forms so quickly, and perfectly that is quite unbelievable. He meditates, and straightens his body and soul. He reaches a higher knowledge, becoming wiser and more deliberated. Revan is no longer Darth Revan IN THIS MOMENT, he is rather a natural gemstone, which can be a treasure, he carries a valuable Jedi potential, but his destiny is not determined yet, because he can do great things if he follows the Light Side. He can go very far, if he won't make mistakes again, like earlier before. But if he'll overrun by Sith memories, and give in the allurements, he will be a timed bomb, which can detonate in any moment, and attack the Jedi! They all know that, the Jedi Order and his friends, too.


Juhani joins RevanRevan gets a trial quest at the Jedi Enclave, which is very similar to he went through earlier. He has to search a fallen Jedi lady, called Juhani. Juhani is in a graveyard, bathing in its dark energies, falling deeper-and deeper in Dark Side.  It is up to Revan to try to bring her back to the Light, saving her from his evil life, or if this won't work, he can even kill her too. It is quite an aggressive solution, especially if we realize that we lost a potent Jedi companion, and friend, as Juhani could have been a team member with great feats! In the worst case Revan would be the person, who fall back not Juhani who come back, and they will stay in the Dark Side together, it could had happened, but fortunately passes the test, saves Juhani's soul from perdition, and sets an example how to reopen a new life!


Revan grows faster in the Force from now, and recover his abilities quickly. As he uses the Force again, he dreams things. (an analogy with Anakin). He sees himself earlier, walking on several planet surfaces, and some sort of Star maps. He mentions it for Bastila, but the girl also saw those pictures, because of their Force Bond. They decide to travel these planets, and search those Star maps. These items can lead them to the location of the Star Forge, which is working with full efficiency, and stronger than ever.

Revan and his team visit all of those planets, where Darth Revan and Malak also were before, they know more about that mystery. During the trips Revan becomes a better Jedi, or a crazier mad Sith, it is up to you. Revan grows in the Force so much, that he reaches a kind of Force mastery. This allows him to get higher then others, gaining extra abilities. The game system models it with extra features, like bonus abilities, additional strength, or higher dexterity for a better-faster character. It only appears if you reach the maximum Light or Dark Side points.


HK-47They visit each and every planets, where they used to were. Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban. Every planet has a part of that "Star map". Every planet has its memories of the old Darth Revan, and things, he had done earlier there. And some more friends in the team! He finds his old assassin droid, HK-47 at Tatooine. The droid was manufactured and programmed by Darth Revan, himself!

Analogy again! As we all know Anakin who also manufactured a droid, C-3PO! But this HK is not so clumsy like C-3PO! Behaving cynical, pretty aggressive, and does not respect any life forms, HK-47 is a perfect assassin droid. It is not a wonder, Revan made it when he was a Sith Lord, and programmed those features, what was thought to be important for a Sith. What is more interesting HK-47 speaks the Tusken language, which will be very useful here, at Tatooine. HK took part also in KotOR 2, since fans wanted him back because of his funny comments and jokes. However HK is not a big deal as an attack potential, "he" fires his gun rapidly, but he is pretty weak and useless comparing with other team members. Anyway, that is not his shooting we love, but his voice and jokes, that is why HK was also delegated to Fan Choice's 25.


Jolee BindoAlso, Revan meets Jolee Bindo at Kashyyyk. This hermit-like, elder black Jedi helps Revan with his wisdom, experiences to develop further.

While his old ego is still hidden from Revan. After they defeat Saul Karath on the board of the Leviathan. The injured Karath tells Carth Onasi that his trusted and liked friend is not else than the former Darth Revan!

His friends can forgive him, forget his past, and follow him along. Revan's fate will be decided by you at this point. He can stay Revan the Jedi, who chooses the Light Side, or Darth Revan, who chooses the Dark path. The story reaches a T-junction here. Especially Bastila will be captured, that stresses Revan, just like Anakin's loss of his beloved, his mother, and his wife. Real proving are to come, and Revan has to face a temptation, too. He'll decide here, from here Revan has no pre-decided life, it will be written by you. I tried both endings, 2 times the good, 2 times the bad, solving all quests. I suggest everyone to try it both way, it will be really interesting and instructive, it is a guaranteed amusement, and a perfect way the study this topic.

Darth Malak badguy of KotOR1Revan must face his captured and "brainwashed" love, Bastila, and finally Malak, the big boss, who has to be killed anyway, you cannot talk to him too much, trust me...


Revan vs. Anakin Skywalker


You can hear some words from Revan in KotOR 2, too. He has disappeared after he defeated  Malak and after reconstructed/conquered the Old Republic. Kreya, or Darth Traya was his former master, and she tells a few things about Revan. Malachor V was Revan's personal tragedy. It is sad, but really Revan is a similar victim like Anakin Skywalker. Both wanted to do good things, but became evil. They wanted to make peace, but brought war. They wanted to save lives, and they killed for it. They were talented Jedi, maybe the best of their era, great warrior, and brought wars, the Mandalorian-, or the Clone Wars! Revan destroyed civilizations for a certain economical or strategic aim, Vader neither gave mercy if he did not want to (Alderaan). They wanted to defeat the Sith, while finally both became Sith. Revan manufacture HK-47, Anakin manufacture C-3PO, both loose his droid for a time, and finally meet them at Tatooine! Their outfit was very similar, black cloak, and armor, which contains a cold mask in front of their face. They both wanted to save the Galaxy, while both conquered it. They wanted to be the greatest heroes of the Universe, and became the biggest monsters, ultimate evils. But finally, if we believe that Revan has been converted, and stayed on the Light Side, while we were playing KotOR we can tell both men has changed, and became one with the Force tired, but with a clear soul and heart.

Well, that was Revan, hero of KotOR 1. He won the poll, now we may understand, why. He is an awesome character, and he has a superb story! You will have plenty of gorgeous adventures if you are ready to navigate Revan through the role play game called Knight of the Old Republic. The game is full of pleasant experiences, its music is elevating, the graphic is cool, however the NPC-s are usually the same. Talking a guy, who is the same like his fellow besides him is a bit frustrating, especially if they are not twins. The characters are nice otherwise, but there comes the same face pretty often, also they say the same alien speeches all the time. However all voices are very unique for the race that speaks it. I think this game worth playing, it creates a world that you never forget, also you cannot see this width of variety of different colors, forms, speeches, species, weaponry in too much games!

written and translated by: Norbert Rostas 2008.02.06.


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